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Tochta Mattress Review

The Tochta Mattress Company was founded in 1997 by a group of friends who were frustrated by the lack of high-quality, affordable mattresses for their RVs. They decided to start their own company to make custom mattresses for RVs and other specialty applications.

The company quickly gained a reputation for making high-quality, durable mattresses that were also comfortable and affordable. In recent years, Tochta has expanded its product line to include mattresses for all types of beds, including standard beds, RV beds, truck beds, and more.

Tochta mattresses are made in the USA using high-quality materials and construction methods. The company offers a wide variety of mattress types and sizes to choose from, so customers can find the perfect mattress for their individual needs.

Today, Tochta is one of the leading manufacturers of custom mattresses in the United States. The company has over 2 million satisfied customers and is committed to providing the best possible sleep experience.

Here is a brief timeline of the company’s history:

  • 1997: Tochta Mattress Company is founded.
  • 1998: Tochta begins selling custom mattresses for RVs.
  • 2000: Tochta expands its product line to include mattresses for truck beds.
  • 2005: Tochta begins selling mattresses for standard beds.
  • 2010: Tochta opens its first retail store in Poway, California.
  • 2015: Tochta launches its online store.
  • 2020: Tochta celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Tochta is a family-owned and operated business that is committed to providing its customers with the best possible sleep experience. The company’s mattresses are known for their high quality, durability, and comfort.

If you’re looking for a custom size mattress for your truck or RV, check out Tochta. This company specializes in creating mattresses to fit just right. Tochta is a company that has been around for over 25 years and has carved out a niche in the RV and trucking mattress space. I received a traditional queen size mattress from Tochta to review.

Overview of the Tochta Mattress

Currently this company offers 3 different mattress models, the Journey, Cortana and Utopia. The Cortana is the firmest followed by the Cortana and the Utopia, which I received is the softest of the three.

Tochta makes all their mattresses in the USA out of California. They have fast shipping and after placing your order you can expect your new mattress in about 3-5 days. Ordering your mattress is easy. If you have a standard size RV mattress you simply choose the size you need. Otherwise, if you need a custom size, they have a form where you can input the dimensions.

Toctha Custom Size


After entering your dimensions you can then select the style of mattress at the quoted price. The price will vary depending on thickness and size.

mattress prices

They even ask if your mattress needs a cut as some RVs and truck mattresses have this. They will ask you which corner the cut should be.

mattress cut

If you select yes you can then specify which type of cut among the standard cuts below.  If by chance you don’t see the cut you need, you can contact them to specify how to cut the mattress so it fits your vehicle.

type of cut

Once you place your order you will receive tracking information so you know what day to expect your mattress. It comes shipped in a box like the one below.


Here’s a video overview of the Utopia Mattress which I received. It is definitely on the softer side as it immediately contours and hugs your body.


Construction of the Tochta Mattress


Below are the construction details of the Utopia mattress which I received according to the Tochta website.

Gel Visco Comfort Layer – Utilizing the same technology as our “Journey” mattress, only more of it! This gel infused memory foam has the perfect “hug factor”. It will not bottom out and have that slow recovery feel which is common in so many memory foams today. Our blend gives you the feeling of excellent support and superior “hug” while the gel infused beads absorb excess heat allowing your body to sleep at its perfect temperature.

Latex – Latex allows for a superior “progression of support” needed in a properly built multi-layer construction mattress. Our specially chosen latex provides added breathability and increased air flow, while providing a unique blend of structure, support, and comfort all at the same time!

Transitional Layer – A superior transitional foam is essential to any quality mattress. Our special foam provides the perfect amount of support, while distributing your weight and allowing your spine to rest in its proper alignment.

Base support – Our Tochta foam base is a powerhouse! It is the workhorse which allows the other layers to do their job properly. The high density foam blend will provide years of support and durability.

My Tochta Findings

The Utopia model which I tried feels super cozy. This mattress holds its own with some of the other top online brands. Here’s a picture of how much my bowling ball sinks into the mattress.

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This video shows how much motion transfer you can expect with the mattress. Basically none.


My Tochta Recommendation

Tochta offers three mattresses with different levels of firmness. I was really impressed with the Utopia and it proves you can find a mattress for your truck or RV that is every bit as comfortable as the one at your house and at a competitive price. The easy site navigation ensures that you will get the right mattress at the right fit for your needs.

Learn more about Tochta.

Here is a list of all Tochta mattress models and prices, as of October 2023:


All prices are for a queen-size mattress. Prices may vary depending on the size and thickness of the mattress.


The Journey is Tochta’s most affordable mattress. It is a three-layer mattress with a high-density foam base, a cooling gel memory foam comfort layer, and a soft knit cover. The Journey is a medium-firm mattress that is ideal for back and side sleepers.


The Utopia is Tochta’s most popular mattress. It is a four-layer mattress with a high-density foam base, a cooling gel memory foam comfort layer, a latex transition layer, and a soft knit cover. The Utopia is a medium-firm mattress that is ideal for all types of sleepers.


The Divini is Tochta’s most luxurious mattress. It is a five-layer mattress with a high-density foam base, a cooling gel memory foam comfort layer, a latex transition layer, a firm edge support system, and a soft knit cover. The Divini is a dual-zone mattress, meaning that each side of the mattress can be adjusted to a different firmness level. This makes the Divini ideal for couples who have different sleep preferences.

Tochta offers a 100-night trial on all of its mattresses. This means that you can try a Tochta mattress for 100 nights and return it for a full refund if you are not satisfied. Tochta also offers a 10-year warranty on all of its mattresses.

4 thoughts on “Tochta Mattress Review”

  1. I see many reviews/videos about the Tochta Utopia mattress. Based on these reports I think it may be too soft for me. I’m interested in the Cortana mattress. Do you have any videos on the Tochta Cortana. I would like to see a video showing the flex and pressure point test.

  2. Would you say the Tochta Utopia is similar to a Tempurpedic in firmness? we want support but not a board?

    We have a 5th wheel that we need a custom size of 70×80 which is hard to find. Any other suggestions for custom size manufacturer?

    Thank you


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