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AnssilBest Smart Mattress 2024?

Anssil mattress

ANSSil is a South Korean sleep-tech company making waves in the mattress industry. Here’s a look at the company and its origins:

The Birth of ANSSil

  • Founded: ANSSil was launched in March 2020. This makes it a relatively young company in the mattress space.
  • Inspiration: The name “ANSSil” combines the words “Answer” and “Sil” (meaning ‘thread’ or ‘string’ in Korean). This reflects the company’s core innovation: its unique string-based mattress technology.
  • Founders/Leadership: While specific founder details can be harder to find, ANSSil is led by CEO Song Beom-geun.

The Driving Force: Innovation

ANSSil’s focus is to solve traditional mattress shortcomings through technology:

  • Problem: Conventional mattresses struggle to balance pressure distribution, consistent support throughout their lifespan, and breathability.
  • ANSSil’s Solution: Their patented 3D string technology aims to deliver superior pressure relief, long-lasting durability, and excellent breathability. It also enables the smart features of their mattresses.
  • Smart Sleep Focus: ANSSil takes innovation further by incorporating sensors and AI into their mattresses. This allows for analysis of sleep patterns and automatic firmness adjustments.

Growth and Recognition

Even though it’s a young company, ANSSil has made a significant impact:

  • Rapid Expansion: They’ve expanded beyond South Korea, making inroads in other markets.
  • Awards: ANSSil has garnered recognition and awards at events like CES for its innovative technology.

Where to learn more:

  • ANSSil website: Visit their “Story” section on https://anssil-world.com/Story
  • News and Reviews: Search for news articles or tech reviews that delve into the company’s background and leadership.

The ANSSil mattress is a revolutionary smart mattress that uses advanced technology to provide customized comfort and support. Here’s what makes it unique:

Key Features

  • 3D String Technology: Instead of traditional springs or foam, ANSSil mattresses are constructed with millions of interwoven 3D strings. This design provides exceptional pressure relief, breathability, and long-lasting durability.

    Image of ANSSil mattress with 3D string technology
  • Customizable Firmness: The firmness of each mattress zone can be individually adjusted using a controller or the accompanying app. This allows you to tailor the support to your specific needs and preferences.

  • AI-Powered Sleep Analysis: Built-in sensors track your sleep patterns, heart rate, and body pressure. This data is analyzed by AI algorithms to provide personalized sleep insights and automatically adjust the mattress for optimal comfort.

  • Incline Feature (Specific Models): Some ANSSil models offer an incline feature, allowing you to elevate your head or feet for improved breathing, reduced snoring, and better circulation.


  • Superior Pressure Relief: Evenly distributes body weight, reducing pressure points and aches.
  • Personalized Support: Provides the perfect level of support for your body shape and sleeping position.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: The customizable firmness and sleep analysis help you achieve deeper and more restorative sleep.
  • Durable: The 3D strings are designed to last a lifetime, preventing sagging and ensuring long-term comfort.

Materials and Construction

  • The Strings: The core element is the millions of proprietary 3D strings made from high-strength yet flexible polymers. The exact composition is a trade secret, but this material is key to the mattress’s adaptability and durability.
  • Cover: The mattress is wrapped in a breathable cover designed for comfort and hygiene. Some models have a fully sealed, waterproof PVC coating for extra protection and easy cleaning.
  • Base: The strings are carefully tensioned and anchored within a frame. The design of the base and how it interacts with the strings is essential to the overall support system.

Technology and Smart Features

  • Sensors: These are embedded within the mattress to monitor your body pressure distribution, sleep position, and potentially other metrics like heart rate or breathing.
  • AI and Data: The collected data is what drives the AI engine behind the ANSSil experience. This AI analyzes your sleep patterns to optimize firmness throughout the night or suggests customized adjustments.
  • Connectivity: The mattress connects to the ANSSil app on your smartphone or tablet, offering insights into your sleep quality and control over firmness settings.

Other Interesting Points

  • Weight: ANSSil mattresses are remarkably lightweight compared to traditional options, making them easier to move and handle.
  • Eco-Friendliness: ANSSil focuses on minimizing environmental impact in their manufacturing and material choices.
  • Trial Period: Like many premium mattress brands, ANSSil offers a trial period, so you can experience the technology and comfort firsthand.

How Does it Compare to Other Smart Beds?

The ANSSil mattress stands out from other smart beds in a few key ways:

1. Unique String Technology:

  • Pressure relief & Conforming: ANSSil’s web of strings provides superior pressure relief, conforming precisely to your body’s contours, much like high-end memory foam.
  • Durability: The strings are designed to maintain their structure and tension, potentially lasting longer than springs or foam, and minimizing the sagging that’s common in traditional mattresses.
  • Breathability: The open design allows for excellent airflow, keeping you cooler than dense foam options.

2. Advanced AI & Customization:

  • Fine-tuned adjustments: ANSSil allows you to change firmness in very small increments on a zone-by-zone basis. Some other smart beds might limit you to broader firmness settings across the entire mattress.
  • Automatic adjustments (in some models): The most advanced ANSSil models can use AI and data analysis to automatically change firmness throughout the night, potentially offering a more seamless “set it and forget it” experience than some other smart beds.

3. Incline Feature:

  • Certain models: Not all smart beds include the ability to incline your head or feet. ANSSil offers this feature in specific models, which is particularly useful for reducing snoring, improving acid reflux, or simply finding your most comfortable position.

Where Other Smart Beds Might Have an Edge:

  • Name Recognition: Brands like Sleep Number have a longer history in the smart bed space, leading to greater brand awareness.
  • Established Features: Some long-running smart beds might have additional features that ANSSil is still developing, like detailed snoring analysis or more robust fitness integrations.

Overall: The ANSSil mattress is a strong contender in the smart bed market, especially if you prioritize customizable comfort, cutting-edge technology, and long-term durability. It’s always wise to compare features and pricing across a few brands before making a decision.

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