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PureCare One Pillow Reviews

PureCare One Pillow Reviews 1

I have been testing the PureCare One Pillow line and have found these pillows to be very versatile.  PureCare is a leader in the sleep products industry. They are the official pillow and mattress protectors for the National Sleep Foundation. They have partnered with Dr. Philip M. Tierno, author of the book, The Secret Life of Germs to develop products that are clinically proven to be bed bug proof, dust mite proof and allergen proof. In addition to pillows they offer mattress protectors, pillow protectors, sheets and even aromatherapy.  The PureCare One pillow line is the latest offering with three distinct models. The Caress, Cool and Cradle.

PureCare One Caress Pillow

The Caress Pillow is the first of the three I tried. There are actually two versions of this pillow, the 4″ and the 5″. I tested the 4″ which is probably more suited to a stomach sleeper like myself. All of these pillows have two distinct components. The outer cylindrical pieces are latex. One is firm, one is soft.  The inner is the “Soft Soul” down alternative pillow. All three pack neatly into the case.

pure care one caress


Here’s the protector that covers all three pillows. The cover is made out of bamboo rayon. Bamboo fibers are naturally antibacterial. The bamboo is also treated with silver ions that will deactivate bacteria on contact. This is a wonderful case for allergy sufferers.

rayon bamboo pillow case



This is a nice pillow to sleep on. It is not too firm and the outer latex pillows inside the case provide good support while the inner down really lets you sink into the pillow. I think one of the biggest selling points of the PureCare Pillow line is that they are ideal if you suffer from allergies and/or just want a hygienic sleep environment.  The 4″ pillow that I reviewed retails for $159.99 which is on the more expensive side for a pillow, however given the high quality of materials, it is certainly justified.

PureCare One Cool Pillow

purecare one pillow

purecare one cool

The PureCare One Cool pillow lives up to its name and does an excellent job of dissipating heat. The pillow is constructed the same as others but the difference lies in the cooling gel that is infused into the two outer memory foam cylinders. This pillow is significantly heavier than the other two which is most likely because of the added cooling gel.

I didn’t sleep as well with this pillow as it was just too firm for a stomach sleeper. It is also a heavy pillow so if you change positions at night and move your pillow around it can be a little annoying. However this is a great pillow for people that want an effective cooling memory foam pillow that is thicker than the HIBR pillow.

PureCare One Cradle

purecare pillow review

The PureCare One Contour is my favorite of the three because it is also the softest and lightest. It contours much more than the other two, hence the name but also sleeps fairly cool. The difference is the softer memory foam on both sides of the “Soft Soul” middle.


I really like this line of Pillows from Purecare One and would recommend them to people who prefer a down pillow but also like the support and contouring of memory foam. You get the best of both here with an amazing cover that has antimicrobial properties to keep you and your pillow healthy.

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  1. Hate this pillow! The odor is horrible. I have head aches a upset stomach. The little card in box is state it mildly. Do not buy.


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