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Znzi Travel Pillow Review

Znzi Travel Pillow Review 2

I came across the Znzi Travel Pillow while browsing new sleep products online. I was intrigued by the pillow as it isn’t another typical horseshoe shaped neck pillow with some cheap cushioning. Instead, its a rectangular pillow with two suction cups on one end and a series of magnets inside that allows it to transform into a whole bunch of different shapes to suit your needs.

The Znzi travel pillow comes in a neat little carrying case that can be attached to your luggage for easy access during travel.

Znzi Travel Pillow


The Znzi works by using the suction cups to attach to a surface such as an airplane window. There are 6 magnets embedded in the pillow that can be connected together in order to create a shape that best suits your needs. It is made in the USA and is one of the most versatile, creative travel pillows I have come across.

Below are some examples of configurations of the pillow.

Znzi configuration 1 znzi configuration 2 znzi configuration 3

As you can see, it is a flexible pillow.


I look forward to taking the Znzi pillow on my upcoming flight to San Francisco next month. I have used it in a car and found that sticking it to a window in the car doesn’t work all that well as your head is too far from the pillow to get comfortable. At least that was the case in our minivan.

However, I can see how this would work perfectly on an airplane where you are very close to a window and have limited space. Even if you didn’t have a window seat, it still functions well as a neck rest. I also enjoy using it at home while reading on the couch or watching TV. It has noticeably soft fabric which makes it nice and cozy.

You can order the Znzi Travel Pillow on Amazon for $42. It is Amazon Prime eligible with free returns.

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