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Sheex are performance sheets that feel and look like something you would wear for a jog or trip to the gym. They have the same feel as Under Armor garments and are the original performance sheet set. In fact, the company was started by two coaches from the University of South Carolina who really liked how performance clothing felt and wanted to make sheets out of it. They are great sheets for regulating body temperature and are softer than satin sheets. They come in many different colors including Carolina Blue and sage mist and blush pink.

It does a good job of keeping you cool and helps alleviate a common problem among many sleepers who are sleeping too hot.

Sheex are a great idea and help alleviate a common problem among many sleepers which is sleeping too hot. Sheex do a good job of keeping you cool. They are more breathable than traditional cotton and also wick away moisture. They are ridiculously soft and so justify the higher price point.

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Here’s a picture of the sheex out of the packaging.

sheex reviewI have been rotating sheex in with other sheet sets between washes and so far they have been great. A set of Sheex will get you a fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillowcases. They have a very smooth feel and they stretch out over your bed so there are no wrinkles. The fitted sheet has a very well made elastic band which keeps them in place and you won’t have to worry about it coming loose.

They make sizes for all mattresses, even a split king sheex set.

Sheex are a great sheet for hot sleepers. However, I don’t really have that problem except in the summer and even then it’s only for a few of the hottest weeks in July and August. So for me they are a great summer sheet to keep you cool all night long.

I recommend washing your Sheex on a regular laundry cycle and drying them on tumble dry. If possible wash them in cold water so they last longer.

One thing to note is that if you have rough skin you may feel the sheets snagging against your skin every not and then. I noticed this slightly when I slept on them but it wasn’t overly concerning.

Sheex is a great buy for people looking to sleep cooler and dryer throughout the night. However make sure you also have a mattress pad/protector that also has cooling properties, otherwise, all that heat will get trapped in the mattress pad. I recommend this mattress pad for additional cooling.

I also noticed that when I washed them for the first 3 washes that the colors bled. I purchased a darker color sheet and found that I had to rewash the other garments that I washed along with the Sheex so don’t make that mistake the first time!

Sheex sheets are naturally wrinkle resistant so you don’t need to use fabric dryer sheets or fabric softer. If you do use dryer sheets or fabric softener, this can reduce the breathability of the sheets.

A set of queen size Sheex will run about $179 so they certainly aren’t cheap but they are durable and very well made so should last a while. Current and former athletes love them.

Sheex Review Update 2023

Since I wrote this post years ago, many new brands have come to market. One that I particularly like in the performance category is Molecule.

Similar to Sheex, the Molecule sheets are ultra breathable and have a silky feel but they are a tencel fiber and cotton blend. This means to you get great breathability with a more familiar feel. These aren’t cheap either though as a queen set will run about $200. Check out my full Molecule Sheets review here.

A Budget Alternative to Sheex

mellani sheets review

If you want to get something similar in feel although not as stretchy or substantial, check out the Mellani Bed Sheet set on Amazon. They are a microfiber set and will less than $25 for a queen set!

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