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Ministry of Supply Apollo Duvet Review

Ministry of Supply Review

It’s rare that a duvet will keep you at an ideal temperature year-round. This is especially true in colder climates. And even if you do find a duvet insert with multiple layers you can swap out, chances are if you sleep with a partner, they probably sleep warmer or cooler than you. Enter the Apollo Duvet from Ministry of Supply. Ministry of Supply was founded in 2012 by two MIT students with the goal of using science to create more comfortable clothing and textiles. The Apollo Duvet is an innovative take on an age-old piece of fabric we sleep with every night.  This duvet inset attempts to provide more customization for temperature control for each side of the bed. While this duvet insert certainly isn’t cheap at $358 for a queen size, it is worth a try.

Ordering Unboxing the Apollo Climate Control Duvet

I was given a free queen-size duvet for review by the Ministry of Supply. It arrived in a box a little bigger than the bag below. The bag can be reused for storage or for other purposes. I was impressed with the packaging and thought put into the design. Shipping is relatively fast and should arrive about a week after placing your order. This duvet comes with a 100-day trial. If you don’t like it, it’s a free return and you will get store credit instead of a refund. I would prefer a full refund but there are plenty of cool things to choose from in the store and chances are you will probably keep the duvet anyways.

Apollo Duvet Packaging

Construction of the Apollo Duvet

Below are the construction details of the Apollo Duvet as listed on their website. What sets this duvet apart from most duvets on the market is the Phase Change Material. If you are at all familiar with new mattresses, most of them will have a phase change material on their cover. This is makes the fabric cool to the touch and will help draw out heat to keep you cool. Of course, it will eventually reach a saturation point until it cools down again but it feels great and should help you fall asleep a little faster and keep you asleep.

  • NASA-derived temperature regulating Phase Change Material
  • Dual-layer modular insulation system supports two simultaneous weights
  • Tonal snaps for easy alignment
  • Made of hypoallergenic materials
  • Storage bag included; duvet cover not included
  • Duvet weighs 6lb 1oz; extra panels weigh 3lb 2oz each
  • 200 GSM duvet + two extra 150 GSM panels
  • Shell: 55% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 45% Cotton
  • Fill: 70% Recycled Polyester (GRS), 30% Outlast PCM Viscose
  • Made by Staroon Textile Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang, CN)
  • Dimensions: 90″ x 92″ (extra panels are 45″ x 92″)
  • Comfortably fits Queen and Full sized beds
  • Additional panels can double as individual Twin-sized duvets

My Ministry of Supply Apollo Duvet Findings and Recommendation

Out of the bag, the duvet is neatly rolled up. Good luck getting it back in that bag, it was hard enough getting it out.

unboxed apollo duvet

There are some neat details with this duvet that I haven’t seen elsewhere such as this little diagram illustrating how the duvet works. Come to think of it, this would be an ideal duvet for guests. You never know how they set their thermostat at night and they could be sleeping much hotter or colder than you, especially if they are on a different floor of the house. By empowering them to adjust the thickness of the duvet and providing more temperature regulation, they should sleep much better!

Apollo Duvet Instructions

Here’s what the duvet looks like right out of the box and unrolled. Notice that there are two distinct sides. This duvet is on a queen size bed. It comes with the second layers fully attached which is what I would recommend starting with. I would also highly recommend putting this in a duvet cover to keep it clean. While it can be machine washed, it’s much more of a hassle to wash the insert rather than the cover.

ministry of supply duvet on bed

The perimeter of the duvet has snap buttons while the inside attachments use the buttons below. My guess is that these types of buttons on the inside of the duvet are less noticeable while you are sleeping. The tradeoff is that they are slightly more cumbersome to attach but they are needed to keep each side together.

apollo duvet attachment

The snap buttons are well made and look great with more of a mat finish.

apollo duvet button

Aside from the instruction diagram, there is also a care tag stitched on all four sides to the outside of the duvet. It’s a minor detail but one that I appreciate as I hate having those tax hanging off the end of my duvet. I normally rip them off then lose the care instructions.

ministry of supply tag

Final Thoughts on the Ministry of Supply Duvet

This duvet is a summer and winter duvet in one. Instead of buying two duvets you can buy this one that, for the money, will basically be the same value as two of your other duvets. I phase change material is subtle but does work and every advantage I can get for sleeping better at night, I’ll take. This is definitely worth the investment, I just wish it came in a king size.

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