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Naya Sleep Mask – The Most Popular Sleep Mask on Kickstarter

Naya Sleep Mask

The Naya sleep mask is a popular sleep mask sold by the sustainable fashion brand Apparis. It is made with 100% polyester faux fur and has a soft, plush texture. The mask is designed to block out light and create a comfortable sleeping environment. It has a contoured fit that conforms to the face and eyelids, and it features a Velcro closure that is adjustable for a secure fit.

The Naya sleep mask is available in three colors: ivory, blush, and noir. It is machine-washable and comes in a reusable pouch.

The Naya sleep mask has been praised by reviewers for its comfort, effectiveness, and style. It is also a sustainable product, as it is made with recycled materials and Apparis is committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Naya sleep mask:

  • It blocks out light, which can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.
  • It is soft and comfortable to wear, even for side sleepers.
  • It is adjustable to fit most head sizes.
  • It is machine-washable and easy to care for.
  • It is made with sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices.

The Newest Entrant – NAYA Mask

Most of us wouldn’t imagine that a sleep mask could have more benefits than just aiding in sleep. That’s what the NAYA Mask is out to accomplish. Besides doing what a sleep mask is supposed to do— i.e., help you have some relaxed shut-eye— the NAYA Mask also keeps away germs when you’re on a flight, relieves a sore throat, and also makes storing your earplugs easy.

Here’s a video overview of the Naya sleep mask:


This unique and patent pending product also features a pull-down mouth mask conveniently nestled inside the eye mask. The mouth mask can be used to cover the nose and mouth and shield against germs. NAYA Mask is the brainchild of Tikeshwar Naik, co-founder of NadiaLabs.

Some of the unique features of the NAYA Mask are:

Adjustable nose pieces: Unlike other sleep masks, NAYA Mask comes with adjustable nose pieces that conform to any face shape to give a personalized fit. The mask provides the eyes with ample room to be free and comfortable while offering a black-out sleep at the same time. The adjustable nose piece makes it possible to wear the mask over your eyeglasses too.

Pull-down mouth mask: What makes the NAYA Mask truly unique is the pull-down mouth mask that comes with it. When you are traveling, are sick, or just want to shield against germs or viruses, the mouth mask comes as a saving grace. It traps moisture, makes breathing easy, and its silver fabric has antimicrobial properties that fight germs.

Mesh pouch: Along with storing the mouth mask conveniently inside the eye mask, the lining of the mask acts as a mesh pouch where you can store things like a strip of essential oil. The mouth mask is detachable and can be washed separately.

Eye hug attachment: The mask comes with another unique feature, called the eye hug attachment. You can insert cooling gel pads or warming pads to relax and rest your tired eyes anytime you like. This feature is great for when you’re sleeping, meditating, or simply relaxing on the couch.

Earplugs storage: If you are in the habit of misplacing your phone or music player earplugs, then the NAYA Mask provides you with a convenient storage location for them. No more misplacing earplugs anymore. Store them inside your mask, and reach them whenever you need them.

Small back pillow: To make the mask even more comfortable, there is a small back pillow that can be attached to the headband. Whether you want to rest your head against the wall or lie down on a flat surface, this provides support for your head.

Comfortable headband: With comfort, stretchability, and functionality, the headband of the mask takes the usefulness of the product a few notches higher. It keeps the mask in place without causing discomfort, and also acts as a pillow.


NAYA Mask is a crowdfunded project on Kickstarter that is due to launch on November 17. Designed to give users a new sleeping experience, the NAYA Mask aims to be a truly multipurpose and revolutionary wellness product.

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