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Yawnder is a high-end mattress store that offers a unique and innovative approach to sleep solutions. Founded in 2015 by Ben Trapskin, Yawnder has positioned itself as a curator of luxury sleep experiences, providing a meticulously curated collection of the best online and high-end mattress brands. The company emphasizes the importance of personalized sleep solutions and high-quality customer service, aiming to improve overall well-being through better sleep.

Fundraising Opportunities

Yawnder has introduced a fundraising initiative that partners with local schools and community organizations. This program is designed to be a hassle-free and effective way to raise funds without the extensive volunteer hours typically required by traditional fundraisers. Here’s how it works:

1. Direct Support Through Unique Codes: Any customer who mentions the school fundraiser or utilizes a unique coupon code associated with the fundraiser on our website will have their purchase automatically contribute towards the fundraiser. This streamlined process ensures that every purchase made with the fundraiser in mind directly benefits the local school or organization involved. Additionally, it eliminates the hassle of reserving the school gym or other valuable school resources.

2. **Exclusive Discounts on Popular Brands**: The fundraiser offers a wide range of the most popular online mattress brands that you can’t try anywhere else, all available with exclusive discounts. This includes mattresses in all styles and sizes, as well as accessories such as adjustable bases, frames, sheets, luxury pillows, and mattress protectors from top manufacturers. All products are made to order and come with full non-prorated warranties.

3. Financing Options: To make purchases more accessible, Yawnder provides easy financing options, allowing customers to pay over time rather than upfront.

4. Direct Benefits: Every sale made during the fundraiser directly benefits the local school or organization. This means that the community can support their local institutions while also investing in high-quality sleep products.

5. Available to All Schools in San Diego**: This fundraising opportunity is available to all schools in San Diego, ensuring that a wide range of educational institutions can benefit from this innovative program.

Yawnder’s fundraising initiative not only supports local schools financially but also promotes the importance of good sleep, aligning with the company’s mission to improve lives through better sleep.

Benefits of a Mattress Fundraiser Over Other School Fundraisers

Mattress fundraisers offer several unique advantages compared to traditional school fundraising methods. Here are some key benefits:

1. High Profit Margins: Unlike smaller items like candy bars or wrapping paper, mattresses have a high ticket price, which translates to significant profit margins per sale. This means that selling a few mattresses can generate as much revenue as selling hundreds of smaller items.

2. Essential Product: Mattresses are a necessary item that people need to replace every 8-10 years. This creates a natural demand, making it easier to sell them compared to non-essential items.

3. Convenience and Ease: Mattress fundraisers often come with comprehensive support from the organizing company. For example, Yawnder provides all marketing materials, staffing, setup, and delivery programs, which significantly reduces the workload for school volunteers[7]. This is in contrast to traditional fundraisers that require extensive volunteer hours and logistical planning.

4. No Upfront Costs: Many mattress fundraiser programs, like those offered by Yawnder, do not require any upfront costs from the school. This eliminates financial risk and ensures that all proceeds go directly to the school.

5. Direct Community Benefit: Every purchase made during a mattress fundraiser directly benefits the local school or organization. This creates a strong incentive for community members to support the fundraiser, knowing their money is going towards a good cause.

6. Variety of Products: In addition to mattresses, these fundraisers often include a range of sleep-related products such as luxury pillows, adjustable bases, frames, sheets, and mattress protectors. This variety can attract a broader audience and increase overall sales.

7. Exclusive Discounts: Mattress fundraisers often offer products at prices below retail, providing customers with significant savings. This makes the fundraiser more attractive to potential buyers who are looking for a good deal.

8. Flexible Purchasing Options: Many mattress fundraisers offer flexible financing options, making it easier for customers to make larger purchases without financial strain. This can increase the likelihood of sales and higher revenue for the school.

9. Minimal Disruption: Unlike events that require the use of school facilities, mattress fundraisers can be conducted online or at local stores, eliminating the need to reserve valuable school resources like gymnasiums or cafeterias[1].

10. Community Engagement: These fundraisers can foster a sense of community by involving local businesses and providing a product that benefits the entire community. This can strengthen the relationship between the school and its supporters.

Mattress fundraisers provide a high-revenue, low-effort alternative to traditional school fundraising methods, making them an attractive option for schools looking to maximize their fundraising potential.

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