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$289 (Queen)
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable structure: The SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set & Pillowcases offer superior ventilation to maximize air and moisture release—which helps reduce sweating by keeping your body cool all night long.

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What Are Sheex and How Are They Made?

In the pursuit of optimal sleep, individuals often seek bedding options that provide unparalleled comfort and temperature regulation. Enter SHEEX, a revolutionary bedding brand that has garnered attention for its unique ability to keep sleepers cool throughout the night. In this article, we will delve into the science behind SHEEX and shed light on how these remarkable sheets are made to deliver a refreshing and cool sleep experience.

Fabric Composition:

SHEEX sheets are meticulously crafted using a blend of advanced performance fibers, incorporating the perfect balance of comfort and functionality. The key components of SHEEX bedding include microfibers, polyester, and spandex. Each of these materials plays a vital role in ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

Moisture-Wicking Microfibers:

At the heart of SHEEX lies the utilization of specialized microfibers. These ultra-fine fibers possess an exceptional capacity for moisture-wicking, meaning they can effectively pull moisture away from the body. By swiftly whisking away perspiration, SHEEX sheets help maintain a dry sleeping surface, preventing the uncomfortable sensation of being drenched in sweat. This moisture-wicking capability sets SHEEX apart from traditional bedding materials and contributes significantly to the cool sleep experience they offer.

Breathable Polyester:

SHEEX sheets incorporate polyester, a fabric renowned for its breathability. Polyester fibers have unique properties that promote airflow, allowing fresh air to circulate between the sheets and the sleeper’s body. This enhanced breathability prevents the buildup of excess heat, creating a cool and comfortable sleeping environment. By maximizing airflow, SHEEX sheets effectively combat the discomfort associated with night sweats and hot flashes, making them an ideal choice for those seeking temperature-regulated sleep.

Flexible Spandex:

To ensure a snug fit and proper adherence to mattresses of varying thicknesses, SHEEX sheets contain a small percentage of spandex. This elastic material enables the sheets to stretch and contour to the shape of the mattress, eliminating loose or wrinkled fabric. Moreover, the inclusion of spandex facilitates unrestricted movement during sleep, allowing sleepers to shift positions effortlessly without feeling constrained or tangled in their bedding.

Innovative Fabric Technologies:

SHEEX incorporates innovative fabric technologies to further enhance the cooling properties of their bedding.

• SleepFit Technology: SHEEX utilizes SleepFit Technology, which combines moisture-wicking properties with a breathable structure. This advanced technology maximizes airflow and creates an optimal microclimate for sleep, contributing to a cooler and more comfortable resting experience.

• CoolX Technology: SHEEX’s CoolX Technology adds an extra layer of cooling functionality to their sheets. This innovative technology infuses the fabric with temperature-regulating properties, actively dissipating heat and maintaining a consistently cool surface for sleep.


The science behind SHEEX lies in the carefully selected blend of moisture-wicking microfibers, breathable polyester, and flexible spandex. These materials work together to create an optimal sleep environment that keeps sleepers cool throughout the night. By incorporating innovative fabric technologies, SHEEX takes their cooling capabilities to the next level, ensuring a refreshing and comfortable sleep experience. With their commitment to cutting-edge sleep solutions, SHEEX has undoubtedly earned its place as a game-changer in the bedding industry, revolutionizing the way we approach a restful night’s sleep.

Sheex are performance sheets that feel and look like something you would wear for a jog or trip to the gym. They have the same feel as Under Armor garments and are the original performance sheet set. In fact, the company was started by two coaches from the University of South Carolina who really liked how performance clothing felt and wanted to make sheets out of it. They are great sheets for regulating body temperature and are softer than satin sheets. They come in many different colors including Carolina Blue and sage mist and blush pink.

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Sheex are a great idea and help alleviate a common problem among many sleepers which is sleeping too hot. Sheex do a good job of keeping you cool. They are more breathable than traditional cotton and also wick away moisture. They are ridiculously soft and so justify the higher price point.

sheex 2

Here’s a picture of the sheex out of the packaging.

sheex reviewI have been rotating sheex in with other sheet sets between washes and so far they have been great. A set of Sheex will get you a fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillowcases. They have a very smooth feel and they stretch out over your bed so there are no wrinkles. The fitted sheet has a very well made elastic band which keeps them in place and you won’t have to worry about it coming loose.

They make sizes for all mattresses, even a split king sheex set.

Sheex are a great sheet for hot sleepers. However, I don’t really have that problem except in the summer and even then it’s only for a few of the hottest weeks in July and August. So for me they are a great summer sheet to keep you cool all night long.

I recommend washing your Sheex on a regular laundry cycle and drying them on tumble dry. If possible wash them in cold water so they last longer.

One thing to note is that if you have rough skin you may feel the sheets snagging against your skin every not and then. I noticed this slightly when I slept on them but it wasn’t overly concerning.

Sheex is a great buy for people looking to sleep cooler and dryer throughout the night. However make sure you also have a mattress pad/protector that also has cooling properties, otherwise, all that heat will get trapped in the mattress pad. I recommend this mattress pad for additional cooling.

I also noticed that when I washed them for the first 3 washes that the colors bled. I purchased a darker color sheet and found that I had to rewash the other garments that I washed along with the Sheex so don’t make that mistake the first time!

Sheex sheets are naturally wrinkle resistant so you don’t need to use fabric dryer sheets or fabric softer. If you do use dryer sheets or fabric softener, this can reduce the breathability of the sheets.

A set of queen size Sheex will run about $179 so they certainly aren’t cheap but they are durable and very well made so should last a while. Current and former athletes love them.

Sheex Review Update 2023

Since I wrote this post years ago, many new brands have come to market. One that I particularly like in the performance category is Molecule.

Molecule Sheets Box

Similar to Sheex, the Molecule sheets are ultra breathable and have a silky feel but they are a tencel fiber and cotton blend. This means to you get great breathability with a more familiar feel. These aren’t cheap either though as a queen set will run about $200. Check out my full Molecule Sheets review here.

A Budget Alternative to Sheex

mellani sheets review

If you want to get something similar in feel although not as stretchy or substantial, check out the Mellani Bed Sheet set on Amazon. They are a microfiber set and will less than $25 for a queen set!

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Mellanni Queen Sheet Set – 4 Piece
$50.97 $29.72
Buy Now
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12/10/2023 01:38 am GMT SHEEX
$289 (Queen)
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable structure: The SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set & Pillowcases offer superior ventilation to maximize air and moisture release—which helps reduce sweating by keeping your body cool all night long.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Sheex FAQ

Q1: What makes SHEEX different from traditional bedding?

A1: SHEEX stands out from traditional bedding due to its utilization of advanced performance fibers and cutting-edge technologies. The brand incorporates a blend of moisture-wicking microfibers, breathable polyester, and flexible spandex in its sheets, optimizing airflow, temperature regulation, and moisture management. These innovative materials and designs contribute to a cool and comfortable sleep environment that sets SHEEX apart from conventional bedding options.

Q2: How do SHEEX sheets promote cooling during sleep?

A2: SHEEX sheets are designed to promote cooling by effectively managing temperature and moisture. The moisture-wicking microfibers swiftly pull away perspiration from the body, keeping the sleep surface dry and comfortable. Additionally, the breathable polyester fabric allows for increased airflow, preventing the buildup of heat and maintaining a refreshing feel throughout the night. The combination of these features contributes to a cool sleep environment conducive to restful nights.

Q3: Can SHEEX sheets be used in all seasons?

A3: Yes, SHEEX sheets are suitable for use in all seasons. The blend of materials and technologies incorporated into SHEEX bedding ensures a versatile performance regardless of the weather. During warmer seasons, the moisture-wicking microfibers and breathable fabric help dissipate heat and regulate temperature, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable. In colder seasons, the insulating properties of the sheets provide warmth while still maintaining breathability, creating a cozy sleep environment. SHEEX’s adaptability allows users to enjoy a comfortable sleep experience year-round.

Q4: Are SHEEX sheets durable and long-lasting?

A4: Yes, SHEEX sheets are known for their durability and long-lasting performance. The brand’s commitment to quality is reflected in the choice of premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Despite frequent use and washing, SHEEX sheets retain their shape, softness, and cooling properties, ensuring a reliable sleep surface over an extended period. The brand’s dedication to creating durable bedding options has garnered positive feedback from satisfied customers.


By addressing frequently asked questions, we have provided a comprehensive understanding of SHEEX and its unique features. With its advanced performance fibers, cooling technologies, and durability, SHEEX continues to captivate sleep enthusiasts seeking a superior sleep experience. Whether it’s the ability to regulate temperature, promote airflow, or enhance moisture management, SHEEX sheets have established themselves as a reliable choice for those seeking optimal comfort and a refreshing night’s sleep.

Sheex Compliants

While SHEEX has garnered widespread acclaim for its cooling and comfortable sheets, it is essential to acknowledge that no product is immune to criticism. In this article, we objectively address some of the complaints that have been raised by customers regarding SHEEX. By providing an unbiased perspective, we aim to present a comprehensive view of the brand’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Q1: Complaint: Pricing concerns

A1: One recurring complaint surrounding SHEEX revolves around pricing. Some customers have expressed reservations about the higher price point compared to conventional bedding options. It is important to note that SHEEX employs advanced performance fibers and innovative technologies, which contribute to the overall value and unique features of their products. While SHEEX sheets may be priced higher than budget-friendly alternatives, the brand’s commitment to quality and enhanced sleep experience can justify the investment for those seeking superior comfort and cooling capabilities.

Q2: Complaint: Sizing and fit issues

A2: A small number of customers have reported sizing and fit issues with SHEEX sheets. These concerns range from sheets not fitting snugly on certain mattress sizes to difficulties finding the perfect fit for non-standard or adjustable beds. SHEEX offers a range of sizes, including standard sizes and specialized options, but it is crucial for customers to carefully measure their mattress and review the product dimensions before purchasing. Additionally, feedback regarding fit issues can help SHEEX refine and expand their offerings to accommodate a wider range of sleep surfaces.

Q3: Complaint: Personal preference variations

A3: It is worth noting that bedding preferences are subjective and can vary from person to person. While SHEEX’s cooling properties and moisture-wicking capabilities receive widespread praise, some individuals may have different expectations or unique body compositions that affect their experience. Factors such as individual body temperature, climate, and personal preferences can influence how customers perceive the cooling effectiveness of the sheets. SHEEX acknowledges these variations and strives to provide a versatile range of products to cater to a diverse customer base.

69 thoughts on “Sheex Review 2023 Update”

  1. I’m so in love with these sheets! I purchased every thing on my bed from this brand even the pillows. My friends think I’m nuts for spending so much money on bedding but I sleep in a cloud !

    • I hated these sheets. If your feet had any rough spots you heard them shrieking anywhere you moved. I never felt that they ever kept me cooler. Boy do I sweat. I gave
      away two sets and wished them luck. The
      ONLY sheets that I find
      help with night sweats
      are bamboo sheets.
      DREAM-FIT sheets
      even have elastic to
      keep them on your
      mattress. They are more expensive then Sheeks but worth every dime. If I have spill water accidentally it’s hard to believe 10 minutes later it’s dry. I’m sure regular good quality bamboo sheets are all great but do some research about softness. These are to die for soft. Sorry Sheeks, you suck!

      • The materials are great, they do keep you cool, but they are pricey and if you are like many men and women, if you have any roughness on your feet or hands, they are HORRIBLE!! I will not buy again. Try Cosy House…much cheaper and much more body friendly!!

      • Hello, I purchased a set and I felt they were okay. I was sweating and it felt just like cotton. For the price of $170.00 I can easily buy a better set at local stores. Being a road warrior staying in many hotels, these sheets lack quality and they are overpriced. I returned them after a few nights and contacted their customer service (856 area code) a few times to get my refund. When you called, you do not get to speak to a live representative but had to leave a message which it was promised to be return within 24 hours, called back a few times because the return is time sensitive and finally called me back within 48 hours. They sent a return label which was nice.

      • Could not agree more. Just wish I could find other soft sheets with deeper pockets to fit my 27″ mattress.

      • I also hate the sheex i purchased! If I wanted polyester and spandex in my bed, I’d wear my workout clothes. They are not soft, my toenails catch on them, the top sheex strangled my legs when I try to get out of bed. The only thing l like about them is the color!

        • Oh my gosh. I totally agree with you. I hate these sheets. You get all tangled up in them because they stretch. I got a mattress cover also. It pills. I hate them both!

      • Thanx for your review.

        I kinda figured that the Sheex sheets were too good to be believed.

        . . . and thanx also for the tip about the Dream-Fit sheets.

    • I purchased a set, they are very well made & comfortable. However I prefer cotton, my pillow dream sheets are very nice as well

  2. These sheets are the best sheets I have ever owned. I have washed them many times and still they fit on my bed without any shrinkage. I was able to find them at an extremely great price, and wish I had bought more at that time because finding them now they are over $180.00. I so wish I could find more at a reasonable price.

  3. NO SHEEX !!!!!! UGH!
    I’m the real live ‘princess and the pea’, sad to admit. Super picky about my bed things. Sheets to pillow.
    All you need is ONE set of sheets per bed. Off bed, into washer, your bed airs out for the day, dry sheets and bedthings back on at night. Never have to fold a sheet. Or pillowcase.
    I myself do have FOUR sets of Heavenly cotton sheets. Three in a king, though I have a queen bed now. Better too big than to small. Why four? I got them nearly free. The way to know the best sheets is after several washer trips. (And I prefer my front loader.)
    That means you either have to take your chances at BB&Beyond accepting a well used return or two or more.
    Or…. like I do. I feel for them at thrift stores. Feel. It’s the way to know. I have invested nearly nothing and have sheets and a non-down comforter and I take a set with me when traveling. There is nothing like them.
    All cotton. Heavy weave bottom sheet, light top.
    I don’t need the latest expensive vehicle…but I do need my bedthings perfect.
    P.S. Linen, high quality cotton, heavy silk, and woven material only.
    No knits. No synthetics.

    • Your headline indicated that you hated SHEEX sheets, but your comment had nothing to say about them. Why are you wasting everyone’s time? And delibertally negatively impacting the overall rating?

    • I totally agree with your review. I love good cotton sheets. Those poly spandex sheets are not comfy. They’re not cool. They trap heat. Cotton does not. I’ll stick to my good cotton sheets. No polyester for me.

      • ah, more cotton fans like me. I can not wear nor sleep in polyester, I hate the stuff. Have since it 1st came out, our family are cotton only wearers. It’s so hard to buy clothes etc… 1st I check the material, then the price. Even blends are not good. Polyester, to me feels like spun glass, Remember that pink insulation? With all the new names of materials it’s often difficult to figure out what things are made from. Even furniture, hats, scarves, socks slip covers, towels, etc….. Curtains is about the only thing I can buy that is polyester, since I really do not have much contact with them.

        • Well said, Linda. Polyester does feel like spun glass although it really is rough plastic. Its feel is the most annoying next to the skin since rough wool. Cotton is the only way to go with sheets, except for maybe silk.

      • I’m with you. Been in cotton sheets all my life. Even on those unrelenting humid eastern nights, cotton breaths. Slept on Sheex once. Hated them.

    • I’m with you on cotton high quality sheets. No polyester. I like more of a crisp feel when they’re just washed. I wonder if they pill after a while, like so much of this poly?

    • What the heck are you going on about!? You are giving your opinion/rating on this specific product, this specific brand, which is the only reason people want to hear your (or anyone else’s) narration….but you went on and on about your self-coddling first world somnambular indulgences that had nothing to do with this particular product or brand, which is the whole point of this obiter. Why/how can you give a review or an opinion on something you’ve never tried/bought/used, (which is the logical conclusion one would gather from your bloviation since you never once said a single word about this product/this brand of a product)? And if you have purchased/tried/used this product, this exact brand of the product, then why wouldn’t you write about your experience/opinion of them rather than give a vapid and completely incohesive dissertation on your personal laundry habits, washing machine predilections and ostensibly impaired domestic aptitude?!
      I’m looking for real opinions and experiences on these specific sheets, not the bed linen by-laws

  4. Sounds like high filament polyester? Or maybe rayon .
    If polyester I question whether it wicks. Rayon could be ok. Cotton is the best. Price appears high
    Good sheets at Costco at a very fair price. Love the way no one mentions fiber and count.

    • I cannot believe the sheez are so expensive. I would never spend that, it’s bad enough I spent 60.00 for the my pillow which I think is a hunk of junk. I know 2 people already that threw them away, I don’t know how this guy gets away with selling this crap at such high prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cotton is always the way to go for me!

  5. Well, I took the bait and ordered a set of the cooling sheets. Very disappointed! Feel cool for the first minute or so, but then warmed to meet my body temperature. Even the pillow cases disappointed – woke this morning to almost wet hair and body. Thankfully, got a good discount so not too much money wasted.

  6. Just tried them for the first time last night. Not all that impressed. They are made of polyester and spandex. Polyester is a type of plastic that doesn’t breathe well and they have a tendency to get too hot. The spandex gets too stretchy which makes them hard to pull around or up to your shoulders. If you move around a lot at night, they get all over the place and tangled. Also if you have any rough parts on your skin they will catch and snag in that area. My wife complains they catch on her finger and toe nails. Stick with a high thread count soft Egyption cotton. They’re really the best way to go.

    • I’m with you on this! My sheets do not fit properly, they hang unevenly (both fitted and flat). they are extremely slippery and cause me to waken to readjust during the night. My cat won’t even sleep on them! Joke’s on me I guess!

  7. Hello, I have the Sheex performance duvet cover and duvet, and the Sheex Dri release sheets, and the eco pillow and performance pillow.. I will say it was all very expensive but sometimes I’m too lazy to wash the duvet and cover so we won’t use it for a month or so.. but you wash it and put it back on and make the bed and it’s amazing.. I spent almost a grand on this and it hasn’t disappointed ever.. very durable and I have an older washer that’s tough on clothes. The performance Sheex is super soft and is really nice looking.. the dri release material is definitely different, more like a under armor t shirt than a sports material. Sheex are definitely worth it.

  8. I tried these but not nearly as soft or cool as my bamboo sheets which do keep me cool and dry and after 3 yrs have held up wonderfully. I sleep ‘au natural’ and felt like I was on rayon gym shorts.

  9. Have NOT tried these sheets, but it sounds like Peachskin Sheets (out of Georgia–naturally) might give Sheex a run for their money. They are made out of an “athletic” fiber, 1500 thread count designed to keep cool, and they are the softest sheets on which I’ve ever slept and at $55.00/set any size IF you get the color(s) of the month. If not, they are $79.95. I recently purchased some all cotton Red Land Cotton sheets–total USA made–but have not as yet put them on my bed. I’ll let ya know how they do.

  10. I like the sheets. The pockets are wide. The pillowcases are slightly different sizes which make it difficult for my big pillows.

  11. Only like the way the fitted sheet keeps tight. I am an older citizen and have rough feet. They drag on this material. Not impressed overall.

  12. I’m so sorry I fell for the marketing and advertising of these Sheez Sheets. They feel just like the nylon nightgowns my mother wore in the 1950’s!
    Not Comfortable
    Not Cooling
    They feel cold when you get into bed but do not cool you. If you have anything rough on your feet, hands or even your pajamas, the sheets catch and pull. The spandex makes them stretchy – something good in clothing – but not sheets. When you turn over they stretch and tangle around you.
    I’m sending these back so I’ll see if they stand by the “try these for 30 days”.
    This company is spending millions for advertising. Their product is awful but people believe the advertising. I did. Never again.

  13. I hated these sheets. They feel as if I am sleeping on two thin pieces of rubber. They slide all over the bed and I would wake up trying to adjust them. They are going back tomorrow. The part people are stating about your feet seeming to catch on the fibers is absolutely true and I have smooth feet.

  14. I agree with Bobbi. My husband got me Sheez Sheets for Christmas and I didn’t
    have the heart to tell him I didn’t like them.
    I get hot at night off and on and when you try to turn on your side they bunch up around your feet and slide all over the place. They feel great when you wrap them around your face but that’s about it. I don’t understand how they can cool you when they are made of polyester. Polyester makes you hot.
    Anyway, my sheets also have picks on them from fingernails.
    The only strong point about them is that they fit very well around the mattress but they slide around so you have to keep pulling them down to fit. Very uncomfortable. I’m not using them any more. Only had them on the bed since Christmas several times.

  15. These sheets are ridiculous! A total waste of money. The are ill-fitting and sleeping in them is a nightmare! It’s a struggle to get up and out of the bed and they slide all over. It’s like fighting with the beast that keeps holding you back. I try to get up and my feet don’t follow because they are all caught up in the sheets. The pillow cases don’t stay in place and constantly slide off.

    Soft-yes, but comfy-NO!

    I will stick to cotton. 😀

  16. Without a doubt these are the best sheets ever! I have had mine for over two years and they are like new. The black has not faded and they still sleep cool. You wash in cold water with no fabric softener at all so fibers stay open. Dry so fast and back on bed. No wrinkles ever nor do they stretch out of shape. Don’t know why others have this problem unless they aren’t caring for them as instructed. Everyone who has slept in my guest room goes and buys the sheets. I should get a commission as to how many I have sold by recommendation.

  17. I Love these Sheex! I wake up and bottom sheet doesn’t even look like it’s been slept on. It stays smooth. I also had issue with sweating at nite..but then took off blanket I had on top of Sheex top Sheex and I stayed cool and non sweaty. I also don’t tuck top sheet in.. maybe that’s why I don’t get “stuck” in them! How silly that is! You get stuck in any sheets tucked in! I slide right out and remake my bed with my wrinkle free, smooth soft Sheex!!

  18. Product is as promised. It is soft, kind of like silk. Made of the same fabric that gym shorts are made from. It’s not new – it’s called nylon/polyester. So would you want your pajamas made from it? If not, then why was I thinking that nylon sheets would be great? There’s a good reason they never name the fabric in their ads. On the plus side, I do love the way the elastic waistband holds the fitted sheet to my mattress. On the negative, if you’ve already ordered good luck trying to return the item. Their customer service is just an answering machine. The bigger problem is that they shipped me (and charged my credit card) for additional merchandise I did not want. (When you select the sheets you want, they ask for your credit card. After approving the charge for the sheets, they ask you if you’d like a discount on pillows, second sheet sets, etc. If you reply yes to anything, they automatically charge your card with out even telling you the cost ($$$) until after the fact. I immediately requested a correction and they said it was too late. So my $149 sheet set ended up costing my over $300. )

  19. Pros: Soft.
    Cons: Snags, I’m not noticing any difference in keeping cool at night, sheets don’t stay in place – in the morning they’re bunched up at the foot of the bed (and I don’t move around that much), too clingy.

    • I agree. These are overpriced and don’t keep you from sweating. Mine hit a hole in them because the quality is poor. I called for a refund and customer service avoided my three calls. I didn’t receive the package on my front door because my neighborhood was evacuated for a week due to a massive wildfire. So by the time the hole showed up it was 40! Days into purchase. I’m stuck with these. I hope people will read this review and not buy this product. The customer service is horrible!!! Jody shaffer in Northern California

  20. I have a cold house in the winter the last thing I needed was sheets that breath and make me cold ..To expensive for me I like spending money on other things ..

  21. I purchased King size SHEEX Studio Tech Bedding Set + the ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Mattress Pad directly from their website. Shipping was among the slowest of any web purchase in recent memory. I am disappointed with my very expensive purchase. I am a hot sleeper and was anxious–maybe too anxious–to find a sheet set that wicks & breathes. Experience has taught me that anything polyester on my body makes me perspire. So in the past I insisted on 100% cotton sheets only. In the interest of breath-ability I decided to try these break-the-bank Sheex. In my judgement you would be better-off to seek a less expensive alternative. After two cold water (required) launderings–done exactly according to care instructions–the seams near the ends of the duvet-cover zipper are already coming apart and my wife has had to repair them twice. Sheex are extremely heavy, and even heavier while wet in your washing machine. So heavy they have unbalanced and stopped my machine in mid spin. Another tip: never put top & bottom Sheex in the drier together because they will tie themselves in a GIANT knot that’ll take 20 minutes of your precious time to undo. Because they are microfiber, they will frequently snag on any little rough spot on you feet. Annoying for sure. Heat dissipation is marginally better than 1000TC 100% cotton but I would argue not significant. The mattress pad does a decent job of heat mitigation but the feel is fluffy-feeling, squishy and shifty…more like a topper than the tight mattress cover I was accustom to. It easily accommodates very deep mattresses but that’s the nicest thing I can say about the mattress pad. Also worth noting: lately I’ve become more aware of humanity’s plastic problem that threatens our health, oceans & waterways. Sheex are–after all–just a big pile of spun plastic that deteriorates with each washing, sending invisible microfiber down the affluent and eventually into the oceans to harm wildlife & humans. Thus, if I try another set of ‘cooling’ sheets in the future, they will not be microfiber and they will NOT be Sheex. NOT worth the cash outlay.

  22. Do Not Order if you live in Canada! The Duty charges are 50% of what you pay for the sheets! Ended up with a $400 Duty bill! Insanity. And they are not even that great for what ended costing us $1200 after the price conversion. Could have gotten way nicer sheets twice over for that kind of money. Can tell these are going to snag like crazy. Not worth it at all.

  23. I am so grateful for everyone who left an honest review. I was just one bad decision away from buying a king size set of sheex. I think I’ll look into these bamboo sheets I saw a few people writing about.

  24. I bought Sheex at Bed,Bath, etc and wow… I smile every night I go to bed. I wanted to get another set. Ordered these from Kohl’s. Oops. NOT THE SAME! The new Sheex were clingy and if I didn’t have a pedicure that day, my legs, feet and even fingernails snagged on the sheets. These worked the opposite. Then I figured out the different types matter. My first set was the Arctic Air version. The Sheex I returned was something with the word “performance” in it. They felt more like stretchy, flannel material. Stick with the “Arctic Air” but does anyone know what the Arctic Air MAX offers? The dark Grey color I bought is holding up really well after 30+ washings. But the white top sheet tore in 3 random spots after about 15 washings.

  25. So from reading some reviews sounds like another marketing company trying to sell a better mouse trap. Much like all the high tech mattresses that are great at one thing, separating a sucker from their $$$.

  26. Sheex are NOT wrinkle resistant. I wish I could add a picture to this comment. I’ve never had sheets that wrinkle so bad. I have to take them out of the dryer and RUN up the stairs while keeping the fabric moving and race to get them on the bed before they cool just to keep them from immediately wrinkling before I make it upstairs… three minutes up the stairs. But what a waste of time Bc after sleeping in them once they’re completely ruined. And then there’s my husband’s sweating. Sheets get soaked. He has rarely ever done that but since using the sheex he does. Total waste of money. Just get some cheaps ones from wal mart. Why spend over $100 when you can have all the exact same sweat and wrinkles for under $50? They are soft tho

  27. My wife and I bought a set 2 weeks ago. We liked the fitted sheet very much, but could not stand the flat sheet. If one of us moved, the whole sheet moved. The price for the bed set was extremely high. Not sure we would even buy them at half off. Looks like we will use them in the dead of summer. Overall not worth it.

  28. I do not like these sheets ????it feels like it snags on my skin and they are very Statically!! I hate sleeping on the pillow cases!!! The only thing I like is that they fit my oversized king mattress…

  29. HOLY GRAIL! Holiest of the Grail set of sheets I’ve ever tried. I discovered Sheex Original Performance Sheets approx 15 years ago. Those 15 y/o sheets are still being used, in amazing shape despite several dogs/cats who also jump in the bed, getting washed weekly. I’ve tried to find other brands that were are good, but never have. They feel amazingly soft, silky, cooling, don’t wrinkle, hold up to pets, years or abuse and are the best sheets on the market in my opinion. I’ve bought a few sets as gifts also. If anyone’s dry feet are snagging on the sheets, I suggest the nano-laser crystal foot file sold on HSN (it’s always out of stock). It’s means you need to take better care of yr feet. I truly love these sheets. I’ve tried at least 25 other brands but none compare.

  30. I thought I might be the only one to leave a negative review but seems there are many unhappy Sheex owners!
    I have been a homemaker for 59 years and these are absolutely the worse sheets we’ve ever slept on. My husband rarely complains about things of this nature but he has nothing good to say about them! They are very slippery. We have a queen size bed and the top sheet could easily be used on king size!
    Basically similar complaints as many others. Bad purchase !!

  31. I got a set of original sheex about 5 years ago. I fell in love immediately because I always liked the slinky feel of cooling workout clothes. They do stretch and as others have mentioned, the fitted sheet has a great elastic to keep it in place. I have also experienced the sheets snagging on my feet when they are rough. At this point in my ownership, I use that as my sign to apply cream to my feet and wear socks the next day. It doesn’t bother me none. However, I did notice they were not as cooling as they claimed. You definitely have to invest in an entire set in order to achieve that level of cooling action: I ended up buying a cooling mattress topper because I wanted a bit more plushness anyway, and found one at Costco after about a year of having these sheets. Later that year, I saved up some money to buy the sheex comforter and duvet cover that matched my sheets. If you tend to sleep hot, you might as well go the distance because it was extremely worth it for me in the end. I simply wish sheex was more forth coming about that early on. I would have gotten everything at the same time.

  32. Mine are made of a viscose bamboo and so far I absolutely love them. I used to wake up several times a night to throw the covers off me, but with these sheets I have been able to sleep through the night.

  33. Wrinkle free?
    I purchased the Artic Air Sheets …
    They wrinkle. Not cool..colors of sheets and pillowcases are not exact. Other than being very expensive I feel I was robbed by deceptive advertising. I complained but customer service refused to do anything. Buyer be ware!!

  34. I got a set at Costco. They fit great and are soft but my first night I hated them. My feet scratch and it made for a terrible sleep. They snag dry skin horribly

  35. I had to burn these after reading the label after they arrived and were made in China. Youtube video coming soon.

  36. DONT LISTEN TO THE BAD COMMENTS UNTIL YOU TRY THEM YOURSELVES!! I’ve tried just about every “cooling” sheets on the internet before I came across Sheex and they are far and away the best ones I’ve found so far!! The people leaving these comments must not have got the Performance sheets. They’re the only ones I’ve tried so I can’t speak to their other types. I’ve had mine for almost 8 years and I literally can’t sleep on anything else now! I have to take mine with me on vacation and any other trips because I can’t sleep on regular sheets anymore. I have no clue how you could get any softer than Sheex so reading these comments about them not being soft is wild. I’m a SUPER hot sleeper, I used to set my thermostat to 55 even in the winter(it gets cold in Va) and still use a fan until I got Sheex. Now I can turn the fan off and raise the thermostat enough so my wife doesn’t feel like a penguin. I’ve bought sets for my parents and multiple other family members over the years as presents and they all love them!


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