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Saatva vs. Nectar: The Ultimate Mattress Showdown

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Choosing the Right Mattress: Saatva vs. Nectar

When it comes to finding the right mattress, the decision often boils down to Saatva vs. Nectar. Both brands are popular online mattress providers with unique offerings tailored to various sleep preferences. If you’re here for the quick takeaway, here’s a brief comparison to guide you:

Best for:
– Luxurious feel and durability
– Firmer options
– Excellent back support and spine alignment

Best for:
– Affordable budget
– Side sleepers
– Memory foam ‘hug’ and pressure relief

I’m Ben Trapskin, the creator of Yawnder. Over the years, I’ve tested numerous mattresses to help people find their perfect sleep solution, especially when it comes to critical comparisons like Saatva vs. Nectar. I know how impactful the right mattress can be on back pain and overall sleep quality. Let’s dive into the specifics to help you make an informed decision.

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Saatva vs. Nectar: Mattress Overview

When comparing Saatva vs. Nectar, it’s clear that these mattresses cater to different sleeping preferences and needs. Let’s break down each mattress to understand their unique features.

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva Classic is a hybrid mattress that combines the support of innerspring coils with the comfort of a plush pillow-top. It’s available in three firmness levels: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. This makes it versatile for various sleeping positions and body types.

  • Innerspring Construction: The Saatva Classic features a dual-coil system. The base layer consists of steel coils that provide strong support and durability. On top of that is a layer of individually wrapped coils that contour to your body and reduce motion transfer.
  • Pillow-Top Comfort: The mattress has a 3-inch Euro pillow-top that adds a luxurious feel and offers additional pressure relief, especially beneficial for those with back pain.
  • Firmness Levels:
  • Plush Soft (ideal for side sleepers)
  • Luxury Firm (great for combination sleepers)
  • Firm (best for stomach and back sleepers)
  • Height Options: You can choose between two heights: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches, depending on your bed frame and personal preference.
  • Organic Cotton Cover: The cover is made from breathable organic cotton, promoting a cooler sleep environment.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is an all-foam mattress designed to provide a medium-firm feel, making it suitable for a wide range of sleepers. It’s particularly known for its pressure-relieving properties and affordability.

  • All-Foam Construction: The Nectar mattress is constructed entirely from foam layers. The top layer is made of gel-infused memory foam, which provides a cooling effect and contours to your body for pressure relief.
  • Memory Foam Comfort Layer: This layer offers a classic memory foam feel, with slow response to pressure and a hugging sensation that cradles your body.
  • Medium-Firm Feel: Rated around 6.5/10 on the firmness scale, the Nectar mattress provides a balanced feel that caters to most sleepers, particularly side sleepers.
  • Cooling Cover: The mattress features a breathable cooling cover with heat-absorbent polyethylene fibers and an antimicrobial finish, designed to keep you cool throughout the night.

In summary, the Saatva Classic is ideal if you prefer a more traditional innerspring feel with the added luxury of a pillow-top, while the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is perfect for those who enjoy the contouring and pressure relief of memory foam. Both options offer unique benefits, so your choice will depend on your specific sleep needs and preferences.

Firmness and Feel Comparison

Saatva Firmness and Feel

The Saatva Classic mattress offers a unique combination of firmness and comfort. It comes in three different firmness levels: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. For this comparison, we’ll focus on the popular Luxury Firm model.

Firmness Scale: The Luxury Firm model scores around 7/10 on the firmness scale. This is slightly firmer than the industry standard for medium-firm, which is 6.5/10.

Comfort Layers: The top layer is a plush pillow-top made from organic cotton, which offers a soft initial feel. Beneath this, there’s a thin layer of memory foam that enhances pressure relief.

Support Layers: The support system consists of dual coil layers. The top layer features microcoils that provide contouring support, while the bottom layer is made of sturdy steel coils for overall stability and durability. This dual-layer design ensures that sleepers feel supported without sinking too deeply into the mattress.

Sleeping Positions: The Luxury Firm model is versatile and suits a variety of sleeping positions:
Back Sleepers: Excellent balance of comfort and support, keeping the spine aligned.
Side Sleepers: Adequate pressure relief, though those who prefer a softer feel might opt for the Plush Soft model.
Stomach Sleepers: Good support under the hips, keeping the spine aligned, especially for average-weight sleepers.

Nectar Firmness and Feel

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress provides a different experience, focusing on the classic memory foam feel.

Firmness Scale: The Nectar mattress is rated around 6.5/10 on the firmness scale, which is right at the industry standard for medium-firm.

Comfort Layers: The primary comfort layer is 3 inches of gel memory foam that offers excellent pressure relief and conforms to the body. This is followed by a 2-inch layer of Soft Conventional Foam, which acts as a transition layer, adding a bit of firmness before reaching the support layer.

Support Layers: The support layer is made from 7 inches of high-density base foam. This provides a solid foundation and ensures long-term durability.

Sleeping Positions: The medium-firm feel of the Nectar mattress is suitable for:
Back Sleepers: Offers a good balance of spinal support and pressure relief.
Side Sleepers: Provides sufficient pressure relief on shoulders and hips, although heavier side sleepers might experience more pressure.
Stomach Sleepers: May find it too soft, causing hips to sink too far, potentially misaligning the spine.

The Saatva Classic with its innerspring and pillow-top design is ideal for those who prefer a bouncy and supportive feel, while the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is perfect for those who enjoy the slow-moving, contouring sensation of memory foam.

Performance Differences

Temperature Regulation

When it comes to temperature regulation, the Saatva mattress is a standout. Its dual coil layers allow for excellent airflow, helping to keep the mattress cool throughout the night. The breathable organic cotton cover also aids in temperature control, making it a great choice for hot sleepers.

On the other hand, the Nectar mattress features a cooling cover made of poly-blend material. It also has a gel-infused memory foam layer that helps to draw heat away from the body. While this makes the Nectar cooler than many all-foam beds, it still can’t match the airflow of the Saatva‘s coil system.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is where the Nectar really shines. Its thick memory foam comfort layer absorbs movement exceptionally well, making it ideal for couples. If one partner tosses and turns, the other is less likely to feel it.

The Saatva, with its bouncy and responsive feel, doesn’t isolate motion as effectively. The dual coil layers provide a lot of bounce, which means you might feel your partner’s movements more than you would on the Nectar.

Edge Support

When it comes to edge support, the Saatva takes the lead. It features a foam encasement around its coil layers, providing sturdy edges that make the whole mattress surface usable. You can sit or lie near the edge without feeling like you’re going to roll off.

The Nectar offers decent edge support for an all-foam mattress, but it’s not as robust as the Saatva. You might feel a bit more compression when sitting on the edge, but it still performs better than many other foam mattresses.


Both mattresses are made with high-quality materials and should last between 7 and 10 years with proper care. The Saatva‘s coil system might give it a slight edge in terms of longevity, as coils generally hold up better over time compared to foam. However, both mattresses are built to be durable and should serve you well for many years.


Off-gassing is minimal with the Saatva because it doesn’t come compressed in a box. You won’t experience that typical chemical smell when you first set it up.

The Nectar, being an all-foam mattress that arrives in a box, does have some off-gassing. You can expect a slight chemical smell that should dissipate within 48 hours.


In terms of noise, the Nectar is the quieter option. Its all-foam construction means there are no coils to potentially squeak over time.

The Saatva, while generally quiet, uses coils that might start to make noise after prolonged use. However, this isn’t usually a major issue and is often outweighed by the other benefits the mattress offers.


For sex, the Saatva is the clear winner. Its bouncy and responsive feel makes it easy to move around and change positions. The sturdy edge support also means you can use the entire surface of the mattress.

The Nectar, with its slower-moving memory foam, might make it a bit harder to reposition. However, its excellent motion isolation can be a plus for some couples.

Next, let’s dig into the construction differences between these two mattresses to see what makes each one unique.

Mattress Construction Differences

Let’s dig beneath the surface of the Saatva vs. Nectar mattresses to understand their construction. Knowing the layers and materials can help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Saatva Construction

Cover Materials: The Saatva mattress features an organic cotton cover. This cover is soft, breathable, and eco-friendly. It’s tufted and quilted with soft foam to create a luxurious pillow-top feel.

Comfort Layers: The main comfort layer in the Saatva is the pillow-top cover. Beneath this, there’s a thin layer of CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam. This layer adds extra softness and pressure relief, making it more eco-friendly and low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Support Layers: The Saatva‘s support system is unique. It consists of two sets of steel coils. The top layer is made of microcoils that contour to your body and provide relief. Beneath these, a thicker layer of high-grade coils offers robust support. There’s also a foam encasement around the edge for added edge support.

Mattress Height: The Saatva comes in two height options: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. This gives you the flexibility to choose the height that fits your bed frame and personal preference.

Nectar Construction

Cover Materials: The Nectar mattress features a cooling cover made of poly-blend material. This cover is designed to be breathable and helps keep the surface of the mattress cool.

Comfort Layers: The primary comfort layer in the Nectar is a 3-inch layer of gel memory foam that incorporates phase change material. This layer has a slow response to pressure and conforms to your body, providing a hugging feel. The gel infusion and phase change material work together to draw heat away and dissipate it. Below this, there’s a 2-inch layer of Soft Conventional Foam. This layer is higher-density and firmer, transitioning you from the softer memory foam to the firmer support layer underneath.

Support Layers: The support layer in the Nectar mattress is made from 7 inches of high-density base foam. This material is durable and provides the necessary support for the mattress.

Mattress Height: The Nectar mattress comes in one height option: 12 inches. This height is standard for many all-foam mattresses, making it a versatile choice for most bed frames.

Each mattress has its unique construction that affects its feel and performance. The Saatva‘s dual coil layers and organic cotton cover offer a blend of support and luxury, while the Nectar‘s multiple foam layers provide contouring comfort and cooling features.

Next, let’s compare the pricing and value of these two mattresses to see which one offers the best bang for your buck.

Price and Value Comparison

Saatva Pricing

Saatva mattresses are known for their luxury feel and high-quality materials, but this comes at a higher price point. The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid, for example, starts at $995 for a Twin and goes up to $2,630 for a Split King. The Saatva Classic, another popular model, ranges from $795 to $2,945 depending on the size and customization options.

Despite the higher cost, Saatva often offers discounts and sales events around national holidays like President’s Day and Black Friday. During these sales, you can save up to 20% on purchases of $1,000 or more. Additionally, Saatva provides free white glove delivery, which includes setup and old mattress removal—a service that adds significant value.

Nectar Pricing

Nectar mattresses are more affordable, making them a great option for budget-conscious shoppers. The Nectar Mattress starts at $699 for a Twin and goes up to $1,798 for a Split King. Even at full price, Nectar mattresses are cheaper than Saatva‘s, but you should never pay full price. Nectar frequently offers discounts and sales events, sometimes up to 40% off during flash sales.

Nectar also provides a free bedding bundle with most purchases, which includes pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector. This adds extra value to an already affordable mattress. While Nectar charges $199 for premium in-home setup, the total cost still comes out lower than Saatva when you factor in the frequent discounts and sales.

Value for Money

When comparing Saatva vs. Nectar, it’s clear that both brands offer good value, but in different ways. Saatva provides a luxury experience with high-end materials and services like white glove delivery. This makes it worth the higher price for those seeking a premium mattress.

On the other hand, Nectar offers excellent value for money, especially with its frequent discounts and free bedding bundle. It’s an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality, making it ideal for budget-conscious shoppers.

In summary, if you’re looking for a luxury mattress and are willing to pay a premium, Saatva is a great choice. If you want an affordable mattress with good quality and frequent discounts, Nectar is the way to go.

Next, let’s delve into the company policies to see how Saatva and Nectar stack up in terms of warranty, sleep trials, and return policies.

Company Policies

When comparing Saatva vs. Nectar, understanding their policies can help you make an informed choice. Let’s break down the key aspects: warranty, sleep trial, return policy, and delivery options.

Saatva Policies

Saatva offers a lifetime warranty. For the first two years, they will replace a defective mattress at no cost. After that, they will repair it for a $149 transportation fee each way. They also have a Fairness Replacement Option, allowing you to keep the original mattress and buy a new one at a prorated price.

Sleep Trial
Saatva provides a 365-night sleep trial, giving you a full year to decide if the mattress is right for you. However, if you decide to return it, there’s a $99 transportation fee.

Return Policy
If you choose to return your Saatva mattress within the trial period, they will pick it up and issue a refund, minus the $99 fee. Returned mattresses are typically donated.

Delivery Options
Saatva offers free White Glove delivery in the contiguous U.S. This includes setting up your new mattress and removing your old one. Delivery is scheduled within a 4-hour window, and customers need to be present.

Nectar Policies

Nectar offers a Forever Warranty. For the first 10 years, they will replace a defective mattress at no cost. After 10 years, they will repair or replace it, covering transportation costs.

Sleep Trial
Nectar also provides a 365-night sleep trial. However, they require a 30-night break-in period before you can initiate a return. This ensures you’ve given your body time to adjust to the new mattress.

Return Policy
Nectar’s return process is straightforward and free of charge within the trial period. They help you find a local charity to donate the mattress, and you receive a full refund, minus any original shipping fees for Alaska or Hawaii.

Delivery Options
Nectar offers free shipping within the contiguous U.S. For Alaska and Hawaii, there’s a $150 fee per large item. They also provide an optional White Glove service for $149, which includes setup and old mattress removal. Extra items like a headboard or frame cost $45 each for setup.

By understanding these policies, you can better decide which mattress fits your needs and lifestyle. Next, let’s explore some frequently asked questions about Saatva and Nectar mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Saatva vs. Nectar

Which mattress is better, Saatva or Nectar?

The answer depends on your sleep preferences.

Saatva is ideal for back and stomach sleepers, fans of innerspring beds, and those who prefer a firmer mattress. It offers excellent support and a bouncy feel due to its dual coil layers and pillow-top.

Nectar, on the other hand, is perfect for side sleepers, those who love a memory foam feel, and shoppers on a budget. Its all-foam construction provides great pressure relief and motion isolation.

How long will the Saatva and Nectar mattresses last?

Both mattresses are built to last with high-quality materials.

Saatva and Nectar can both last 7 to 10 years with proper care. Saatva‘s dual coil system and high-density foams contribute to its durability. Nectar’s dense memory foam layers also ensure a long lifespan.

Can you flip the Saatva or Nectar mattress?

No, flipping either mattress is not recommended.

Saatva and Nectar are designed with specific layers that should remain on top. Flipping them would place the firm support layers above the softer comfort layers, leading to an uncomfortable sleep experience.

By addressing these common questions, you can make a more informed decision about which mattress will best meet your needs.


Choosing between Saatva and Nectar ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and sleep needs.

Saatva shines with its luxurious feel, firmer support, and excellent temperature regulation. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, or if you suffer from back pain, Saatva‘s hybrid design and multiple firmness options might be the best fit for you. Its high-quality materials promise longevity, making it a worthwhile investment.

On the other hand, Nectar offers exceptional value for those on a tighter budget. Its all-foam construction provides a comforting memory foam ‘hug’ that side sleepers and those who like a softer feel will appreciate. Plus, its cooling cover and gel-infused memory foam help keep you cool throughout the night.

Both mattresses come with generous 365-night trials, so you have ample time to decide if they meet your needs.

If you’re still unsure which mattress to choose, we recommend visiting our mattress reviews page for more detailed comparisons and personalized recommendations.

The best mattress for you is one that aligns with your sleep preferences, budget, and specific needs. Happy sleeping!

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