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Newton Crib Mattress – 9 Key Considerations

newton crib mattress

The Newton Baby Crib Mattress is a popular choice for parents who are looking for a safe and breathable mattress for their baby. It is made with a unique woven core that is 90% air, which allows for better air circulation and reduces the risk of suffocation. The mattress is also 100% washable, making it easy to keep clean.

The Newton Baby Crib Mattress has received positive reviews from parents, who praise its breathability, washability, and comfort. It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means that it has low chemical emissions and is safe for babies.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Newton Baby Crib Mattress:


    • Breathable: The mattress is made with a unique woven core that is 90% air, which allows for better air circulation and reduces the risk of suffocation.
    • Washable: The mattress is 100% washable, making it easy to keep clean.
    • Comfortable: The mattress is firm but comfortable, and it has a soft, removable cover.
    • GREENGUARD Gold certified: The mattress has low chemical emissions and is safe for babies.


    • Expensive: The Newton Baby Crib Mattress is more expensive than some other crib mattresses.
    • Not organic: The mattress is not made with organic materials.
    • Some parents have reported that the mattress has a chemical smell when it is first unboxed.

Overall, the Newton Baby Crib Mattress is a safe and breathable option for parents who are looking for a high-quality mattress for their baby. However, it is important to be aware of the potential downsides before making a purchase.

The Newton Crib Mattress is a relatively new innovation in the world of baby sleep, with its origins stemming from a parent’s concern about traditional mattress safety. Here’s a brief timeline of its journey:

2014: Michael Rothbard, father of three young children, grapples with concerns about the breathability of conventional crib mattresses and their potential risk of suffocation.

2015: Rothbard stumbles upon Wovenaire, a revolutionary fabric composed of 90% air, sparking the idea for a more breathable crib mattress solution.

2016: Newton Baby is founded with the mission to create a safer and more comfortable sleep environment for babies. The Wovenaire Crib Mattress, later known as the Newton Crib Mattress, becomes the company’s flagship product.

2017-2018: The Newton Crib Mattress gains traction among parents and sleep experts, lauded for its innovative design, breathability, and washability. It receives positive reviews and accolades, including the GREENGUARD Gold certification for low chemical emissions.

2019-present: Newton Baby expands its product line with additional sleep accessories like the Newton Crib Mattress Pad and the Pebble Tee. The company continues to refine the Newton Crib Mattress, introducing new features and improvements based on customer feedback.

Today, the Newton Crib Mattress remains a top choice for parents seeking a safe and breathable sleep surface for their babies. Its unique design and focus on safety have earned it a loyal following and established it as a leader in the innovative crib mattress market.

Here are some additional interesting facts about the Newton Crib Mattress:

    • The mattress core is made of over 300 individual channels, each allowing for optimal airflow and preventing heat build-up.
    • The removable cover is constructed from organic cotton and Tencel, offering a soft and comfortable surface for babies.
  • The mattress is rigorously tested for safety and meets all applicable federal standards.
Newton Models

Newton Crib Mattress Models: Features and Prices

Essential– 4″ thick – Single-layer cover – Breathable Wovenaire core – GREENGUARD Gold certified – 100% washable$199.99
Original– 5.5″ thick – Dual-layer cover – Breathable Wovenaire core – GREENGUARD Gold certified – 100% washable – Firmer infant side for newborns$299.99
Waterproof– 5.5″ thick – Dual-layer cover with waterproof barrier – Breathable Wovenaire core – GREENGUARD Gold certified – 100% washable – Firmer infant side for newborns$349.99
Mini– 4″ thick – Single-layer cover – Breathable Wovenaire core – GREENGUARD Gold certified – 100% washable – Fits mini cribs (24″ x 38″)$199.99

Additional features across all models:

    • All Newton Crib Mattresses are free of harmful chemicals and allergens.
    • They are designed to prevent flat head syndrome and promote proper spinal alignment.
  • They come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 2-year warranty.

Benefits of Newton Crib Mattress over a Traditional Crib Mattress:

Traditional crib mattresses are made with various materials like foam, spring, or latex, often posing certain safety concerns and limitations for babies. The Newton Crib Mattress stands out with its unique design and offers several key advantages:


    • Newton: Made with 90% air-filled Wovenaire™ core, allowing for superior air circulation. This reduces the risk of suffocation, especially for babies who sleep face down.
    • Traditional: Often made with denser materials that can trap heat and CO2, potentially creating a breathing hazard for babies.


    • Newton: Completely machine-washable and dryer-friendly, making it easy to clean up spills and accidents. Ideal for parents who prioritize hygiene and keeping allergens at bay.
    • Traditional: Usually have waterproof covers that can harbor mold or bacteria if not cleaned properly. The inner core is often not washable, making it difficult to maintain hygiene.

Chemical Safety:

    • Newton: GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning it meets strict standards for low chemical emissions and is safe for babies with sensitive skin or allergies.
    • Traditional: May contain harmful chemicals like flame retardants or VOCs, potentially impacting air quality and causing health concerns.

Additional Benefits:

    • Firmness: Newton Crib Mattresses are firm and supportive, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing the risk of flat head syndrome in babies.
    • Temperature Regulation: Breathable design helps prevent overheating, ensuring your baby sleeps comfortably throughout the night.
    • Durability: Wovenaire™ core is resistant to sagging and wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting use.

However, it’s important to consider the following:

    • Price: Newton Crib Mattresses are generally more expensive than traditional options.
    • Availability: May not be as readily available as traditional mattresses in all stores.

Ultimately, the choice between a Newton Crib Mattress and a traditional one depends on your priorities and budget. If you prioritize your baby’s safety, hygiene, and comfort, the Newton Crib Mattress offers a compelling alternative with its unique features and benefits.


Crib Mattresses Similar to the Newton: Breathable and Washable Options

The Newton Crib Mattress has set a new standard for breathability and washability, but it’s not the only one! Here’s a table comparing it to some similar options:

FeatureNewton Crib MattressHALO DreamWeaveSaatva Crib MattressNaturepedic Breathable Organic Crib Mattress
Core Material90% air-filled Wovenaire™Breathable meshInnerspring with organic cotton and woolOrganic cotton and coconut coir
Airflow & BreathabilityExcellentVery goodGoodGood
WashabilityFully machine-washable and dryer-friendlyRemovable cover machine-washable, core spot-clean onlyCover machine-washable, core dry clean onlyCover machine-washable, core hand-wash only
WaterproofOptional waterproof cover availableDual-sided with waterproof sideNoneOptional waterproof cover available
Organic MaterialsNoCover onlyCover and some inner materialsFully organic
GREENGUARD CertifiedGoldGoldGoldCertified

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing a crib mattress:

    • Budget: Newton and Saatva are on the higher end, while HALO and Naturepedic fall more in the middle range.
    • Waterproof needs: If you want a waterproof option, make sure to choose a mattress with a waterproof cover or built-in waterproofing.
    • Organic preferences: If you prefer organic materials, Naturepedic is the only fully organic option on this list.
  • Size: Make sure the mattress you choose fits your crib snugly.

Newton vs. Snoo

Choosing between the Newton Crib Mattress and the SNOO Smart Bassinet can be challenging as they appeal to different needs and offer distinct features. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:


    • Newton: Primarily focuses on breathability, washability, and safety through its unique Wovenaire™ core. Suitable for parents who prioritize a high-quality, hygienic, and breathable sleep surface for their baby.
    • Snoo: Combines a breathable mesh sleep surface with automatic rocking, white noise, and swaddling to soothe babies and potentially increase sleep time. Ideal for parents seeking additional sleep support and technology assistance.

Key Features:

    • Newton:
        • Breathable Wovenaire™ core for superior air circulation
        • Fully machine-washable and dryer-friendly
        • GREENGUARD Gold certified for low chemical emissions
        • Firm and supportive for proper spinal alignment
        • Relatively simple and affordable
    • Snoo:
        • Automatic rocking with various intensity levels
        • White noise and sound options for calming
        • Secure swaddling feature with adjustable arms
        • Mobile app for monitoring and controlling settings
        • Significantly more expensive than Newton

Pros and Cons:

    • Newton:
        • Pros: Excellent breathability, easy to clean, safe and chemical-free, firm and supportive.
        • Cons: No automatic features, no swaddling, higher price than some traditional mattresses.
    • Snoo:
        • Pros: Can potentially improve baby sleep, various soothing features, convenient app control.
        • Cons: High cost, requires electricity, some babies may not like automatic rocking or swaddling, bulky and not suitable for long-term use.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and budget:

    • Choose Newton if: You prioritize your baby’s safety, hygiene, and a simple, high-quality sleep surface.
  • Choose Snoo if: You struggle with sleepless nights, want additional sleep support features, and are willing to invest in technology.

Newton Complaints

While the Newton Crib Mattress generally receives positive reviews for its breathability, washability, and safety features, there are some complaints you should be aware of before making a purchase. Here’s a summary of some common concerns:

Cost: The Newton Crib Mattress is more expensive than most traditional crib mattresses, with prices ranging from $199.99 to $349.99. Some parents find this price point to be prohibitive.

Firmness: Some parents report that the Newton Crib Mattress is too firm for their baby’s liking, especially newborns. This can lead to discomfort and difficulty sleeping.

Noise: The Wovenaire™ core of the Newton Crib Mattress can make a crinkling sound when a baby moves on it. While not overly loud, some parents find this sound disruptive to their baby’s sleep.

Durability: There have been some reports of the Wovenaire™ core developing indentations or sagging over time. However, Newton offers a 2-year warranty on their mattresses, so this should not be a major concern for most parents.

Waterproof options: Not all Newton Crib Mattress models are waterproof. If you are concerned about spills or accidents, you will need to purchase a separate waterproof pad.

Availability: The Newton Crib Mattress is not as widely available as some other brands, so you may need to order it online or from a specialty retailer.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

The Newton Crib Mattress is not intended to be used as a bassinet or travel crib.
The mattress should be placed on a firm, flat surface.
Do not use any pillows or blankets in the crib with your baby.

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