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Luxi Mattress Review: The Feels the Deal

Luxi Mattress Review: The feels the deal 10
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Treat yourself to 5 individual foam layers, combining to provide a medium feel while cradling your hips and shoulders in side sleeping positions. 

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Here are some of the most common complaints about the Luxi mattress:

  • Off-gassing: Some users have complained of a strong off-gassing odor when they first unboxed their Luxi mattress. This odor is caused by the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the foam. The off-gassing odor typically dissipates within a few days, but some users have reported that it took longer.
  • Softness: Some users have complained that the Luxi mattress is too soft, even on the firm side. This can be a problem for back sleepers and heavier sleepers, who need a firmer mattress to provide adequate support.
  • Edge support: Some users have complained that the Luxi mattress does not have enough edge support. This can make it difficult to get on and off the mattress, and it can also cause the mattress to sag over time.
  • Durability: Some users have complained that the Luxi mattress is not very durable. Some users have reported that the mattress developed sagging and body impressions after just a few months of use.

It is important to note that not all users have had negative experiences with the Luxi mattress. Many users have reported that they are very happy with their mattress and that it has helped them to improve their sleep quality. However, it is important to be aware of the potential problems with the Luxi mattress before you make a purchase.

If you are considering buying a Luxi mattress, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Read reviews from other users to get a sense of the common complaints. It is also important to try out the mattress in person, if possible, to make sure that it is the right fit for you.

I received a free Luxi mattress for review. Luxi takes the risk out of buying a mattress online and has brought something truly unique to the market that has put them ahead of the pack. Luxi is one mattress that you can adjust to soft, medium or firm. Anytime.

The Luxi is actually 9 mattresses in 1. That’s because if you buy a queen or king, the layers can be configured to be soft, medium or firm, on each side, for each sleeper. It’s not complicated and feels great. Luxi’s value is in the feel and the technology. If you’re looking to buy a mattress online, you get versatility with latex AND memory foam at a great price.

Take this example below with the Sleep Number mattress


On the left is Luxi mattress and on the right is the Sleep Number Bed CSE model which is their entry-level model. As you can see the Luxi is about $600 cheaper and gives you all of the benefits of an adjustable bed. With the Yawnder Luxi coupon code, it becomes even less.

Ordering and Unboxing the Luxi Mattress

The Luxi ordering process is fast and easy just like the other bed-in-a-box reviews I have done. It arrives in a box at your doorstep in about a week and is ready to sleep on that night. Aside from the design of the mattress, they completely break away from the pack on their trial period. Luxi has a 100-night trial period where you can return it.

Here’s how the Luxi works:

The Unique Construction of the Luxi Mattress

The Luxi mattress has 3 layers, dunlop latex and two types of foam. What I call a traditional memory foam layer and what Luxi calls a “balancing layer”.

Below is a picture of the Luxi balancing layer also known as the SBT  (support balancing technology) element.


This is the most interesting layer and it is different than all of the others I have slept on. It is definitely soft and is designed to collapse when you lay directly on it. What you get though is a soft yet supportive mattress that is extremely breathable given all the room for air flow in between the columns.

According to the Luxi, the SBT (Support Balancing Technology) element came in response to customer demands for softer and still softer mattress surfaces.  Unfortunately, if the surface is made softer and softer by adding more and more layers of softer materials, soon the mattress becomes non-supportive, sagging and mushy.  So LuxiSleep delved into some of the other physical dimensions of softness and by doing so created a unique feeling and extremely soft surface that, because the support balancing point was moved closer to the top surface, continued to provide underlying support.  SBT provides an extremely soft surface without diminishing the underlying support (good for lying down – either side lying or supine – posture).

This is analogous to some of my favorite pillows. They are made of a shredded foam or latex that collapses but also provide support. So your perception of softness is enhanced while still getting the firmness you need for proper spine alignment.

Below is a video of it in action.

My Luxi Mattress Experience

What I like most about this mattress is its versatility. Buying a mattress online is a bit of a leap of faith considering the cost and size of the product. I do my best to give you a sense of how a mattress will feel compared to store brands and other online mattresses but you may still be hesitant. Luxi drastically reduces this risk because one of the 3 Luxi feels will most likely be right for you.
This mattress is a great pick for couples sleeping together that have different sleep preferences. Plus, your firmness preference may changes over time, Luxi will accommodate those changes.  The firmest setting is the base foam layer which is quite firm and the softest is the SBT layer which contours very well and has great breathability. 
Luxi has great edge support. The SBT element ends up delivering a edge support unlike most memory foam mattresses. When you sit on the edge of the bed the buckling column collapses under you seat so you sink back instead of forward like most memory foam mattresses. There is also a border of firm foam along the edge so that you can sleep on the whole mattress without feeling like you will fall off. This is the second most common complaint I hear among memory foam mattress consumers, heat retention being the first.  Luxi solves both of these problems.
Below are videos to illustrate the firmness and bounce you will notice with each layer. Because each side of the queen and king size mattresses are separate, motion transfer is greatly reduced.

Firm Layer

The photo below illustrates how much sink you get with the firm layer, not much!

luxi firm

Medium (latex layer is on top)

Sinkage in the firm layer is consistent with the majority of mattresses I have reviewed.

luxi dunlop

Soft (softest layer is on top also known as the SBT layer)

The SBT layer sinks considerably but what is remarkable is that it still will give you excellent support where you need it.

luxi soft

The mattress measures about 10 inches deep which is standard for a foam mattress. It will fit any standard sheets you purchase.

luxi depth

The Luxi makes for an extremely verstaile bed. That’s because it’s so easy to customize to a sleeper’s firmness preferences. Each firmness setting has a unique feel.

The medium firm where the dunlop latex layer is on top provides great support and feels similar to the GhostBed. However, unlike some of the competitors, you can configure the Luxi. But beyond that, you really are in for a treat by sleeping on the SBT layer. It is a one of a kind experience that no other mattress offers.

The Luxi Bedrooom

Luxi has recently introduced a bedframe and pillows that will complement your Luxi mattress. The bed frame is sturdy and looks great without the need for a box spring or bed skirt. The pillow also has a nice down like feel and are designed to work with the Luxi mattress.

Here’s a video overview of the new offerings from Luxi

My Luxi Mattress Recommendation

If you are looking for versatility and customization, this is your mattress. Often, partners have different firmness preferences and the Luxi is a novel way to get the firmness you want. It is very easy to switch out the layers. It took me about 5 minutes to make an adjustment to either side of the mattress.  The founder of this company, David, is known for his innovation in the industry and he has taken his decades of mattress knowledge and put it into the Luxi.

As I write this we are in the midst of an online mattress bubble. There are many new companies flooding the market that are very similar to each other. Luxi has brought something truly unique to the market that has put them ahead of the pack.



65 thoughts on “Luxi Mattress Review: The Feels the Deal”

  1. I was wondering if you feel the split in the center of the mattress or lose support when sleeping towards the center of the Luxi mattress with a partner? Also do you know the thickness of each of the foams?

  2. Thanku so much for telling me about this bed Ben.Only one out there u can change the foam for soft or firm..Got it Christmas eve. Trying to make the wife happy.We have had a air bed for 9 years.added a topper 4 years ago.She never liked it.I did, So I was afraid whatever we got, one of us would not b happy…She loves it,after 3 nights on it, she said her back doesn’t hurt when she gets up.I almost cried. ..Im getting use to it, i have my side soft,her side firm….Shannon was very helpful explaining about the bed..Cant say enough about the customer service,we had a problem with the zipper on the cover, They sent two people to MY HOUSE WITH A NEW COVER ,HOLLY &JULIE..WHO DOES THAT???We r about an hour&ahalf from there facility….Thanks again gor all your help. .LUXI BEDS R AWESOME,,Made 2 old people happy.

    • Glad you enjoy the new mattress! Luxi is not only a great mattress but a great company with great people that genuinely stand by their product.

  3. I ordered my Luxi on 12/30, and it should be here early next week. My wife and I are really looking forward to this mattress. In your opinion, are there any red flags with regards to the unique construction as it may affect the overall durability/longevity of the mattress? I decided to take the risk on Luxi, mostly because of their 1000 night pledge- and should hopefully have a good idea of the durability after 2 1/2 years. But I’m not totally sure how the SBT layer will hold up over time. Given what you know about the various materials, does it seem like a durable product?

    • The Luxi is very well made and should hold up over time. Best of all the company was founded by someone who has an excellent reputation in the industry so they will stand by their product.

  4. My Luxi arrived this week, and I’ve slept on it for the past 3 nights. So far, it is very comfortable and I’m sleeping well. However, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to have much spring- even on the medium setting. Also, the foam seems a bit slow to recover. Was this normal for yours? When I look at all the videos, it seems like the foam should bounce back right away.

    • It will be a little slow to recover because it is a denser foam. The trade off though is that it will provide more support.

    • They are very close in firmness (medium Luxi vs Leesa). The Luxi of course is more versatile though. And if you buy the Luxi queen or king size, you won’t get much motion transfer because each side is made with its own layers.

  5. I weigh about 210 and had no issues. I’m sure at some point you will start having problems but I didn’t find any problems with my weight and the Luxi

    • I does a great job of dissipating heat. This is in large part due to the SBT layer. I would say that the Luxi does a better job of dissipating heat than 90% of the mattresses I have tested.

  6. Which setting will this mattress sleep the ‘coolest’. I would imagine in the soft setting? I would be more of a medium setting, if not firm, but I can’t imagine that the firm would be a very cool sleep. What are your thoughts and have you noticed a difference in the ‘coolness’ of the mattress in the different settings? I am a hot sleeper, so something that can help keep air moving would be a big deal to me.

    • The SBT layer sleeps the coolest followed by the latex layer then the base layer. The vast majority of sleepers will choose the SBT or Latex layer which both breathe very well.

  7. Anyone ever tried to return the Luxi? How’s the return process? Can I return it within 30 days or I have to keep at least 30 days no matter what? Really wanna try this but just a bit worry about the return hassle.

  8. I am always a skeptical buyer and at first I thought maybe I should just stick with a high priced big box store mattress instead of a newer company. But I did a lot of researching online and came across the Luxi mattresses. They had really good reviews and the prices seemed more than fair and they have a great warranty. My thoughts were why not give them a try? With the 100 night guarantee there’s nothing to lose by giving them a shot. So I ordered the mattress and viola! It was at my house in just a few days. The customer service of Luxi Sleep is by far some of the best I’ve ever dealt with. I made a mistake when I placed the order and they fixed it right away.
    As far as the actual mattress goes, it is well built, easily adjustable from firm to soft and very comfortable. It only took about two minutes to adjust the mattress firmness.
    There was no chemical smell when we unboxed it and it even came with a handy little cutting tool to make it easier to open. Sleeping on the mattress was very comfortable especially after a couple days of an adjustment period (new mattresses always seem to take a few days to adjust too). It doesn’t make you feel hot like most foam style mattresses do. We couldn’t be more pleased with our mattress and the service we received. I would highly recommend Luxi Sleep to anyone looking for a new mattress, especially if you have a partner that likes a different firmness than you do.

  9. We’ve had the Luxi mattress for two weeks. It is, by far, the most comfortable mattress I’ve slept on. I was somewhat skeptical of ordering online without having an opportunity to see, and test, the mattress. After the first night, all concerns were gone. This mattress is everything it is advertised to be and more. I highly recommend this mattress. Trust me. You will not be disappointed.

  10. Great review! I really want/need this mattress due to medical issues. I am so tired of sleeping in a recliner and never feeling rested! If I cannot win this mattress through #MattressMondays, I am going to have to save for it since I can no longer work due to medical issues, thus resulting in limited funds. The more I read about the Luxi mattress, the more I want it! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  11. I’m looking for a thinner good sleeping mattress, and this is in contention, but…
    I noticed in the review there is nothing about heat transfer/buildup. How does this mattress compare, does it sleep hot?

    • If you sleep on the mattress in the soft or medium setting, it does a great job of dissipating heat. The soft SBT layer has channels where heat can escape. The medium layer is latex that has small holes in it for ventilation.

  12. I enjoy memory foam mattresses but I find that it doesn’t give me the back support that I need, and it gets really hot. I was ready to get the Purple mattress due to them not have a foam top which would relieve hot sleepless nights. Then, I saw this review for the Luxi, and now I’m torn because of the customization concept. I prefer my mattresses medium firm to firm. I don’t really enjoy the soft sinking feeling all too much. I also would rather have good ventilation while I sleep. I also weigh 200 lbs. Based on these preferences, which do you think would be a better choose, the Luxi or the purple mattress?

  13. PS — An all latex mattress (three layers of latex — medium, medium, and firm) was fine at first, but after about six months developed sagging in the hip area that caused back pain. So latex is out. Any suggestions that you could offer would be much appreciated.

  14. I’m on a search for a new Queen matress and have decided on latex rather than memory foam (conventional matress aren’t even being considered). I’ve done a lot of research online and thought I had finally decided on all latex, using a combination of Dunlop firm for the bottom layers and Talalay soft or medium for the top layer. Then I found your sight and saw that Luxi was one of your top picks, mostly because of the ability to switch layers for personal preference. But the Luxi has only one layer of Dunlop?? And the “SBT” layer is actually memory foam? And I never read what the 3rd layer was…Are there any all latex mattresses that you think are especially good? And I do wonder about a company that allows you to return a mattress after sleeping on it for awhile—do they then throw them away or clean them and resell them?? Yuk! At least one company (Loom and Leaf?? or Tuft and Needle?? The name escapes me ?) donates them to shelters.

  15. I am trying to decide between the Luxi and the Helix. We just returned the Purple at the end of the 100-night trial. My husband loved it but I found it too firm and it caused me shoulder pain since I sleep on my side. It did relieve my back pain, though. My husband and I have very different body types and I think being able to customize each side of the bed might be what we need. Thoughts on the Luxi vs Helix?

    • I would definitely go with the Luxi. The Helix will probably still feel too firm even on their softest setting while the SBT layer in the Luxi will provide amazing pressure relief.

  16. I’m living in Hawaii and wanted a mattress with great airflow to keep us cool but also have the soft support of a memory foam type mattress. What would be your best recommendation for this combo? Luxi?

  17. I read the first question as far as whether it feels like there is a gap in the middle of the mattress. in the past decade my husband and I have gone from a regular no split king to an adjustable split King. We are going back to a no split king as the split feels like sleeping in 2 beds and I want to just roll over to cuddle not get onto a “different” bed or to just sleep next to him which we cannot because of the split. Will the Luxi king size feel like one bed even if we have 2 different firmnesses? I am trying to decide between this and the Purple but leaning towards this as sometimes I like a little sinking in! Thank you

    • Each side is housed under 1 cover so there is no gap from the cover which keeps each side together. I would say you would notice a sort of gap if your partner chose the firmest option and you chose the softest but I don’t know of anyone who uses the firmest option. Usually the Latex layer “medium firm” is great for people who like a medium to firm feel.

  18. Is there any information on how much weight this mattress supports? I am thinking this will be good because between myself and my partner we weigh in at 130 and 230, so I think the adjustability will be a big benefit but don’t want to have an issue with bottoming out. I know this can be an issue with some foam mattresses if you sleep on your side.

    • For weight they have a couple of options:
      Luxi performs great for people up to about 250 lbs. as it is. But if Luxi knows in advance you are heaver they have two options for two different ranges, say up to 250-300 or 300-350 ranges they “tune–up” the mattress to accommodate this. They don’t recommend the Luxi for individuals over 350 lbs.

      Luxi can do this for individual sleepers or for couples. For example, leaving one side as the standard Luxi and only tuning up one side.
      Apparently, they often receive calls from couples where the man is 300 lbs and the wife is 100 lbs.

  19. Ok, that is great! I really love how customizable this mattress is, I think it will be a great fit for us. I’m looking forward to ditching my awful “no flip” mattress and benefitting from the pressure relief with the Luxi. Thanks so much for your help Ben!

  20. We recently received the Luxi and was a little surprised that so far the first few nights have been a little rough. Granted I’m sure there is a period in which you need to get used to the material but every night now for the past 4 nights my wife and I have had severe mid to lower back pain after about 4 hours. I’m about 225 lbs (6′ 2″) and wondered if I am actually bottoming out to the support foam on the bottom. Thanks!

  21. I’m very glad I came across your review. I’m looking to purchase a new mattress, and I was just about sold on the Purple mattress until I read this. It looks great and I love the customization idea. However, I read somebody say that this bed does not have a lot of bounce. With that in mind, do you think that the the Purple or the Luxi (or another mattress) would be most ideal for sex?

  22. Thank you for this website! It is such a great resource for those looking for a new mattress. My husband and I are looking for a new mattress…we have had a Tempurpedic for years. I prefer something softer but supportive for my bad back. My husband still isn’t sold on the Tempurpedic after almost 7 years of sleeping on it – the heat retention and “sinking in” feeling both play a role in that. After reading your reviews, I’m looking between the Luxi and Alexander Nest. Do you have any thoughts on what might be best given our situation? Your expert insight would be appreciated.

    • The Luxi will sleep cooler than the Nest Alexander. The Luxi also allows you to configure each side so you and your husband can choose your ideal firmness. It is mostly a foam mattress with one layer of latex but the foam is more breathable in large part due to the SBT layer.

  23. I ordered a Brooklyn Best Mattress Ever in Medium two months ago. Wife and I are tall but normal weight, both side sleepers, and we both find the Brooklyn a bit too firm and causing shoulder/upper back pain after 60 days. We have traditionally bought “luxury firm” type Beauty rest Black or S&F innerspring mattresses, but after they start sagging they cause back problems as well. So, now looking at Luxi or maybe the Alexander Hybrid or Voila Hybrid. Needs to sleep fairly cool and have decent bounce. With all that – any recommendations?

    • The Alexander Hybrid will feel firmer than the Luxi if you use the SBT layer on the top. In this setting on the Luxi wil have more hug and less motion transfer than the Alexander Hybrid. I have found that it will also contour better around your lower back. Additionally the Luxi wil be more breathable than the Alexander Hybrid with the SBT layer on top.

  24. Hello, I’m new to your website and my husband and I have very different sleep numbers (mine was 80, his is 20 when we visited the store) would you recommend this mattress for us? We currently have a Stearns and Foster with a memory foam pad from Costco on top and I love it and sleep great but he hates it and wakes up with back pain every morning. I’m trying to find something new that we both will love. Thanks!

    • If you like the memory foam topper that’s a good indication you will like this mattress. The medium side which would be more appropriate for your husband is made of latex which is supportive and won’t sink in like foam. I definitely think it’s worth trying.

  25. I’m at my wit’s end… We are on a budget, which is the main reason we are looking at mail order mattresses. Our old mattress has always felt too firm to us, but we got a mattress topper which helped in that regard, but over the years we had to ditch the topper since the bed got too saggy as it wore out. Now, the bed it too saggy for comfort even without it and we are miserable. I cannot decide what to try. I’m looking to stay around $1000. We are both side sleepers and about 240/220 lbs). We recently tried a mattress store and while every mattress we tried was obviously better than what we have, none of them really felt that comfortable to us, though I think the best was a memory foam with pocketed coils, I guess a hybrid?

    I think I like soft, but that may just be because our current one is so hard and miserable. I have hip and shoulder pain while laying in bed quite often.

    I am considering trying the voila or luxi mattress, but am not even sure what firmness to try if I were to try the voila.
    Any input would be much appreciated.

    • The Luxi would be a great choice if you aren’t quite sure on firmness levels because you can customize each site. The soft SBT layer feels great and even though it is soft, it conforms very well.

      Another option would be the Layla Mattress.

  26. The Luxi is FIRM, FIRMER, and FIRMEST – it is NOT soft. I bought this mattress based on its adjustability and these reviews. I have loose ligaments and wake with my bones in one pile and all my soft tissue in another puddle and I sleep on my side. I wanted something that was firmly supportive underneath but with some sinkability for my hips and shoulders. I only weigh 139 and there is zero sinkability around my shoulders. Maybe a tiny bit at my hips. The edge support means there is a hard ledge in the middle of the kingsize bed with the medium and soft on together. I dread having to undo everything to flip the medium to soft because there’s so much to undo: I have Bed Bands clipped under the mattress to hold my mattress protector taut and Comfi-Snug drawstring sheets (these are great; Amazon; they keep most wrinkles out). I will have to add some kind of 2-3″ thick topper. Not satisfied with this mattress. It sounded more versatile and they should not use the word soft. I figured with “9 mattresses in 1” something should work. But their “soft” is the only option and… it’s firm. Also, I don’t know how any regular sheets would work on this mattress without leaving a pile of wrinkles in the middle because it is only 10″ thick and sheets seem made for 18″ thick mattresses.

  27. I would appreciate your thoughts on how the Luxi would compared to the Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm. The L&L was delivered a week ago and I am finding it too firm, waking up with a sore shoulder. I also find it noticeably firmer than the Tempurpedic Luxe which it is generally compared with. I just added a 2″ memory foam topper. I like the added softness, but not the mushy feel. I am in my 50s and a 190 lbs. Would the Luxi or Zenhaven be a better selection? I am cautious about having to return and do this again, so any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • The Luxi with the SBT will be much softer than the Loom and leaf. I think this would be a better option for you over the Zen Have which will also feel firm.

  28. HI I am debating Luxi versus Helix. Any ideas on the key differences?
    It would be for a king, split bed.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    • The Helix uses micro coils in the middle layer while the Luxi is all foam. I really like the Luxi for the SBT layer which has a very unique feel. If you prefer a firmer mattress, I would probably try the Helix first but if you want something that is soft but conforms well and gives good support, I would go with the Luxi first.

  29. Hi, Ben. I was in your showroom several weeks back and I was impressed by the feel of the Nectar bed and was about to purchase that one. However, I just stumbled upon your review of the Luxi and I am now leaning towards this one because I think my husband and I need different levels of firmness. I am very curvy (bigger hips, smaller waist so it’s hard to keep my spine in a straight line when I sleep on my side). Any thoughts between the two matresses? Will the Luxi have the same support for my body type as the Nectar? Thanks!

  30. Luxi has replaced the latex layer with some other customized latex-like foam they call luxitex. Do you have any experience with the new version, and would it change any of your comments here? (I’m comparing with Helix because I want something where the two sides can have different levels of firmness.)

    (p.s. — where you said “Sinkage in the firm layer is consistent with the majority of mattresses I have reviewed” — I think you meant medium layer.)

    • Oops. Yes, meant medium layer in the post, not firm. Thanks for catching that.

      I like that they moved away from the latex layer. The new layer integrates better with the rest of the mattress so you get a more subtle transition. If anything it’s an improvement over the original.

  31. This mattress is great. Kinda like the ‘Goldi-Luxi-Zone’. 3rd times a charm. We tried tried a big-named bed in box competitor earlier this year but she found too firm. It was ideal for me though with latex on top of gel foam. She slept on old guest bed due to pain and decided to go back to coil. We found a hybrid from the nearby store and it was also too firm and really opposite of what was claimed on site having high motion transfer, heat and pressure points. Then, while considering a split twin mattress option (with a crack between) we found Luxi. It didn’t take long to adjust. She loves the ‘soft’ option while the medium works for me. To try and describe mattress feel, it is not hard but is supportive. It does not sink in like a foam topper does. It has bounce/response similar to a spring mattress. You can get 7-8 hrs of solid sleep on Luxi. Then, you’ll get up because you are refreshed. She likes her side of the mattress so much though she wants to stay in bed. This reply is to help those who make sleep a high priority. It seems many of the online mattresses tend to sleep on the firmer side if you are lighter in weight. Luxi seems to have a true ‘medium’ feel and good on not sleeping hot, low motion transfer and no pressure points and you can customize with ease. If it weren’t for considering a slightly higher price range than the other boxed mattresses, after trying local store, we may not have found it. This seems to be a case where the price difference is justified as quality seems higher. Check out the Luxi and the company history/bio. It is worth it. BTW, I’m 5’11” 175 lbs back sleeper and she 5’5″ 135 lbs side sleeper. Semi-athletic build. Customer service is great too.

  32. We purchased a LUXI mattress last year, and tried it out. The first night on medium was ok, but I was eager to try out the soft setting. The top of the mattress is not enough padding to even out the feel of the blocky foam that makes up the soft setting. The blocks deform easily in any direction, leaving no support in some places, and aliens poking you in others. I switched it back to medium and we finished out a month trial, but found that as the foam broke in we had too much sag in our hip area (and if you roll over, it was very slow to recover, dumping you back in the hole), and overall we weren’t happy with the ‘on the bed’ feeling of latex, despite the hip area sinking. We returned the mattress, which was handled fairly promptly.

  33. BEWARE: Poor mattress, company does NOT honor 100-day trial

    I was initially pleased with my purchase, but after two months the mattress began to lose its support and springiness (and very unevenly), leading to soreness and stiff necks in the morning. The “shape-matching technology” they use (a layer of foam columns), I suspect, is the culprit behind its quick degradation and loss of support.

    I contacted Luxi countless times over the course of 3 MONTHS to try to return the mattress, and every time I reached out, they replied ONCE and never followed up. This all culminated in the CEO himself, David Farley, contacting me ONCE and then ignoring all replies.

    It is not hard to find complaints about Luxi and its refusal to refund customers who return their mattresses, which I saw for myself when filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    This is a shady company, and I wouldn’t recommend giving them your money even if they did make good mattresses (which they don’t).

    • My experience was similar. One reply and then they ignored all further e-mails and messages. Phone line was always busy or voicemail. They did not keep their word or stand by their product.


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