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Bed Frames For Heavy People

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Ben Trapskin

I have carefully studied and evaluated many mattresses, sheets, pillows, duvet inserts, comforters, sleep gadgets, and adjustable beds for over a decade. My insights and evaluations are grounded in both my extensive personal experience and valuable customer feedback. I have expertise and knowledge of the industry. I have used this to conduct detailed assessments of products. My insights and guidance have given consumers the best sleep experience. I am committed to quality and excellence in this field. EXPERT TESTED Every product is tested with a variety methods to give you the best assement of what it will actually feel like and if it is good quality. UPDATED REGULARLY Our reviews are updated daily and we strive to produce the most useful content so you can make an informed decision.
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Best Modern Bed for Heavy People
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Best Noise Free Metal Bed for Heavy People
Best Adjustable Bed for Heavy People
09/29/2023 09:12 am GMT

When you invest in a quality mattress its imperative that it rests on a bed frame that provides proper support. For heavy set people, this can be particularly challenging because you need a bed frame that will support the extra weight over time. Your first step is to find a quality mattress for heavy people that will last for years and is designed for heavy people. The bed frames below are great choices because they will work with any mattress and all the new bed-in-a-box brands. As a general rule, an adjustable bed is a great choice for a bed frame because they have steel legs and supports and will last longer than wood slat beds and they also give superior support over a traditional bed frame. Adjustable beds are designed to fit inside a traditional bed frame so if you like the look of a bed you can put an adjustable inside so that it gives you the right support and extra features such as massage.

Thare are a lot of things to consider when you’re looking for a bed and the best bed frames are transparent about their weight limits. Look for a supportive bed that handle not only your extra weight but also the weight of your new mattress. Considering more and more Americans are considered bosses, we are finding that there is a plethora of choices when looking for a bed for an obese person. But you don’ have to be obese to enjoy the benefits of a heavy-duty bed. In fact, the best bed frames are also the best bed frames for heavier people.

Best Budget Bed For Heavy People – Prima Sleep

Prima Sleep Bed Frame

Most of the beds you will find on Amazon will work for people up to around 150 lbs. and even then, they won’t last all that long before you start noticing loose screws or bent legs. You often get what you pay for. And although they look nice, it’s no fun when slats fall through the frame or the frame wobbles at night as you change positions. An exception to this are some of the steel-framed beds. In particular, I like the Prima Sleep steel slat bed frame. It’s a simple construction that is super easy to assemble in just minutes and therefore portable. Another option is the Hercules from Classic Brands but the problem with frames like this is that although they are super portable, they tend to squeak. With these types of beds you also need to know that the bed can slide around so buying some double-sided tape to keep it in place would be a good idea. Often the brands you find on Amazon don’t really call out a weight capacity so it’s important to read the fine print.

Best Adjustable Bed For Heavy People – Puffy

Puffy Adjustable Bed

Puffy makes incredibly comfortable mattresses but also makes an adjustable bed that is a really good value and is also very sturdy and durable. An Adjustable bed is a great investment for making your mattress more versatile but also provides a rock-solid foundation for years. Having an adjustable for your base ensures that you will no longer question if it’s your mattress or your bed that is sagging. You would be surprised how often mattresses get blamed for poor support when it’s actually the mattress. Buying an adjustable bed is basically buying a heavy duty bed frame. Best of all, you don’t need a box spring. Think of it as a metal bed that can articulate and give you a massage.

Puffy makes incredibly comfortable mattresses but also makes an adjustable bed that is a really good value and is also very sturdy and durable. A heavy-duty Adjustable bed is a great investment for making your mattress more versatile but also provides a rock-solid foundation for years. Having an adjustable for your base ensures that you will no longer question if it’s your mattress or your bed that is sagging. You would be surprised how often mattresses get blamed for poor support when it’s actually the mattress. If you are buying a bed for overweight people, make sure you buy proper support as well. 

Best Natural Bed For Heavy People – Avocado

Avocado Bed Frame

Avocado is the most awarded and credited natural mattress online. I haven’t come across a mattress online or offline that is as intentionally designed as the Avocado Mattress. Avocado carries this attention to detail into their bed frame. The Avocado Bed Frame is a handmade frame made with 100% reclaimed wood and zero VOC sealant this will naturally make the bed have a high weight capacity.. It’s not cheap but it is heirloom quality. You will be able to pass this on to your kids and grandkids. This is a great choice for heavy sleepers because the slats are made with real wood! Most beds these days are made with particle board which can easily fall apart, scratch or chip. This bed just looks better and better with age. This is a frame that can hold an obese person and is one of the strongest bed frames out there. It is a great choice if you are looking for wooden frames that are also sustainably sourced. Another bed frame to look at is the new Malibu frame from Avocado that is also an all natural wood frame and one of the best bed frames overall. One of the downsides to the Avocado bed frame is that they are often back ordered due to popularity and the fact that they are all somewhat unique but I think they are well worth the wait. You can always buy an Olee bed frame while you wait for your permanent one to arrive.

Best Retail Store Bed Frame for Heavy People – Pottery Barn

pottery barn bed

We have had some Pottery Barn bed frames in the Yawnder stores and they hold up extremely well. If you are shopping at Pottery Barn, West Elm or Crate and Barrel, all of these stores make great beds that will hold up well for heavy people but stay away from the mid-century modern styles. They look flimsy and because they have a minimalist style, there’s only so much material to work with. Stick with a more traditional style like the picture above and you will be happy. What I like about store brands is that you can actually test the bed yourself in the store. If you are shopping for a bed frame, don’t overlook traditional retailers. You often will also find frames from these brands with bed storage. While they don’t specifically make a frame for a heavy person, the quality definitely can support heavier people.

I tend to stay away from bed frames from larger retailers like Target or Walmart because those frames arent as sturdy. Same with Ikea. I don’t think their niche is designing a bed frame for an obese person. While they should hold up for a little while, in my experience in our showrooms, these types of frames eventually break down and are not worth the hassle of replacing with such a short lifespan.

Best Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame for a Heavy Person – Thuma

Thuma Bed Frame

If you are looking for a minimalist looking bet that has a high weight limit, the Thuma Platform Bed is your best option. It is very easy to assemble with no tools required. Instead, Thuma uses Japanese Joinery and sits about 10 niches high. While it doesn’t look like it, This is a heavy duty bed the a much higher weight capacity than other platform beds. It can hold up to 1,500 lbs. according to Thuma. Since it’s made of wood, you don’t have to worry about any squeaking noises that you can get with a metal platform bed or another type of metal frame.

If you are on a budget, check out the Charm 2.0 bed from Valyou furniture. It’s basically the same as the Thuma and is also a heavy duty bed with a high weight capacity similar to the Thuma. One drawback with the Charm 2.0 is that unlike the Thuma, this bed does not have a sturdy headboard option. You instead get a headboard pillow which also comes standard with the Thuma but Thuma recently released their sturdy headboard that is also solid wood and works seamlessly with the base. 

My Final Recommendation on Beds for Heavy People

There are plenty of other brands and stores that offer quality beds for heavy people but this post gives you a good sense of what to look for. Again, an adjustable bed is always a great investment but that’s especially true for heavy set couples. If you are looking for an inexpensive option, a steel frame from Amazon will work but it will have some drawbacks as I have outlined above. By all means, stay away from cheap beds with wooden slats! They won’t hold up and you will probably end up on the ground sooner than you think. Finally, if shopping online isn’t your thing, check out some of the traditional retailer sand keep in mind that you often get what you pay for.