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Home Reserve Couch Review


Couches are the focal point of everyday living. They are the most used and favorite piece of furniture in the home. It is where you crash after the hectic schedule of the day, and it can also be your temporary “work from home” stations, aka a much more comfortable one. A couch allows you to lounge on it for bingeing TV sessions or to curl up with a good book. It invites a comfortable time and easily doubles up as a party seater for those “having friends over” times. Hence, it is no wonder then that a lot of thought and consideration goes into getting the perfect couch home.

Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. Couch shopping can be relentless with a large variety to choose from. Fortunately, we now have online shopping convenience and reviews to take the help of. You can now choose between brands, types, colors, materials, construction, and all the other things you want from the ease of your home. This review will take you through tone such online sofa shopping brand, the popular and high in demand Home Reserve Couch. After reading through the finer points, you will be better able to decide on whether this couch makes the cut or is better suited to be struck off your list.

How Does it Fare?

To say it succinctly, then the Home Reserve Couch is a wonderful product from a wonderful brand that gives you an awesome blend of homey and formal tones. If you want to be introduced to a fantastic brand that pretty much nails it all, then Home Reserve is the couch for you.

The couch is super comfy with good back support. You will not have to deal with painful neck cramps or upper body stiffness with this couch. It has a good shape to nicely hold up your upper body when seated. The couch also does not sink in, making it difficult to sit on it or get up but remain solidly firm, giving you a good comfortable seat. The shipping service is seamless with all the boxes arriving together, and the assembly process is nothing to be scared of either.

The sofa is a lovely product that will add to your lifestyle immensely. It does not sag and holds up well under constant use. With the pandemic still going strong, it is essential to get a sofa that does not shy from the constant rigors of the day, and this one from Home Reserve fits that bill perfectly.

Pros and Cons

home reserve couch


Good comfort and support

Tends to creak after a while of use

Budget price point

Early signs of fraying
High durability with low upkeep

Inside Out Picture

home reserve couch options

Design and Customization

Home Reserve couches are very high on customization options. You get to choose between 8 different types of sofa type. Each features a different design for arm styles, legs: seatback, cushion fillings, and overall curves. If you want the foam cushions, then you will have to choose between their Brook collection and the Ray collection. The rest of the sofa styles come with fiber-filled cushions. Similarly, the different sofa collections have different armrests with some curving and low and some straight and high. Just make up your mind which style suits you best and then process with the other choices of upholstery fabric and color.

Once you are done with the sofa style choice, the next that comes in choosing which fabric you want and whether you want one that is just machine washable or one that is both machines washable and stain-resistant, there are plenty of choices to keep you nice and busy in this segment. You have all types of colors in both the fabric choices ranging from neutral base colors like cream, beige, and gray tones to more bold statement types of colors like reds and yellows.

There is good news for those that love leather. This sofa is also available in leather fabric style, and it comes with color choices too. You can get the leather upholstery in 6 different styles and textures. Depending on which sofa style you pick and which color option you go in for, the sofa can be a formal-looking piece with curves and flair attached, or it can be a casual-looking piece that is endearing with its understated elegance.

Construction and Material

home reserve 2

The Home Reserve Couch is proud to be 100% made in the USA brand. It sources all the materials used in the construction of its products responsibly and from within America. They are very outspoken and proud of the fact that all their raw materials, the entire supply chain, as well as the manufacturing process and labor, are from the country itself.

The frames of the sofa are made from standard wood. These are processed from high yielding and fast-growing trees, thereby helping in reducing the damage to older and more environment precious forests. The wood comes under the “Sustainable Forest Initiative” and meets all the certification requirements of the same.

The cushions and seats are made from recycled foam whenever possible. The back cushions use recycled fiber made from used consumer plastic bottles. This makes the brand very sustainable in its production, and it is heartening to know that you are supporting an environmentally friendly endeavor.


This couch is a conventional three-seater from Home Reserve and good for the average American family size. It is also perfect for couples or singles looking for a nice lounging sofa to complete their popcorn with movie marathon nights. It features a dimension of 79″ (L)x 36″ (B)x 34″ (H).

The leg clearance space is ample with 18″, which makes the couch very comfortable even for an above-average tall person. The seat width of 21″ makes it a very comfortable deep-seated couch good enough to comfortably seat a wide girth.

On any good day, the couch can easily accommodate three adults seating with a kid or two crammed in. Or you can have two adults lounging on opposite ends. With kids, this space is a winner, and the couch can easily take on 5 to 6 kids.

If you want a bigger sofa, then you can go in for the sectional that is essentially the couch with added seats and in an L-shape.

Shipping and Assembly

The couch ships very promptly within 15 working days from the date of order. The delivery takes about 2 to 4 days from the shipment date.

It is shipped in corrugated cardboard packaging that contains 43% recycled fibers in its construction. The couch is shipped in 7 different boxes. The good thing is that they are all shipped together, so you get all the boxes in one go. The boxes individually don’t weigh too much, so moving them inside the house should not be an issue. If you need to carry them up a flight of stairs, then maybe try enlisting some help with friends or get your significant other involved.

The different pieces fit together easily with connectors in place, and you will require a screwdriver to assemble the pieces. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to get the couch straight and ready to use.

Upkeep and Maintenance

The upkeep of the couch is easy, especially if you opt for the stain-resistant fabric choice. All the fabric choices are machine washable, so you just have to unzip the covers from the cushions and throw them in the machine for a good clean. Spot cleaning is advised for those accidental spills that are inevitable in daily life.

The leather upholstery is spot clean only with soap, water, and some elbow grease. You can also vacuum the couch to get the sheen of a fresh out of the box couch.

Fine Print

Like other brands, Home Reserve also gives you 30 days trial period. However, their trial period is a little different. You need to opt for the trial, and you only get a one-seater segment of the couch to try. If you are satisfied with it, then you can order the complete set; if not, you can return it. This makes it both simple and convenient.

Apart from the trial period, you get a 10-year warranty on the frames of the couch. There is also a renewability option wherein you can easily refurbish the foam, fabric, and frame to make the couch as good as new.

Bottom Line

You will not be disappointed with the Home Reserve Couch. There is plenty to recommend about this couch and very little to criticize. The brand has kept up with environmental issues by manufacturing responsibly and churn out products that rank high on comfort and affordability. Their trial period option is a little lacking when you have other brands offering the full sofa trial, but it is also more convenient.

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  1. You forgot to mention the best part, the under cushion storage on each section!
    Good info on the rest though.


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