Winkbed Mattress Review 2023 Upate: The Best of Both Worlds?

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WinkBeds is a U.S.-based mattress company founded in 2014 by Dan Adler. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality, luxury mattresses at an affordable price by selling directly to consumers and eliminating the middlemen typically found in the traditional mattress industry.

WinkBeds started with a focus on hybrid mattresses, combining the best features of innerspring and foam mattresses. The brand has since expanded its product line to include other mattress types and sleep accessories. Their mattresses are designed and handcrafted in the United States, using American-sourced materials.

The company quickly gained a reputation for offering luxurious, durable, and comfortable mattresses. WinkBeds also emphasizes customer satisfaction, offering a lengthy in-home trial period, free shipping, and a warranty on their products.

Since its founding, WinkBeds has continued to innovate and expand its offerings. In addition to their original hybrid mattress, they now offer memory foam mattresses, latex hybrids, and adjustable beds, as well as bedding accessories like sheets, pillows, and mattress protectors.

Despite being a relatively young company, WinkBeds has established itself as a reputable brand in the mattress industry by focusing on quality, comfort, and customer satisfaction.

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Overview of the Winkbed Models

I recently received a free queen size Winkbed for review.  This new Winkbed model is a significant improvement on the previous model which was also a great mattress. This mattress is not delivered in a box and is a hybrid coil/foam mattress. Below is an overview of the company and the mattress. 

WinkBeds is a US-based mattress company that offers a range of high-quality mattresses that are designed to provide a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. The company was founded in 2014 and has since gained a reputation for producing durable and reliable mattresses that are made from high-quality materials.

WinkBeds offers four different mattress models: the WinkBed, the WinkBed Plus, the EcoCloud, and the GravityLux. Each of these mattresses is designed with different types of sleepers in mind, so you can choose the one that best fits your specific needs.

  1. WinkBed Classic: The flagship WinkBed Classic is a hybrid innerspring mattress available in four firmness levels – Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and Plus. Each variation caters to different sleepers, offering varying degrees of cushioning and support. The mattresses in this lineup feature a Tencel cover, a Euro-pillow top filled with gel-infused foam, and a layer of micro-coils, followed by a zoned pocketed coil system and a high-density foam base. The Classic is suitable for a broad range of sleepers, including back, stomach, and side sleepers.

  2. WinkBed Plus: The WinkBed Plus is a variant of the Classic model specifically designed for heavier individuals or those seeking robust support. Unlike the standard zoned pocketed coil system, the Plus version incorporates a seven-zoned latex support layer that provides targeted support for the shoulders, back, and hips. In addition, the pillow top is firmer, adding durability and preventing sagging. The WinkBed Plus is ideal for sleepers weighing over 300 pounds.

  3. WinkBed MemoryLux: The MemoryLux is a memory foam mattress tailored for those seeking pressure relief and body-contouring support. It comes in three firmness levels: Medium Soft, Medium, and Medium Firm. The mattress features a gel-infused memory foam top layer, an AirCell foam layer for enhanced airflow, and a zoned support foam base. Its Tencel cover is moisture-wicking and cooling. MemoryLux is an excellent choice for side sleepers and those who appreciate the hug-like feel of memory foam.

  4. WinkBed EcoCloud: The EcoCloud is a latex hybrid mattress made from organic and natural materials. It boasts a plush Euro-pillow top filled with organic wool, a Talalay latex layer, and a zoned pocketed coil support system. The organic cotton cover adds softness and breathability. The EcoCloud offers a responsive, bouncy feel and is suitable for eco-conscious consumers seeking a cool, pressure-relieving mattress.

  5. WinkBed GravityLux: The GravityLux is a memory foam mattress with a distinctively balanced feel. It features three layers of memory foam: the AirCell memory foam, a transitional foam layer, and a high-density support foam. The Tencel cover adds a cooling and moisture-wicking touch. This mattress is available in three firmness options and provides excellent pressure relief and contouring for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Overall, WinkBeds offers a variety of mattresses to choose from, each designed to meet the needs of different sleepers. With their high-quality materials and attention to detail, WinkBeds mattresses are a popular choice for those looking for a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience.

You can order the Winkbed exclusively through the Winkbed Website. Winkbeds come with a 120-night trial where you can sleep on it in the comfort of your own home for 120 nights and if you aren’t happy with it, you can return it for a full refund.

Beyond that, they also offer a lifetime warranty and a 50% off lifetime replacement guarantee. This means that at any point after your trial period has expired, you can exchange the mattress for a different firmness at 50% off!

Below is a video overview of the WinkBed. As you can see it is a very substantial mattress that has a beautiful tufted top.


The Winkbed Mattress Company

WinkBeds has a similar mission to other mattress companies that I have reviewed in that they are looking to provide more value and fewer smoke and mirrors in the mattress industry. I spoke with one of the founders of Winkbeds and we both agreed that the bed-in-a-box model of mattress sales is starting to get crowded. This is even truer than when we first spoke a few months back. That also means that there are plenty of opportunities to disrupt the traditional spring mattress space.

Construction of the Winkbeds Mattress

Below are the sizes and weights of the medium firm WinkBed along with other detailed specifications.

What are the mattress dimensions and weights?
Twin: 14.5″ x 38″ x 75″ – 58 lbs
Twin XL: 14.5″ x 38″ x 80″ – 60 lbs
Full: 14.5″ x 54″ x 75″ – 70 lbs
Queen: 14.5″ x 60″ x 80″ – 79 lbs
King: 14.5″ x 76″ x 80″ – 93 lbs
California King : 14.5″ x 72″ x 84″ – 93 lbs

The WinkBed is fundamentally different from other e-commerce mattress brands because of its unique multi-layer construction style. The WinkBed is a true hybrid mattress, uniting two systems of encased inner-spring coils with three types of designer foams. It promises greater comfort and contouring, pushback support, better airflow throughout, and greater durability over time.
This mattress is crafted out of the following materials:
Cover: The cover is made with a Tencel fiber which is beneficial for the following reasons
  • Very quick drying and breathable, more breathable than cotton or linen
  • Tencel is derived from Eucalyptus trees which are a renewable resource thus limiting the environmental impact.
  • Tencel is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1 certified – the highest standard that guarantees the material is safe enough for babies and children
winkbed cover 
Natural Fire Barrier: WinkBeds uses a fire barrier that is made from cotton and wood-pulp derived rayon. The barrier is made entirely from cellulose-based raw materials with absolutely no chemicals or additives included.
Contour Box Top (2-inch thickness): The sleep surface is built using a contour box top, which contains a proprietary blend of HyperSoft foam and gel foam that’s U.S. CertiPure-certified and eco-friendly. The blend is useful for the following reasons:
  1. More buoyant than memory foam, so you don’t get unwanted body depressions or that “stuck feeling”
  2. Contours to your body, but is more responsive when you move
  3. Minimizes motion transfer so sleepers don’t get woken up by a restless partner
  4. Keeps its shape over time
  5. The gel promotes a cool sleep temperature
  6. The foam blend is stitched securely around the mattress perimeter top to create a box of padding instead of a pillow with loose edges. This knit pattern keeps the foam in the sleep surface evenly distributed, so it won’t ever sag, unlike a pillow top
  7. CertiPure certification means WinkBeds beds are made without any ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, prohibited phthalates, and it’s low in volatile organic compound emissions, at less than 0.5 parts per million.
Beneath that…
2.5-inch foam-encased pocketed Micro Air-Spring coils (1,358 coils/per Queen): The top layer of Micro Air-Springs are encased within 2.5 inches of medium-density foam.
  1. This top layer of springs helps to optimize your bed and your body’s sleep temperature by encouraging airflow around the sleep surface, so the bed sleeps cool
  2. Naturally evaporates any moisture from sweat
  3. Creates a supportive, flexible, pressure-relieving effect
  4. Sleeps 28% cooler than all-foam products
Beneath that…
4 inches of high ILD foam-encased perimeter support (around the perimeter of the mattress only): The edges of the mattress are reinforced using 4 inches of high ILD perimeter support foam. This feature accomplishes the following:
  1. You can sleep all the way to the edge of the bed without any sagging.
  2. You can sit on the edge of the bed with good support.
  3. The amount of usable sleep surface is greater due to the edge support. It actually makes your bed feel like its bigger.(I know this sounds crazy but you have to try it).
Beneath that…
Individually enclosed, high-profile 14.15 gauge tempered steel coil support system (858 coils/queen): Soft on first touch, firm on deep compression, the tempered steel coil support system provides localized pressure point relief and the push-back body support for optimal alignment of the spine and joints. Some of the finer points:
  1. High coil count is better for weight distribution and conformity to body shape
  2. Innovative coil design allows the coil to progressively firm as it’s compressed, ensuring support from the coil unit strengthens naturally with increased body weight
  3. 100% working wire – every part of the surface flexes
  4. Coils are encased with an ultrasonically-welded cotton mesh which ensures noiseless performance and the elimination of friction
  5. Head-to-foot laced helicals stabilize to reduce motion transfer
Beneath that…
2 inches of support foam on bottom side: Adds to the overall stability of the mattress.
Other features of the mattress:
  1. All foam is CertiPure-certified
  2. The WinkBed owns a top durability score, meaning during tests stimulating a year of bed usage, there was less than a 1% change in the height and support of the sleep surface. This bests the poly-chemical foam used in most other mattresses (49% change), memory foam (17%) and latex (23%). 

Construction of all the Winkbed Models

  1. WinkBed (Original)
  • Soft: 13.5 inches thick, with a plush Euro-pillow top, gel-infused foam layer, microcoil layer, zoned support coils, and a base layer of high-density foam.
  • Medium: 14.5 inches thick, with a Euro-pillow top, gel-infused foam layer, microcoil layer, zoned support coils, and a base layer of high-density foam.
  • Luxury Firm: 14.5 inches thick, with a Euro-pillow top, gel-infused foam layer, microcoil layer, zoned support coils, and a base layer of high-density foam.
  1. WinkBed Plus
  • WinkBed Plus: 14.5 inches thick, with a Euro-pillow top, gel-infused foam layer, microcoil layer, reinforced zoned support coils, and a base layer of high-density foam.
  1. EcoCloud
  • EcoCloud: 12.5 inches thick, with an organic cotton cover, latex comfort layer, microcoil layer, and a base layer of high-density foam.
  1. GravityLux
  • GravityLux: 12 inches thick, with a breathable Tencel cover, gel-infused memory foam layer, high-density memory foam layer, and a base layer of high-density foam.

Note that the dimensions of each WinkBeds mattress may vary slightly depending on the size you choose. Generally, WinkBeds mattresses are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Additional Winkbeds Benefits

  1. All mattresses are made in U.S.A. at their Wisconsin factory
  2. WinkBeds offer free shipping and in-home delivery
  3. They offer a 101-night free trial period, with free returns
  4. Their mattress comes with a 10-year warranty
  5. Every mattress is handcrafted and built-to-order

My Winkbed Mattress Findings

WinkBed Luxury Firm Mattress Review

Here’s me on the Winkbed Luxury Firm Mattress

Winkbed Luxury Firm

Ordering a Winkbed is easy,  just name address and credit card number gets one delivered.  Once you place an order, your bed is made and shipped in a few days. That’s right, they’re made on demand so they aren’t suffocating in a plastic bag for months. There’s not much turnaround time at all. Unlike the Bed in a Box shipping experience, they don’t just leave it at your doorstep. Instead, they coordinate with a local delivery company to bring the mattress into your house and into the room of your choosing. It’s easy and convenient.

The Winkbed used to come shipped unboxed but now they all come compressed and rolled in a box. 


Here is a queen size luxury firm right out of the box. 

winkbed wrapped

Upon opening the bed the first thing I noticed is that there was very little smell. This is probably because the mattress is not vacuum packed and so can breathe a bit.  The only other time I came across this is when I reviewed the Love Bed and of course any natural latex bed.

The WinkBed has a little more motion transfer to it than all the foam beds that I have tested. This is due to the fact that it has springs so that should be expected. If you appreciate the bounciness of a spring mattress, you will get that with this bed with the bonus of the benefits of memory foam.

As I said before the WinkBed has some bounce to it. Which can be a good thing, “Wink, Wink”.

Winkbed Soft Mattress Review

winkbed soft

You can now purchase the Winkbed in a Soft Medium or Firm feel. Many people visiting our online mattress showroom to try out the Winkbed find that it is a little on the firmer end of the spectrum in comparison to other hybrid mattresses. If you want to sink in your mattress a bit more, then I definitely recommend the soft version of the Winkbed. Here’s a summary of the soft version of the Winkbed:

The soft Winkbed is designed for sleepers who prefer a deeper sink for their mattress. Compared to the medium WinkBed, the soft version uses a more flexible coil system and extra layer of foam in the sleep surface for added body contour. It’s ideal for sleepers who want the same award-winning quality as the medium WinkBed, but with a slightly softer, more plush feel.

The soft features a plush top instead of our regular euro top, which has an extra inch of foam. It also utilizes a more flexible support coil system (the lower coils) which allow sleepers to sink deeper into the mattress. Otherwise, the construction is the same as the regular WinkBed.
The firm is essentially the same design as the regular WinkBed, but it utilizes a more supportive zoned coil system in the lower layer.  The middle third of the coils are a firmer so sleepers get more support through the midsection. This coil system is called the Quadcoil, because every 4 coils are banded together. A little more information below. Before I got my climate control set, I was sleeping on this version and its really nice. Perfect for people who like a firm mattress but still want some cushion/body contour.
Winkbeds also feature Quad Coil pocket coils here’s some more information on the quad coil system.
quad coil pocket coil mattress system

Winkbed Plus Mattress Review

winkbed plus

Winkbed Plus
  1. High Density “anti-sag” Foam

    Constructed with high-density foam cushioning, with a minimum density of 1.8 pcf (pounds per cubic foot). That’s over 50% denser than the foam in a standard innerspring mattress and is essentially sag-proof.

  2. Latex support layer

    A 2.5″ layer of 100% pure latex that contains 7 distinct support zones. Pure latex has been proven to maintain its firmness and shape better than any other foam product on the market. Our latex features an open cell design that maximizes heat transfer away from the body.

  3. Third-Party Tested For Durability

    In a simulation of 20 years of bed use by a 350 lb sleeper, the Plus by WinkBeds retained both its loft and and firmness over the simulated time frame. We repeat this test periodically to ensure long term consistency and reliability.

Patented 5-Zone EliteEdge individually wrapped support coil

Features a patented individually wrapped coil design that is specifically built to support heavier weights. Coils are banded together and reinforced to ensure a supremely supportive and durable feel.

Winkbed Firmer Mattress Review

The firm option is designed for those who prefer a more supportive sleeping surface or for people who primarily sleep on their back or stomach.

The WinkBed Firm mattress features:

  1. Tencel cover: A soft, eco-friendly, and breathable cover that helps wick away moisture and keep you cool during the night.
  2. Euro-pillow top: A layer of Hypersoft Foam adds comfort and pressure relief, while a gel-infused foam layer helps regulate temperature.
  3. Pocketed micro air-spring coils: These tiny coils provide targeted support and pressure relief, as well as enhanced airflow for a cooler sleep.
  4. LumbarLayer: A layer of high-density foam to enhance lumbar support and maintain proper spinal alignment.
  5. Zoned support coils: Individually wrapped coils are zoned to provide optimal support and pressure relief for different parts of the body. Firmer coils are placed in the middle of the mattress for enhanced lumbar support.
  6. Extra edge support: A high-density foam encasement surrounds the coil system, providing a sturdy edge and preventing sagging.

The WinkBed Firm is ideal for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface or require additional support due to their sleeping position or body weight.

winkbed firm

Winkbed Soft vs. Winkbed Plus

Below is a video showing the differences between the Winkbed soft and the Winkbed Plus. I found that the Plus feels very similar in firmness to the Luxury Firm, thier most popular model. The difference is that the plus has a layer of latex instead of the microcoil system making it more resilient for heavy sleepers. The weight limit of the Winkbed Plus hasn’t been established. The standard Winkbed models were designed to accommodate sleepers up to 350 lbs. While the Winkbe Plus will accommodate sleepers over 350 lbs.


My Winkbeds Recommendation

Not only did I like sleeping on the WinkBed, but my wife did too.  She prefers a softer mattress than I do however this mattress achieved the best of both worlds by providing a firm innerspring with a soft memory foam top. So, I would definitely recommend this to couples that may have different comfort preferences.

Many people have been asking how the WinkBed compares to the Saatva Mattress. I found that the WinkBed is just plain more comfortable than the Saatva. It also has less motion transfer and sleeps cooler. 

WinkBeds have gone through a significant amount of durability testing and are built to last. I think it’s worth the extra cost upfront to pay for that instead of finding yourself mattress hunting again.

If you are wondering how the Winkbed compares to Saatva check out my Winkbed vs Saatva comparison.

Where can you try out the Winkbeds in person? Winkbeds doesn’t have its own retail stores but you can try out the Winkbed at the Yawnder mattress showroom in San Diego.

Yawnder San Diego
6910 Miramar Rd. Suite A
San Diego, CA 92121


Shop Winkbeds


Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with WinkBeds.

Winkbeds vs. Saatva

When comparing WinkBeds, Saatva, and DreamCloud mattresses in terms of value for money and suitability for different sleeping positions, it’s essential to consider the unique features of each mattress. Here’s a breakdown of each mattress:

  1. WinkBeds:
  • Value for money: Offers a high-quality, durable hybrid mattress with a range of firmness options. Slightly more expensive than DreamCloud, but competitive with Saatva.
  • Sleeping positions: With four firmness options (Soft, Luxury Firm, Firm, and Plus), WinkBeds cater to various sleeping positions and preferences. The variety makes it easier to find a suitable option for side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers.
  1. Saatva:
  • Value for money: Saatva mattresses are known for their luxury feel and quality construction, which includes an organic cotton cover, memory foam, zoned pocketed coils, and a euro-pillow top. Prices are competitive with WinkBeds.
  • Sleeping positions: Saatva offers three firmness options (Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm), making it suitable for different sleeping positions. The Luxury Firm option is popular among back and stomach sleepers, while Plush Soft caters to side sleepers. The Firm option is ideal for heavier individuals or those who prefer a firmer surface.
  1. DreamCloud:
  • Value for money: DreamCloud mattresses are generally more affordable than WinkBeds and Saatva, offering a good balance between quality and price. The hybrid construction includes a cashmere-blend cover, quilted foam, gel-infused memory foam, pocketed coils, and a high-density foam base.
  • Sleeping positions: DreamCloud comes in one medium-firm option (around 6.5 on a 1-10 scale), which is suitable for most sleepers but may not cater to those with specific firmness preferences. This firmness level works well for back and stomach sleepers, as well as some side sleepers.

In summary, if you’re looking for the best value for money, DreamCloud may be a good option due to its lower price point. However, WinkBeds and Saatva offer more firmness options and cater better to specific sleeping positions. It’s essential to consider your personal preferences, sleeping position, and budget before making a decision. Test out mattresses within their trial periods to determine which one is the best fit for you.


Winkbeds vs. DreamCloud vs. Saatva

When comparing WinkBeds, Saatva, and DreamCloud mattresses in terms of value for money and suitability for different sleeping positions, it’s essential to consider the unique features of each mattress. Here’s a breakdown of each mattress:

  1. WinkBeds:
  • Value for money: Offers a high-quality, durable hybrid mattress with a range of firmness options. Slightly more expensive than DreamCloud, but competitive with Saatva.
  • Sleeping positions: With four firmness options (Soft, Luxury Firm, Firm, and Plus), WinkBeds cater to various sleeping positions and preferences. The variety makes it easier to find a suitable option for side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers.
  1. Saatva:
  • Value for money: Saatva mattresses are known for their luxury feel and quality construction, which includes an organic cotton cover, memory foam, zoned pocketed coils, and a euro-pillow top. Prices are competitive with WinkBeds.
  • Sleeping positions: Saatva offers three firmness options (Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm), making it suitable for different sleeping positions. The Luxury Firm option is popular among back and stomach sleepers, while Plush Soft caters to side sleepers. The Firm option is ideal for heavier individuals or those who prefer a firmer surface.
  1. DreamCloud:
  • Value for money: DreamCloud mattresses are generally more affordable than WinkBeds and Saatva, offering a good balance between quality and price. The hybrid construction includes a cashmere-blend cover, quilted foam, gel-infused memory foam, pocketed coils, and a high-density foam base.
  • Sleeping positions: DreamCloud comes in one medium-firm option (around 6.5 on a 1-10 scale), which is suitable for most sleepers but may not cater to those with specific firmness preferences. This firmness level works well for back and stomach sleepers, as well as some side sleepers.

In summary, if you’re looking for the best value for money, DreamCloud may be a good option due to its lower price point. However, WinkBeds and Saatva offer more firmness options and cater better to specific sleeping positions. It’s essential to consider your personal preferences, sleeping position, and budget before making a decision. Test out mattresses within their trial periods to determine which one is the best fit for you.


Are Winkbeds Made to Order?

Yes, WinkBeds mattresses are made to order. This means that they are not pre-made and stored in a warehouse, but rather they are manufactured specifically for each customer’s order. This allows WinkBeds to customize their mattresses to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual customer, and ensures that customers receive a fresh, new mattress that has not been sitting in a warehouse for an extended period of time.

Do WinkBeds Feel Like Memory Foam?

No, the WinkBeds mattress does not feel like traditional memory foam. WinkBeds uses a combination of materials in their mattress construction, including a layer of micro coils, high-density foam, and a layer of gel-infused foam. This results in a mattress that has a more traditional innerspring feel, with added support and pressure relief from the foam layers. The gel-infused foam also helps to dissipate heat, which can be an issue with some memory foam mattresses. Overall, the WinkBeds mattress is designed to provide a balance of comfort and support, without the sinking feeling associated with some memory foam mattresses.

Do They Require Deep Pocket Sheets?

It depends on the height of the specific WinkBeds mattress you have. WinkBeds offers mattresses in different heights, ranging from 11.5 inches to 15 inches. If you have a thicker mattress, such as the WinkBeds Luxury Firm, which is 14.5 inches thick, you may need deep pocket sheets to ensure a proper fit. WinkBeds recommends using sheets with a pocket depth of at least 14 inches for their thicker mattresses. However, if you have one of the thinner WinkBeds models, such as the WinkBeds Soft or Firm, which are 11.5 inches thick, regular pocket sheets should suffice. It’s always a good idea to double-check the height of your mattress and compare it to the pocket depth of your sheets before making a purchase to ensure a proper fit.

Do You Need A Foundation For A Winkbed?

WinkBeds mattresses are designed to work with a variety of bed frames, including platforms, slatted bases, and adjustable bases. However, it is recommended that you use a foundation or base that provides adequate support for your specific WinkBeds mattress model.

For example, the WinkBeds Luxury Firm and Plus models are designed to work best with a sturdy, supportive foundation or platform. This helps to maintain the integrity of the mattress and prevent sagging or premature wear.

If you have a WinkBeds mattress and are unsure what type of foundation or base to use, it is best to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or contact their customer support for recommendations. In general, a solid platform or foundation with a flat, even surface is recommended for most WinkBeds mattresses.

How Long Do WinkBeds Last?

The lifespan of a WinkBeds mattress can vary depending on factors such as usage, care, and the specific model of the mattress. However, on average, a WinkBeds mattress is expected to last between 7-10 years with proper care and maintenance.

To ensure the longevity of your WinkBeds mattress, it is recommended that you rotate it every 3-6 months to prevent uneven wear. Additionally, using a mattress protector can help protect the mattress from spills and stains, which can also help extend its lifespan.

It’s important to note that the warranty provided by WinkBeds can also provide some indication of the expected lifespan of their mattresses. For example, the WinkBeds mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty period is a good indication of the expected lifespan of the mattress.

Overall, with proper care and maintenance, a WinkBeds mattress should provide comfortable and supportive sleep for several years.

Are WinBeds Good for Heavy People?

WinkBeds mattresses are designed to provide comfortable and supportive sleep for a wide range of body types and sizes, including heavier individuals. However, the specific WinkBeds model that is best for heavy people can vary depending on factors such as sleep position, personal preferences, and body shape.

For example, the WinkBeds Plus is specifically designed to provide additional support and durability for individuals weighing over 300 pounds. This mattress features a reinforced innerspring system and high-density foam to provide targeted support and prevent sagging.

Additionally, the WinkBeds Luxury Firm and Firm models also offer a supportive feel that may be well-suited for heavier individuals, particularly those who prefer a firmer mattress. These models feature a combination of micro-coils and high-density foam that provide a balance of comfort and support.


Here are some WinkBed coupon codes that you can use to save money on your mattress purchase:

  • $300 Off Any Mattress
  • $200 Off Any Mattress
  • $100 Off Any Mattress
  • $50 Off Any Mattress
  • Free Shipping
  • Free White Glove Delivery
  • Military & First Responders Discount

You can find these coupon codes on the WinkBeds website or on coupon websites like RetailMeNot and CouponFollow.

To use a coupon code, simply enter it into the “Coupon Code” field at checkout. If the code is valid, you will see a discount applied to your order total.

WinkBeds is a popular online mattress company that offers high-quality mattresses at a fraction of the cost of traditional mattress stores. They offer a wide variety of mattresses to choose from, and they all come with a 120-night sleep trial. If you’re not happy with your mattress, you can return it for a full refund.

How do I Return a Winkbed?

To return a WinkBed, follow these steps:

  1. Verify the trial period: WinkBeds typically offers a trial period (e.g., 120 nights) during which you can return the mattress if you’re not satisfied. Make sure you’re still within this trial period.

  2. Contact customer support: Reach out to WinkBeds customer support to initiate the return process. You can contact them through their official website or by calling their customer service phone number. Have your order number and other relevant information ready.

  3. Follow the instructions: WinkBeds customer support will provide you with specific instructions for returning your mattress. They may ask you to donate the mattress to a local charity or arrange for a pickup by a third-party service.

  4. Obtain a refund: Once your return has been processed and confirmed by WinkBeds, they will issue a refund to the original payment method. This may take a few business days to show up in your account.

Please note that the return policy and process may change, so it is essential to check the most up-to-date information on the WinkBeds website or by contacting their customer support.

Do Winkbed Mattresses Smell?

It is common for new mattresses, including WinkBeds mattresses, to have a slight odor when first unpacked. This smell, often referred to as “off-gassing,” is usually the result of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from the materials used in the manufacturing process.

WinkBeds mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they meet strict standards for low VOC emissions and are made without harmful chemicals such as ozone depleters, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. However, some people may still be sensitive to the initial smell.

To minimize any odor, follow these steps:

  1. Unpack the mattress: Remove the mattress from its packaging as soon as you receive it. This will allow it to air out and decompress.

  2. Ventilate the room: Open windows and doors to increase airflow in the room where you’ve placed the mattress. This will help dissipate the smell more quickly.

  3. Use a mattress protector: A mattress protector can help reduce contact with any off-gassing and protect your mattress from other potential odors, such as sweat and spills.

  4. Allow time: The smell should dissipate within a few days to a couple of weeks. If the odor persists or is particularly bothersome, consider contacting WinkBeds customer support for assistance.

Remember, individual experiences with off-gassing can vary. Some people may not notice any smell, while others may be more sensitive to it.

A Summary of Reddit Reviews of the Winkbeds Mattress

A customer shared their positive experience with the WinkBed Luxury Firm mattress. The customer initially contacted the support team due to dissatisfaction with the mattress expansion, and within a few days, received a replacement on December 18th. The customer, a 155lb warehouse worker, stated the bed is perfectly firm yet soft, with the pillow top providing a comfortable feel. The responsiveness of the mattress was also noted as superb. Living in San Diego, the customer remarked the mattress doesn’t feel hot and is comfortable even without a heater or AC. In one instance, sleeping under an 800 fill down comforter, the customer noted the mattress seemed to absorb the heat, making it feel perfect under the blanket.

The customer originally went to a local showroom to try the DreamCloud and Saatva mattresses but left disliking them after discovering the WinkBed. The DreamCloud, with its “cashmere” top, felt either too soft or too hard, while the Saatva mattress felt cheap, squeaked with every movement, and reminded the customer of a low-quality mattress from their childhood.

In conclusion, the customer expressed satisfaction with the WinkBed Luxury Firm mattress and encouraged others not to be swayed by social media popularity. They offered to provide more updates on their WinkBed journey if desired and wished everyone happy holidays.

A Chicago Redditor’s Experience

In his search for a new mattress, a Chicago-based customer, who goes by the handle Technical-Spell-9197 on Reddit, recently shared his experience with the Winkbeds Luxury Firm Mattress and Platform Foundation. The user’s comprehensive review covers the ordering and shipping process, unboxing and setup, as well as his impressions of the mattress during its initial 115 days of use.

The customer, who is 6’1″ and weighs 165 pounds, described himself as a combination sleeper who prefers side sleeping. He was coming from a sagging Simmons plush mattress, which he had been using since 2009. His decision to upgrade was motivated by a desire for a queen-size bed and the search for a mattress lasted around four months.

Ordering and Shipping: The customer ordered the Winkbeds Platform Foundation and a queen-size Luxury Firm mattress. Interestingly, the platform foundation was shipped from Texas and the mattress from Arizona, despite the fact that he lives in Chicago, which is less than 150 miles away from Winkbeds’ Wisconsin facility. The foundation took four days to arrive, while the mattress took seven days, after a delay due to reported damage to the box.

Unboxing and Setup: During the setup process, the customer noticed some discrepancies between the platform foundation he received and the images displayed on the Winkbeds website. Nevertheless, he decided not to raise a complaint as it didn’t significantly affect his experience. The setup process took approximately 25 minutes, and he noted a warped slat and gaps in the corners of the foundation, which were documented in email correspondence with Winkbeds.

The unboxing of the mattress was a bit of a surprise for the customer. The mattress unexpectedly started inflating while he was still unrolling it. He also noticed a hole in the inner plastic wrapping, which might have contributed to the premature inflation. Despite these minor inconveniences, the customer didn’t find any visible damage to the mattress.

Initial Impressions and Updates: The mattress felt firm out of the box, which was expected. After one week of use, it felt a bit softer, which could be due to the mattress breaking in or the customer getting used to it. By Day 30, the mattress continued to soften, and the customer emphasized the importance of being patient when adapting to a new mattress. By Day 90, he was still content with the mattress and advised that strict side sleepers may prefer the Soft version.

The customer forgot to update on Day 115 due to contracting Covid. His final thoughts are that the Luxury Firm was the right choice for him as a combo sleeper. His main gripe was the shipping and packaging, and because of that, he would give the mattress a 4/5 rating. Overall, he finds the mattress to be fantastic and a solid, high-quality product.

The review has garnered attention from other Reddit users, with some asking about the general consensus on Winkbeds’ quality and why the customer chose the brand. The customer cited Winkbeds’ reputation, quality materials, positive customer service experiences, and the absence of issues with the brand’s return policy as the factors that influenced his decision.


Winkbeds: Mixed Reviews from Owners

In recent days, a thread on an online forum has stirred up mixed reviews from Winkbed owners who shared their experiences with the mattress. A broad range of opinions emerged in the discussion, with some users finding satisfaction with their Winkbed mattresses, while others encountered disappointments.

BatraDev, a user who had ordered a WinkBed Plus, shared a rocky experience in their comment. The mattress was delivered with damage, presumably from the shipping process. Although the couple decided to give it a try, they experienced back pain within a few days of use. Despite various attempts to mitigate the issue, such as rotating the mattress and placing it on the floor, the discomfort persisted. Ultimately, the couple decided to return the mattress. BatraDev mentioned that the online return process was smooth, and they received their refund two days after the pickup.

Karid2 had a different story. They bought a Full-size Winkbed mattress for their daughter and chose the Softer version. The mattress initially had a chemical odor, but it quickly dissipated after opening the windows and turning on the ceiling fan. The mattress seemed comfortable at first, but problems emerged after about a month of use. A large soft spot developed in the middle of the mattress, and Karid2’s daughter would inevitably roll into it. The Winkbed customer service representative was initially hesitant to initiate a return, suggesting the issue was due to the foundation. However, Karid2 was sure the slats used for support were within the recommended specifications. Eventually, the mattress was returned, and they decided to try a Nest Hybrid Latex Plush mattress.

Another user, hkapper, reported that they tried a Winkbed Luxury Firm mattress for almost 100 nights but had to return it due to disagreements on firmness between them and their partner. The user’s husband loved the mattress, but hkapper found it uncomfortable as a side sleeper. The mattress seemed to be unsupportive in the shoulder and lower back area for the user. They mentioned adding a 3-inch foam topper made it comfortable, but it was too warm for her husband, leading them to return the bed. The return process was smooth, and they even got to keep the foam topper.

In contrast, SKillam0305 had an entirely negative experience. They purchased a Winkbed mattress a month ago and were highly dissatisfied with the comfort level. The user reported waking up with severe back pain every morning since they started using the mattress. They requested a return after just three nights but were told they had to try it for 30 days. Despite waiting, the pain persisted, and they were still unable to initiate a return as they had to wait until April 23rd. The user expressed their frustration and stated they would be sleeping on the couch, which they found more comfortable than the Winkbed.

A user with the handle Bill_K1 brought up concerns about the company’s customer service and the durability of the mattresses. They mentioned several posts identifying issues with Winkbeds’ customer support, durability concerns, and strong odor issues upon delivery.

Overall, these Winkbed reviews paint a diverse picture of the mattress, with experiences ranging from satisfactory to deeply disappointing. It’s evident that the Winkbed may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, and customers should carefully consider their personal needs and preferences before making a decision.

Amazon Reviews of the Winkbed

Amazon reviews can be a mixed bag when it comes to evaluating products. While some reviews might provide insightful feedback from genuine customers, others could be biased or even fake, especially in a competitive market like mattresses.

The reviews of the WinkBed mattress on Amazon were quite negative. However, it’s essential to consider the broader context. The negative reviews could be attributed to a variety of factors, including individual preferences, differences in body type and sleep patterns, or even occasional manufacturing inconsistencies.

In-store trials are crucial when selecting a mattress, as personal comfort and support preferences can vary significantly. Some customers who tried the WinkBed luxury firm mattress in-store found it suitable for side sleeping, though others were concerned about a slight dip in the hip area. However, opinions regarding mattress firmness and support can differ significantly among individuals.

Latex mattresses have been discussed as a potential alternative. Latex foam is known for its durability and longevity, often outlasting memory foam. Natural Response Talalay latex foam is a popular option, offering a combination of support and cushioning. Latex mattresses are also considered good for side sleepers due to their ability to alleviate pressure points.

Hybrid mattresses, such as the EcoCloud from WinkBeds, offer a combination of latex and innerspring support, making them suitable for various sleeping positions. If you’re considering a latex hybrid mattress, ensure that the bed frame has closely spaced slats to prevent pressure points from developing.

When evaluating mattress reviews, it’s essential to consider the context and individual preferences. Not all reviews may be genuine, and personal sleep needs can significantly impact the perception of a mattress. Trying out different mattresses in-store and doing thorough research can help you find a mattress that suits your specific requirements.

74 thoughts on “Winkbed Mattress Review 2023 Upate: The Best of Both Worlds?”

  1. I absolutely love my Wink Bed. I wanted a substantial mattress and all of the internet bed in a box products just didn’t seem to be worth it – they just seem to be a few pieces of foam glued together. When my Wink Bed arrived I couldn’t believe how luxurious it was – this mattress would fit right in to a four seasons hotel – its amazing!

  2. John, I definitely agree with you. After owning my Winkbed for four weeks I am very happy with my decision. I never thought I would buy a mattress online “you have to test it first” but after going to Sleepy’s and dealing with a sleazy salesman who made me and my wife equally uncomfortable, I decided I needed another plan. I read a few reviews online (Yawnder being one of them) and decided that a “hybrid” model was a better fit for us than the foam mattress “in a box”. I thought the detail on Winkbeds site (see sections “the concept”, “the sleep surface”, “the core”, “the green certificate”, and “the durability”) was a sign that they had really given a ton of thought to developing a premium brand and their customer service was fantastic. I emailed them a list of questions my wife and I had and they responded back within an hour with very thoughtful detailed responses. I figured with their 101 day guarantee I had to give it a shot. I’m very happy with my purchase and would recommend this mattress to anyone. Thank you again for this review, MS

  3. I tried one of the “bed-in-a-box” brands hoping for the best, but after a couple of weeks I decided it wasn’t the right fit, it just didn’t seem like it was that well made. I ended up returning it and trying WinkBeds because the concept of a hybrid sounded interesting to me and I read that a mattress with springs is more durable than all foam. I’m glad I spent the extra couple hundred dollars because it was obvious from arrival that this mattress is really well made. Really happy with my purchase.

  4. As a person who slept on memory foam for years, I am really happy I gave this mattress a try. It sleeps SO MUCH cooler than my old mattress, which is very important to me especially during the summer time.

  5. I agree with these reviews. I have to admit I was a little weary of buying a mattress online. But when I called WinkBeds customer service the gentleman who answered the phone was so helpful, he answered all of my questions and even took an order over the phone for me when I called back a few days later (which I don’t think they normally do). I now have my mattress and I am loving it. Great product and excellent customer service.

  6. I heard about this company through a friend who was raving on twitter about her new mattress. With so many mattresses available online now, its hard to differentiate one from the other. WinkBeds’ mattress was interesting to me because they build it totally different than all of the other brands. Their combination of foam and springs has a great feel and is clearly very well made.

  7. Can anyone comment on comparing the Winkbed to the Love Bed? We are debating between the two for our platform bed. The height of Wink is appealing… but which is firmer? As side and back sleepers, we prefer a firmer mattress with some give. Not sure which to pick!

  8. Great mattress. Mine arrived 2 days ago with white glove and old mattress removal

    I ordered the Winkbed for the following reasons:

    1) Innerspring with foam which provides support and comfort. I can sleep in all positions comfortably. The Winkbed is more comfortable for me without a pillow. My pets love this bed as well.
    2) Made in the USA of CertiPur materials. The bed is made in a Wisconsin factory by American workers. My sister had recommended Ikea mattresses but after researching them I realized they are made in China by oppressed and underpaid workers. The non toxic fire layer was a big draw for me as well.
    3) Offered exactly what I needed- an inexpensive, low profile foundation, white glove delivery and old mattress removal. Winkbeds has done its research and offers the convenience that customers need with a lean and mean style of business. I considered other online mattresses like Yoga bed which inexplicably sells sheets but doesn’t provide a foundation or old mattress removal but then it also costs less. Bed in a box when you add up everything was 400 dollars more than everything I got in the winkbed including delivery. I thought about testing out the Alexander in nearby Studio City but realized I wanted an innerspring.
    4) Easy no pressure ordering and prompt replies to my questions. Winkbed recommended the Luna waterproof mattress cover which I needed because of my pets. Low cost on Amazon

    I am extremely pleased with the Winkbed but would encourage them to expand their marketing beyond super skinny millenials. There is a huge, bigger market out there for this durable bed made in America,

  9. Great bed!! The only issue we had was with the delivery. Mattress was made and shipped on-time. It arrived in the linehaul terminal and according to tracking info, was lost in the warehouse for 10 days! Coupled with the Thanksgiving holiday, our Mattress was finally delivered about 3 weeks from time of order. Not the fault of WinkBeds at all. In fact we contacted WinkBeds and they got on the shipping snafu right away and made things right! Miraculously they found our mattress and it was delivered the next day!

    As far as the mattress… this has to be the best bed we’ve ever slept on! As soon as we got it onto our slatted platform bed, we tried it out. Wow! So amazing and comfortable. No off-gassing whatsoever. We made the bed and had our first nights sleep. We awoke rested and ready to start the day. What more do you want in a mattress?! We’ve had almost a week now and the sleep has been fantastic. We ordered a King size and we are getting use to sleeping on a bigger bed (old mattress from Costco was a Queen…now about 12 years old.) There’s no motion transfer with either of us moving around.

    Ordering was as simple as it gets. Figure out what size, determine if a platform is needed. Place in Cart. Add Credit Card. And click buy. Easy. No middle man or pressured sales at all. Loved the experience and SO much better than going to our local mattress retailer, feeling like you need a shower after dealing with the sales staff.

    Like I mentioned before, only snafu was in shipping and I don’t blame WinkBeds at all. Other than that, we continue to look forward to many great nights of sleep for years to come. Thanks WinkBeds for a well made, very comfortable, easily ordered mattress experience!

  10. First, thank you to Yawnder for this review, it was extremely helpful when making my choice and it’s worked out really well. A month in, I’m very satisfied.

    After perusing the reviews and comparison articles here, I confirmed that I wanted a hybrid construction. For me, I was looking for 1) a mattress with support that might alleviate some lingering back pain, 2) something forgiving enough so that as a side sleeper my shoulders and hips didn’t experience a crunch, and something that’s built for durability, after all, I’m 6’4″ and over 200 lbs.

    One month in, I can happily say that I chose well. My back pain is virtually gone (just the right amount of firmness) and the comfort provided by the upper foam layers is a pleasure to enjoy at the end of a long day. I’d say that there’s an X-factor at work here. I hadn’t been sleeping through the night (I attributed this to back pain causing me to wake when I moved around, or the mere fact that I was getting older), now, not only do I sleep through the night, I feel generally more rested. The X-factor is some sort of balance between comfort, support, and temperature management.

    Thank you to WinkBeds and Sleepsherpa!

  11. What about a comparison between the Winkbed and the Alexander Hybrid? They seem to be very comparable as well and would appreciate any feedback. I have narrowed my search going with Hybrids to those two beds. Thanks!

    • The Alexander Hybrid will be slightly softer than the WinkBed. They are both well made mattresses. The Advantage of the WinkBed is that you can also get a foundation plus you get in house delivery of the new mattress and it won’t come compressed.

      • I’m a little confused by something you say here in the comments.

        You mention that the Oceano has a layer of microcoils on top of the the pocket coil system so it will feel softer than the winkbed, but winkbed has the same thing. In fact, the only thing that seems much different is that the Oceano has that layer of wool.

        I’m trying to decide between these two beds, and would love to know what you really think the differences between the two are. I’m also confused by what you mean by luxury mattress. To me that just sounds like a buzzword, but I want to understand what you mean.

        I’m looking for something soft, with hug. I love the feel of the high end Beautyrest Black, and am hoping to get that from the Oceano.

  12. 3/4/16 – It appears to be a very well built mattress. I find it comfortable and supportive. The only improvement I would suggest considering, as a “side sleeper,” would be adding another inch of Hyper-Foam™ to the top and possibly reducing one of the other layers by a similar dimension. Recognizing that it is a very “tall” mattress one may need to invest in new long sided mattress pads, covers and sheets.
    The queen size that I bought is heavy so it is not easy to move around or carry up steps. When asked, the driver responded the shipping detail lists it at 100 lbs. in the box and wrapped. This said white glove delivery may be the prudent choice

  13. What are your thoughts on the Winkbed vs. the Brentano Oceano? Is one noticeably better for motion transfer than the other? We don’t like the pure memory foam feel, but would still like to minimize this.

    • Both handle motion transfer very well. The Brentwood has a layer of microcoils above the pocket coil system so you will sink in a bit more as compared to the Winkbed.

  14. Hi Ben,
    I’m hoping you can help. I purchased the Saatva luxury firm a month ago and have been plagued with in between and under shoulder blade pain and neck pain. I’m finding it way too firm/unyielding, so I’m sending it back. Now I have to start over. I am trying to decide between the Winkbed soft, possibly medium and the Alexander Hybrid. I predominantly sleep on my side, every once in awhile on my stomach. I also pretty much do everything in bed; sleep/read/watch TV, so I’m in the reclining position a lot as well. I am 5’6″, 137 lbs. All said, which would you recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I think the Alexander Hybrid might be a good second choice. It will feel much softer than the Saatva and still give you good support.

  15. Hi Ben, needs some advice on a new mattress. I tried the Loom and Leaf luxury firm and it was just a bit too firm, so now looking for new mattress and thinking about wink. I’m primarily a back, sometimes side sleeper. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • The Wink will also be a little on the firmer side. Another option would be the Alexander medium firm or the Oceano from Brentwood Home

  16. Hi Ben,
    We are in the market for a new mattress but I’m overwhelmed with research. Each time I think I’ve decided, I run across something that changes my mind. We currently have a Tempurpedic, cal King….about 8 years old, we are both side or stomach sleepers and I sleep hot. We liked the memory foam after we got used to it and until it started to feel like we were like sleeping on wet sand. We have a spring in our guest room that we both like, which makes me wonder if a hybrid is the right choice? So far, I think we like the Alexander Signature (but I’m a bit leery on all foam because of our current discomfort), the Alexander Hybrid (but the reviews from buyers didn’t seem great), or the Winkbed. Please help us sort out what’s best. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    • The Winkbed would be an excellent choice considering you said that you like the feel of the spring mattress in your guest room. Also the Winkbed will have some foam on the top layer but it is not very dense so more breathable. Also the cover is made of Tencel which is a very breathable material. I think you will really like this mattress.

  17. Hello,

    I currently have a Leesa bed and I feel it maybe a bit too firm for me. I also feel it sleeps a bit warm for me even in the winter so summer time scares me with it getting too hot. I’m 215 and my wife is 145 with both of us are side sleepers mostly but sometimes we do seep on our stomachs. I like to stay very cool when I sleep.
    The hybrid mattress interest me so I wanted to get recommendation from you.


  18. Hi Ben,
    Have you been able to look at the Windbed “Soft/Plush” version yet? I have their medium firmness (or standard issue) bed and am nearing the end of my 101 day trial period and I feel like it might be just a bit too firm for me. I am predominantly a back sleeper, but also sleep on my sides some. I was under the impression that the medium firmness bed would be a little softer on top then it is and provide more contouring. I emailed Winkbeds about it and Doug from Winkbeds emailed me back and recommended I try their Soft/Plush version. This is how he described it:

    “We do build a Soft/Plush version of the WinkBed. It’s built using an additional inch of foam on the sleep surface, and a softer/more flexible coil configuration. Your current WinkBed is designed to feel like a 6 or 6.5 out of 10, the Soft model is designed to feel more like a 4.5 out of 10. The Soft bed provides more of a “deep contour” feeling compared to the Medium firmness bed, you will “sink deeper” into the soft while you’ll “float on top” of the medium. Between the two models, the main construction difference is additional plush foam in the sleep surface, and the more flexible coil system. These two modifications enable mattress to have a softer feel. If you desire a higher degree of body contour and and would like to sink deeper into the mattress, the WinkBed Soft will be a good fit for you.”

    This sounds great, however my main concern is whether it will still provide enough back support and springiness for my back sleeping. I’m thinking maybe it will since Saatva’s soft is rated at 3 out of 10 and too soft for back sleepers, so maybe this strikes a balance for the back sleeper who wants a plush top? What are your thoughts?

    I will say that the company and the mattress lives up to all my other expectations from reviews I’ve read, though. Delivered on time and in excellent condition and the quality is first rate. I even received a hand written thank you card from the company CEO soon after receiving the mattress! Very nice.

    Thank you!

    • I think it would definitely be worth a try. They do make amazing mattresses. Keep me posted on if you decide to go for it. If you do, it would be great to get your feedback.

  19. Will do. I think I’m going to try their Soft/Plush. I woke up feeling somewhat stiif this morning and realized that I’m definitely floating on top of the mattress, rather than sinking down in. I agree that it’s worth a try and I’ll let you know what I think about the new one once I get it. I’ll post a progress report after sleeping on it for a while, too. Pretty amazing, but they’re only going to charge me $49 to exchange it! Thanks again!

  20. One thing i note in this (and other sites’) review, so i think there’s been a change made- where most reviews seem to have said that delivery to a room of your choosing was included, now it seems to be just to the door, and the white glove delivery which includes delivering it to the room is now $100.

    Unfortunate change.

  21. Yeah, Ben, initially mine was only delivered to right inside the front door back in October of ’16. I just received my replacement soft/plush replacement version this morning and they took it to the the bedroom and onto the bed frame and then removed the standard, firmer Wink Bed model. I paid $149 for the trade-in, partly because I was just outside of the 101 day trial, so maybe that’s why I got to-the-frame delivery. They did send me a 2″ thick gel infused memory foam topper to try before doing the trade-in, but I didn’t even last more than two nights on that thing. It was awful for me. It was actually a little hot and I felt like I was laying in a bed of mushy sand. I appreciated the effort, though, as the packing slip for it said they paid $90 for it. Overall, great service from Wink Beds and almost immediate response to emails and a phone call. I’ll let you know how I’m sleeping on the soft/plush, as promised. Initial impressions after laying on it for a few minutes are that it’s got the hug and plushness that I’m looking for. No polka-dot strip on it, though! I’ll miss that kind of cool addition. My son won’t be able to tease me about it anymore, though! Ha ha! One thing I was disappointed in is that the firm mattress they picked up was headed to the landfill, according to the driver. Winkbeds had no comment on that when I asked in an email if that’s where it was really going. It was perfectly clean, as good as new, and could’ve been used by someone somewhere, it seems. I had hoped it would be donated. Oh well. Sigh.

  22. Hi Ben, I’m hoping you can help me narrow down my mattress search. My husband and I are both primarily side sleepers. I am 5’3 280 pounds. He is 5’11 175 pounds. We had tried a Serta iComfort Savant III at Rooms to Go and really enjoyed it for the few minutes we laid on it. It’s a hybrid mattress like the WinkBed. However, it got horrible reviews online in terms of longevity of the mattress. I saw the WinkBed in your list of best mattresses for heavy folks, and think we would enjoy a hybrid more than a memory foam, but am wondering how the softness of the WinkBed compares to the softness of the Serta Savant III? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Looking at the specs on the mattress firm website, it looks like it has considerably more foam than the Winkbed which would make it feel more like a memory foam mattress than an inner spring whereas the WinkBed feels more like a traditional spring mattress with a light layer of foam on top as well as microcoils.

      The plush version of the Savant III has the following specs:

      2” EverCool® Plus Memory Foam
      1” Serta® PillowSoft® Foam
      2” EverFeel® Triple Effects™ Gel Memory Foam

      I think the Alexander Hybrid would be closer to what you are looking for if you want more of the foam feel.

      • I spent some time last night looking at the Helix bed. I went to their website and did the quiz to show the best options for my husband and I. They’re certainly reasonably priced! I will do some more research on the Alexander hybrid and the Helix as well. Thanks for your help!

  23. So far so good on the Soft/Plush model, Ben. Two weeks in and it’s made a big difference. I was still having lots of what I thought was post surgery knee and hip pain at night on the firmer model, but most of that has disappeared with this new mattress. That coupled with new pillows from, (great folks and customer service there, by the way!) I now feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud, or as close to it as possible, anyway. Ha ha! I’ll confirm this is till the case after I’ve given it a few more weeks. I guess I should mention that for some reason this mattress off-gassed a LOT more than the first one. It was pretty overwhelming at first, but went away after a few days. Strange, but thankfully it subsided. Thanks!

  24. Even though I’m a side sleeper I prefer a firm mattress with a strong dislike for the cloying softness of most memory foam mattresses. I did a lot of research and read every review I could find here and elsewhere even communicating by email with Ben before deciding on the Wink Bed mattress in Sept. 2015. The most frequent complaint about the mattress among reviewers appeared to be that the mattress was, if anything, too firm so I expected the Wink Bed to be the answer to my search and fully expected to love it. To be perfectly honest, I have not. From the beginning I’ve been somewhat ambivalent at best. I’m not a particularly large person at 6′ and 185lbs. but I find the mattress to be too soft. If i were a back sleeper I would be fine with this as laying flat on my back, with my weight spread out evenly, it is quite supportive and comfortable but when sitting up to read, which I often do, or watch TV with the weight concentrated in the hips/backside I sink in too far for comfort and most mornings I wake up with some soreness in whichever hip I slept on because again, I sink in through the top layers to the harder, compressed spring layer. In addition, I often wake up with a book or the TV remote wedged up against or under me where it slid down from the other side of the bed into the depression caused by my body. The mattress is supportive but in my opinion it would greatly benefit from an option of a firmer, latex top layer. I regularly rotate the mattress which isn’t easy without handles as it is a heavy, well constructed mattress but that does nothing to alleviate my problems.

    The company offers a good trial period and though it would have been a hassle to return it since I’d already disposed of my old mattress, I find myself now regretting I did not and a year and a half in am trying to justify to myself the expense of replacing it on a retiree’s budget.

  25. could i use the base from my old sleep number bed (solid plastic platform or should i order the winkbed base

  26. Thank you so much for your reviews! Very helpful in my research for a bed. I landed on the Wink bed as it seemed to meet all of our needs. I’m almost to the end of week 2 with my new King sized bed and I think I found the one! I know I need to give it more time but I couldn’t be happier to be sleeping again, dreaming again, waking up less and less each night to turn and adjust positions and waking up in the morning feeling rested and no pain! I’m overweight, sleep on my stomach and like a firmer feel. This bed is very supportive.

  27. Hi, I’m new to your site, love all the helpful info! I am trying to decide between an avocado bed and a wink bed…I initially was set on Saavta, but have started to go in a new direction…I was sure the Avocado was the one after reading your 2017 best of… But having just read the review of Wink beds, now I am torn again…. I like the idea of a hybrid…but, fumes really bother me & I like the idea of a fairly “green” earth / user friendly mattress. However, value & durability are also very important. We have been sleeping for 6-7 years on a King Koil Posture Bond Latex mattress that was a gift from my mother in law and so I don’t know if it’s all latex or if it has some coils inside? I have tried to research it online but to no avail. We would like to try a different kind of mattress because of the sagging in the middle! 🙁 I feel like all night my body is subconsciously trying to keep from rolling into the center “hole” or valley in the mattress. I love the idea of a natural latex mattress, but due to our experience with this one, I am leery of an all latex mattress due to the sagging we are dealing with. But, again… Maybe there are coils in this mattress too? Are you at all familiar with this King Koil model and can you offer any advice? My husband sleeps on stomach & back mostly & I sleep on back & side… We don’t want too soft of a mattress…. I want good support but also not a rock hard mattress.,, any suggestions? I like the idea of the natural wool layer on the avocado mattress… But am intrigued by the Wink mattresses as well… Thank you in advance for any help you can offer! I will be happy to purchase thru your links on your site to keep this great site going! Thanks again….sleepless in Montana
    Also looking at Alexander Hybrid….?

    • The Winkbed (medium) is going to feel softer than the Avocado. The Avocado uses latex for the comfort layer which usually feels firmer than memory foam. Both of them don’t off gass much since the Winkbed is not roll packed. They also sleep fairly cool. I think if you want a little more conforming, go with the Winkbed.

  28. Hello, I am hoping you can comment on the difference between a Winkbed Soft vs an Alexander Hybrid Medium for a side sleeper? I am concerned that the Winkbed will be too firm for me.

    • The Winkbed (soft) and Alexander (medium) will be about the same firmness although the Alexander (medium) will still feel a little softer.

  29. I am replacing my Simmons Beautyrest that have had for at least 12 years. I have been researching every online mattress I can find, and dis covered the wink bed. My husband is 265 pounds and we are both side sleepers and I need relief from pressure points. Would you recommend the soft or medium wink bed? And how Would you compare it to a comparable simmons?

    • I would go with the Medium winkbed. I found the Winkbed to have better edge support than the Simmons models I have tried and also better pressure relief.

  30. Considering a wink mattress. Will their regular mattress sleep quite cool even without using the optional cooling system that the company offers as an add on?

    • Yes, I have found the Winkbed by itself sleeps cool compared to most of the mattresses I have reviewed. That’s because they don’t use as much foam on the top layer and the foam they use is not all that dense so doesn’t trap as much heat.

  31. Hi Ben, I recieved my softer winkbeds mattress yesterday after sleeping on the medium one for about fourty nights. Its only been one night but I can tell that this one had much better balance between the foam and the springs than the medium(for my 178 pound body anyway) , And it actually does feel like sleeping on a cloud but with excellent support . This is what I expected from the medium on.Have you been able to check out their soft one in person?

      • Hey Ben!
        Three weeks in, my wife and I are still realy liking the Winkbeds softer mattress. Excellent balance between comfort layers and pocket coils for my wife and I (140lb and 178lb)with perfect support but minus the push back of the lux firm.
        Thanks for doing what you do!

  32. Hello,reviewing winkeds. Bought and returned saatva medium and firm already. Medium too soft, firm was odd with a bulge in the middle horizontally. Might have worked it it didn’t have the bulge. Replacement also had bulge. Have tempupedic, too Soft! Wake up with back pain. Sleeping on my couch and wake up great but would really like to get a mattress. Would you Recommend a winkbed and if so medium or firm?

  33. Checking back in here after about 5 months. Had the medium version, which i found to be well constructed and i enjoyed getting into at night, but I kept waking up early, and feeling stiff when I woke up. Being relatively new to mattress shopping, i was unsure if it was the mattress, or me.

    They first offered an extension on my trial, and then they offered, and i just received, an exchange for the soft version for $50, which was a nice deal.

    Just received the soft version this afternoon, and haven’t slept on it yet, but from first unboxing impression, it seems to offer more support than most of the ‘soft’ mattresses i’ve tried, while still having a softer surface feel. A noticeable smell to it, but i assume that is the additional foam and hopefully will wear off quickly.

    As a side note, was very glad i tried the nest pillows in your showroom. I ended up picking up a couple of those, and those have been a fantastic purchase.

  34. Hi Ben, my husband and I are in the market for a new innerspring mattress. We just went to Mattress Firm and tried and loved the Medium firmness Simmons Beauty Rest Winward Legend which felt the same as the Firm pillowtop version at a lower price point. However that price point is still way above budget (was almost $3000 for queen). We are now considering an online hybrid bed and debating between the Winkbed and the Alexander Hybrid. We do like a firmer bed but with the pillowtop feel and do not prefer the sink in crater feel of memory foam. We are both side sleepers and normal weight (5’3″ 120 lbs/ 5’9″ 180 lbs) Which do you think is a better choice?

  35. I heard this brand in many times.Really i love it.There are many mattress available online now,but this winkbeds mattress is different than all of the other it so much.

  36. After researching like CRAZY, thought it was cemented in my brain I was buying the Brentwood Home Oceano. I love soft, plush mattresses with more of that snug feel as well as great support and pressure point relief and the Oceano seems to fit that bill. I know it is a higher price point, but I am okay with that. My current mattress is WAY too firm (Ghostbed), and I wake up in lower back and hip pain agony every morning. I am 5’7 250 pounds and mostly a side sleeper. Enter Winkbeds, and now I am torn! Especially now that I see they came out with a softer version. I want to find that balance between soft yet supportive in my lower back and hips. Would you recommend the Oceano or the Winkbed?

      • Thank you Ben! I will be ordering the Oceano in 2 weeks, and I am SO excited for good sleep! I love your reviews, and all the details are such a great help-thank you for doing what you do. You have helped me make a decision. I can’t wait!

      • Thank you Ben! That was my gut feeling, but you have helped me make the decision! I can hardly wait to order mine and sleep in COMFORT! Thank you for all you do-it is greatly appreciated!

  37. Hi Mr Sherpa, I need some help deciding. I like traditional coils how you sink in and motion transfer isn’t a big concern. I like foam but i dont want to feel trapped (Claustrophobia issues ha)
    I like laying on a bed that has say a feather pillow top, somewhat like sinking in a soft cloud. I am side/back sleeper and small to avg size. I am looking at Tuck, Tomorrow’s sleep and Wink. If it’s worth the Xtra money, Oceano. Do you have any suggestions. I am torn and would love to take advantage of the Labor Day sales. Thank you!

    • The Oceano will have some sink to it so that may rule things out for you. The Tuck would be a good choice as it has more of a traditional coil feel. The Winkbed soft version would probably be your best choice though since it feels the most like a traditional mattress and you will still sleep “on” it.

  38. We just returned a pillowtop Avocado because it was too soft and I was waking with upper back pain. Hubby sleeps on back and side (180 lbs) and I sleep on side, stomach, and back (140 lbs). The Avocado felt wonderfully cushy in the beginning, until my back pain started, so we would definitely want something a little firmer. We prefer to sleep “on” rather than “in,” so have ruled out memory foam. We like the idea of a hybrid innerspring, but which brand? Is the Winkbed what I’m looking for? I’m guessing Luxury Firm? Thanks for your great site!

  39. I bought the Luxury Firm wink bed mattress (Non Cooling) and surprisingly it sleeps a little hot for me. Wink will not help me since I am out of the sleep trial period. I am leaning towards the Zenhaven. Do you have any suggestions for a cooler sleeping mattress. Thx!

  40. The purchase of the Wink Bed was a wise decision. My wife, a sprawler, and I love it. The Luxury firm is soft enough for her and firm enough for both of us. We got the king size and it works wonderfully – we don’t know when the other gets out or in bed when the other is sleeping. We purchased a sturdy USA made metal frame for about $40 and purchased the Wink Bed foundation with the mattress. It has all worked out great and cost thousands less than what the big box store was offering on sale. We are looking forward to many wonderful, sleep-filled nights. And the $100 taken off the cost with the Yawnder discount certainly helped. The Yawnder people were extremely helpful!

  41. How would you compare the winkbed soft to the avocado with pillow top? We are side sleepers. My husband is 240lbs and I am around 140 lbs? We have an old basic spring mattress and enjoy it with with a featherbed on top. He sleeps hot and I sleep cold. Wondering if foam or hybrid models would best fit our preference of featherbed feel, temperature needs, but provide support for aging backs and shoulders.

    • I think the Winkbed soft would be your best choice as it will give you more of the feel you are looking for. With the Avocado you really don’t sink in much.

  42. The biggest difference is that the Winkbed has coils whereas the Puffy is all foam. The Winkbed has a very traditional mattress feel while the Puffy is great with isolating motion and is a bit better with contouring.

  43. I am trying to figure out between the Firm & Plus options, hoping you can help. I am a heavier and broad shouldered sleeper (270lbs) and sleep exclusively on my side.I prefer a firmer mattress with really good bounce so I can move around at night, but I also need pressure relief for my shoulders.

    I’ve been sleeping on the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Firm for a week and while it feels great for pressure relief, being able to switch positions is not working out for me.

    What’s the trade off between the Winkbed Firm & Plus? If I choose the Firm, am I giving up pressure relief? If I choose the Plus, am I giving up bounce? Thanks1

    • The Plus has a layer of latex instead of the mini coils. In my opinion, you should go with the Plus as it will give you better pressure relief than the firm and should hold up better for you given your size.


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