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Is the Tempurpedic Breeze Right for You? Our In-Depth Review

Why the Tempurpedic Breeze Is a Game-Changer

The Tempurpedic Breeze is designed to revolutionize your sleep by addressing common issues like overheating and discomfort. If you’re searching for a mattress that can keep you cool and improve your sleep quality, here’s what you need to know at a glance:

  • Cooling technology: Up to 10° cooler with SmartClimate® and PureCool+™ Technology
  • Pressure relief: Relieves pressure points to help you sleep deeper
  • Variety: Available in ProBreeze® and LuxeBreeze® models with different firmness levels

I’m Ben Trapskin, the founder of Yawnder—a platform dedicated to helping people achieve a better night’s rest. I’ve tested countless mattresses and can tell you from experience, the Tempurpedic Breeze stands out for its cooling technology and comfort. Now let’s dive into the specifics of this innovative mattress.

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What is the Tempurpedic Breeze?

The Tempurpedic Breeze is a mattress designed to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. It combines advanced cooling materials with pressure-relieving technology to deliver a unique sleep experience.

Cooling Materials

The Tempurpedic Breeze uses several layers of cooling technology:

  • SmartClimate® Cover: This is a patented, removable, and machine-washable cover that feels cool to the touch and draws heat away from your body.
  • PureCool+™ Technology: This next-generation material absorbs excess heat, helping you fall asleep faster and stay cool throughout the night.
  • TEMPUR-CM+ Material: Redesigned for maximum airflow, this material enhances breathability.
  • Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Material: Known for its pressure-relieving properties, this material now features an ultra-breathable design.

Together, these layers work to provide a cooler sleep environment, making the Tempurpedic Breeze ideal for hot sleepers.

Pressure Relief

The Tempurpedic Breeze isn’t just about staying cool; it’s also about comfort. The mattress uses TEMPUR-Material™ to cradle your body and relieve pressure points. This can help reduce tossing and turning, allowing for a deeper, more restful sleep.

AJ from California shares, “This mattress is a dream! I sleep MUCH cooler, and the support is perfect! Highly recommend!”

Sleep Innovation

Tempurpedic has a long history of sleep innovation. Originally developed from NASA technology, their materials have evolved to offer unparalleled support and comfort. The Tempurpedic Breeze is the latest in this line of innovations, designed to address one of the most common sleep issues: overheating.

Ben Trapskin, founder of Yawnder, tested the Tempurpedic Breeze and noted its standout features in cooling and comfort, making it a top choice for those looking to improve their sleep quality.

In summary, the Tempurpedic Breeze combines cutting-edge cooling materials with pressure-relieving support to offer a unique sleeping experience. It’s perfect for those who struggle with overheating at night and need a mattress that provides both comfort and coolness.

Next, we’ll explore the different models available in the Tempurpedic Breeze collection.

Key Features of Tempurpedic Breeze

The Tempurpedic Breeze series is packed with advanced features designed to enhance your sleep experience. Let’s break down what makes this mattress stand out.

SmartClimate® Max Dual Cover System

The SmartClimate® Max Dual Cover System is a game-changer. This cover has a two-layer design that offers double the cool-to-touch comfort. The outer layer is zip-off and washable, making it easy to keep your mattress fresh. The inner layer is super-stretchy, allowing for better movement and comfort.

Key Benefits:
Double Cool-to-Touch Comfort: Keeps you cool from the moment you lie down.
Easy Maintenance: Zip-off design makes it simple to clean.

PureCool+™ Phase Change Material

Next up, the PureCool+™ Phase Change Material. This exclusive technology absorbs excess heat while you fall asleep. Think of it as a heat sponge that helps you stay cool during the initial stages of sleep.

Key Benefits:
Heat Absorption: Keeps you from overheating as you drift off.
Enhanced Comfort: Helps maintain a stable sleep temperature.

TEMPUR-CM+™ Material

The TEMPUR-CM+™ Material is an advanced version of the original TEMPUR® Material. It’s redesigned to allow maximum airflow, which is crucial for maintaining a cool sleeping environment.

Key Benefits:
Increased Airflow: Keeps the mattress breathable.
Pressure Relief: Adapts to your body for personalized comfort.

Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Material

Finally, the Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Material offers the highest level of pressure relief in the Tempurpedic lineup. This material is ultra-breathable, ensuring you get both support and cooling.

Key Benefits:
Ultimate Pressure Relief: Reduces pressure points for a more comfortable sleep.
Breathable Design: Enhances airflow to keep you cool all night long.

cooling technology - tempurpedic breeze

These features make the Tempurpedic Breeze a standout in the mattress market, especially for those who struggle with overheating at night.

Next, we’ll explore the different models available in the Tempurpedic Breeze collection.

Tempurpedic Breeze Models

The Tempurpedic Breeze collection offers two main models: the ProBreeze® and the LuxeBreeze®. Each model is designed to cater to different cooling needs and preferences.


Cooling Levels:
The ProBreeze® is designed to keep you up to 5° cooler throughout the night. This is achieved through the combination of the PureCool+™ Technology and TEMPUR-CM+ Material.

Mattress Thickness:
The ProBreeze® is 12 inches thick, providing a balanced feel that many sleepers find comfortable.

Firmness Options:
Medium Hybrid

The medium hybrid option includes over 1,000 premium innersprings for those who prefer a mix of traditional spring support and memory foam comfort.


Cooling Levels:
For those who need even more cooling, the LuxeBreeze® can make you feel up to 10° cooler. This model incorporates the PureCool® Plus Material for advanced cooling.

Mattress Thickness:
The LuxeBreeze® is slightly thicker at 13 inches, offering a plush yet supportive sleep surface.

Firmness Options:
Medium Hybrid

The medium hybrid option in the LuxeBreeze® includes more than 1,300 premium, double-stacked innersprings, providing a lighter, more responsive feel and easier movement in bed.

Cooling and Comfort Comparison

Model Cooling Level Mattress Thickness Firmness Options
ProBreeze® Up to 5° cooler 12 inches Medium, Medium Hybrid
LuxeBreeze® Up to 10° cooler 13 inches Soft, Medium Hybrid, Firm

Real User Experiences

Cecilia from KY shared, “My husband has back problems, and I am always hot. This mattress gave us the best of both worlds. We have never slept better!”

Devin from Indiana said, “I don’t wake up sweaty anymore! The ActiveBreeze is amazing. Would definitely purchase again. If you’re a hot sleeper this is the bed for you!”

Firmness Options Explained

  • Soft: Maximum pressure relief and conforming support, ideal for side sleepers.
  • Medium: Balanced feel, suitable for most sleep positions.
  • Medium Hybrid: Combines innersprings and TEMPUR material for added support and easier movement.
  • Firm: Offers the most support, ideal for back and stomach sleepers.

The Tempurpedic Breeze models cater to a wide range of sleepers, from those needing extra cooling to those requiring specific support levels.

Next, we’ll compare how the Tempurpedic Breeze stacks up against other mattresses on the market.

How Does Tempurpedic Breeze Compare to Other Mattresses?

When it comes to choosing a mattress, the Tempurpedic Breeze stands out in several key areas. Let’s break down how it compares to other mattresses in terms of cooling performance, pressure relief, and price.

Cooling Performance

Tempurpedic Breeze is known for its exceptional cooling technology. The LuxeBreeze® model, for instance, promises to keep you up to 8° cooler during the night. This is achieved through multiple layers of innovative materials:

  • PureCool+™ Technology: Absorbs excess heat.
  • TEMPUR-CM+ Material: Enhances airflow and breathability.
  • Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Material: Provides extra cooling and pressure relief.

Purple Hybrid Premier: Uses Purple Grid™ technology to promote airflow and keep you cool.
GhostBed Luxe: Features cooling gel-infused foam and a phase-change material layer.

Verdict: While many competitors offer cooling features, the Tempurpedic Breeze’s multi-layered approach is among the most advanced.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is crucial for a comfortable sleep, and Tempurpedic Breeze excels in this area. The TEMPUR material adapts to your body’s shape, providing personalized support and alleviating pressure points.

Loom & Leaf by Saatva: Uses eco-friendly materials and cooling gel-infused foam for pressure relief.
Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid: Combines Bio-Pur® foam and zoned pocketed coils for targeted support.

Verdict: The Tempurpedic Breeze offers unparalleled pressure relief, thanks to its adaptive TEMPUR material, making it a top choice for those with chronic pain or pressure point issues.

Price Comparison

The Tempurpedic Breeze is a premium mattress, and its price reflects that:

  • Twin: $3,999
  • Queen: $4,899
  • King: $5,699

Purple Hybrid Premier: Prices range from $2,199 to $3,999.
Sleep Number i10: Prices start at $5,399 for a Queen.
GhostBed Luxe: Prices range from $1,295 to $2,890.

Verdict: The Tempurpedic Breeze is on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, its advanced cooling and pressure-relief technologies justify the cost for many users.

Summary Table

Feature Tempurpedic Breeze Purple Hybrid Premier GhostBed Luxe
Cooling Performance Up to 8° cooler Promotes airflow Gel-infused foam
Pressure Relief Exceptional Good Good
Price (Queen) $4,899 $2,999 $2,290

In summary, the Tempurpedic Breeze offers top-tier cooling and pressure relief, though it comes at a premium price. For those who prioritize a cool, comfortable sleep, it remains a strong contender in the market.

Pros and Cons of Tempurpedic Breeze


Superior Cooling Technology

The Tempurpedic Breeze collection is designed to keep you up to 10° cooler all night long. This is achieved through a combination of PureCool+™ Technology, TEMPUR-CM+ Material, and a Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Material. These layers work together to pull heat away from your body and allow for better airflow.

“The latest model of the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze debuted in January 2023. It features a number of improvements over the previous model, including a new Pure Cool® Plus material that is designed to be even more effective at pulling heat away from the body.” — Yawnder

Pressure Relief

One of the standout features of the Tempurpedic Breeze is its ability to relieve pressure points. The TEMPUR-Material™ precisely adapts to your unique shape, alleviating pressure and providing support where you need it most.

Motion Isolation

Tempurpedic mattresses are known for their excellent motion isolation. This means if you share your bed with a partner, their movements are less likely to disturb your sleep.

“Tempur Material also excels at limiting motion transfer so if you share a bed, your partner’s movements won’t disturb your sleep.” — Forbes



One of the main drawbacks of the Tempurpedic Breeze is its high price point. The LuxeBreeze, for example, starts at $3,999 for a twin size and goes up to $5,999 for a California King.

“The Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze is a high-end mattress, but it is also one of the most popular and well-reviewed mattresses on the market.” — Yawnder


These mattresses are quite heavy, making them difficult to move or adjust once set up. This could be a potential downside for those who frequently rearrange their living spaces.

Potential Heat Retention

While the Tempurpedic Breeze is designed to keep you cool, some users have reported that the mattress can still retain some heat, especially in warmer climates or for those who naturally sleep hot.

Cooling Benefits

SmartClimate® Cover

The SmartClimate® Cover is removable and washable, adding an extra layer of cooling that is easy to maintain.

All-Night Cooling

You can set your cooling at one of three pre-set levels—low, medium, or high—based on your desired sleep temperature. This feature provides customizable comfort for hot sleepers.

Potential Drawbacks

Slow Response Time

The TEMPUR-Material™ is known for its slow response time. This means it takes a bit longer to return to its original shape once you move, which might not be ideal for those who shift positions frequently during the night.

“Tempur Material is slow to respond” — Forbes

Limited Trial Period

Unlike some competitors, Tempurpedic does not offer a particularly long trial period. This could be a drawback for those who want more time to decide if the mattress is the right fit for them.

In summary, the Tempurpedic Breeze offers top-tier cooling and pressure relief, though it comes at a premium price. For those who prioritize a cool, comfortable sleep, it remains a strong contender in the market.

Who Should Consider the Tempurpedic Breeze?

Hot Sleepers

If you often wake up sweaty or find it hard to stay cool at night, the Tempurpedic Breeze might be your solution. It features cooling technologies like the PureCool+™ and TEMPUR-CM+ materials designed to keep you up to 10° cooler all night long. This makes it ideal for hot sleepers who need a mattress that actively regulates temperature.

Pressure Relief Needs

Do you struggle with aches and pains? The Tempurpedic Breeze excels in pressure relief. Its unique TEMPUR-Material™ adapts to your body, alleviating pressure points. This can be particularly beneficial for people with joint pain or those who need extra support for their hips and shoulders.

Sleep Positions

No matter how you sleep—on your back, side, or stomach—the Tempurpedic Breeze has options to suit your needs.

  • Side Sleepers will appreciate the pressure relief on their shoulders and hips.
  • Back Sleepers will find the support they need for proper spinal alignment.
  • Stomach Sleepers can opt for firmer models to avoid sinking too deeply, which can strain the neck and back.

Mattress Preferences

The Tempurpedic Breeze comes in multiple models and firmness levels, such as the ProBreeze® and LuxeBreeze®.

  • ProBreeze®: Offers a medium or medium hybrid feel and cools up to 5° cooler.
  • LuxeBreeze®: Available in soft or firm, cooling up to 8° cooler.

This variety ensures that you can find a mattress that matches your comfort preference.

In short, the Tempurpedic Breeze is a great choice for hot sleepers, those needing pressure relief, various sleep positions, and anyone with specific mattress preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tempurpedic Breeze

Does Tempurpedic Breeze technology work?

Yes, the Tempurpedic Breeze technology works. This mattress is designed with multiple cooling technologies that help keep you up to 10° cooler all night long.

Cooling effectiveness is a standout feature. The combination of SmartClimate® Cover, PureCool+™ Technology, and TEMPUR-CM+ Material ensures that heat and humidity are cycled out of the mattress. According to a 2019 Tempur-Pedic® Adapt & Breeze Owner Survey, 95% of owners agree that Breeze® provides a good temperature for sleeping.

What are the disadvantages of Tempurpedic Breeze?

While the Tempurpedic Breeze offers many benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks:

  • Price: The LuxeBreeze® model, for example, starts at $4,899 for a queen size, making it a high-end option that might not fit all budgets.
  • Weight: These mattresses are heavy and can be challenging to move. This is something to consider if you plan on rearranging your bedroom often.
  • Potential Heat Retention: While the mattress is designed to keep you cool, some users might still experience slight heat retention due to the dense foam layers.

Which Tempurpedic mattress is the coolest?

The LuxeBreeze® model is the coolest option in the Tempurpedic Breeze lineup. It cools up to 8° cooler than other mattresses, making it an excellent choice for hot sleepers. This model features advanced cooling technologies like the PureCool+™ Technology and a Heat-Diffusing Layer, which distribute heat more evenly across the mattress.

For more details on the LuxeBreeze® and its cooling capabilities, click here.


To sum up, the Tempurpedic Breeze series offers a standout solution for those who struggle with overheating during the night. With its advanced cooling technologies like SmartClimate® Cover and PureCool+™ Technology, it aims to provide a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience. The ProBreeze® and LuxeBreeze® models cater to different levels of cooling needs, making it easier for you to find your perfect match.

Yawnder has thoroughly reviewed the Tempurpedic Breeze lineup and found it to be highly effective for hot sleepers seeking both comfort and cooling. However, weigh the pros and cons, such as the price and potential for slight heat retention, before making a decision.

If you’re a hot sleeper or someone who needs excellent pressure relief, the Tempurpedic Breeze could be the ideal mattress for you. We recommend trying it out to see if it meets your specific needs.

For more detailed insights and to explore all the features, check out our comprehensive review on the Yawnder Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze page.

Is the Tempurpedic Breeze right for you? We think it’s worth a try. Your best night’s sleep could be just a mattress away!

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