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Helix Pillow Review

Helix Pillow Review

The Helix pillow is an adjustable pillow with two options, the original Helix Pillow and the Helix Cool which has a phase change fabric in the cover that is cool to the touch. A standard size retails for $85 while a King size sells for $99. The pillow comes with a 100 night sleep trial which is super generous for a pillow. This means if you don’t like it within the 100 days, returns are free and you get all your money back.

Ordering Your Helix Pillows

After placing your order through the Helix website, your pillow should arrive in about 5 business days. Here’s a picture of the box my pillows arrived in.

Helix Pillow Box

When you open the box you will find your pillow plastic wrapped to keep it clean and a nice little booklet explaining how to adjust the pillow.

Helix Pillow Unboxing

Overview of the Helix Pillows

In the video below I break down the main difference between the regular helix pillow and the Helix Cool. Basically, the Helix Cool uses a phase change material which makes the pillow feel cool while the original uses a knitted fabric. I found the original to be just a bit softer because the knit fabric was more stretchy.


Construction of the Helix Pillow

Below are the construction specifications of the pillow according to their website.

Outer Comfort Shell

  • 1lb Memory foam and Down Alternative on each side
  • 1.25” gusset to allow for adjustable loft
  • Standard and cooling outer cover fabric available

Support Insert Layers

  • Two 1lb Memory foam and Down Alternative insert layers
  • Designed to fit perfectly within the Outer Comfort Shell

How Much Does the Helix Pillow Cost?

Here are the current prices of the Helix Pillow

Regular Pillow
Standard $85
King $99

Cool Pillow
Standard $115
King $129

My Helix Pillow Findings

Both of these pillows come with a zipper to access the inside of the pillow. This allows you to adjust the loft so you can get optimal spinal alignment.

Helix Pillow Zipper

Here’s a peek inside the pillow where you can see each of the layers. There’s lots of detail here including the dots on the inside. It just makes the pillow look nicer and is more fun. I kept all the layers in the pillow since I have broad shoulders and need a thicker pillow.

Helix Pillow Inside

Here’s what the cover of the regular Helix pillow looks like. It’s a knit fabric that is breathable and stretchy.

Regular Helix Pillow

Here’s a picture of the Helix Cool cover for comparison. The Helix Cool is definitely cooler to the touch and great for hot sleepers. These pillows have the same inside construction.

Helix Cool Pillow

Does the Helix Pillow Sleep Hot?

No. In fact both versions didn’t trap heat but the cool version did add some extra cooling comfort and is worth the upgrade if you tend to sleep hot. Below are some videos shot with my infrared came to illustrate the point.

Here’s the regular Helix Pillow


And here is how the Cool pillow fares.


My Helix Pillow Recommendation

The Helix pillow is a very cozy adjustable pillow. I think what makes the regular pillow extra cozy is the knit stretch fabric. This gives you maximum contouring. They also use a combination of foam and down alternative this makes it feel more like a traditional pillow instead of just a block of foam. The Helix will feel like a nice thick down pillow that is more supportive than a traditional down pillow during the night.

A key advantage the Helix Pillow has over some of the competition is that it is easy to adjust the loft. There are other pillows on the market where you can adjust the fill but you would need to put the fill in a Ziploc bag for storage. With the helix, you simply remove one of the 3 layers.

Given the generous trial and it’s familiar feel with the key advantages of customization and cooling, the Helix pillow is a must try.

Learn more about the Helix Pillow

2 thoughts on “Helix Pillow Review”

  1. Hi

    Just a little input, I’ve got the helix cool pillow. The pillow itself is fine, I’m still trying to decide between 1 and 2 inserts. The cool part though….it’s not machine washable so you pretty much have to use a pillowcase, and when you do that, the cooling effect is gone. Bummer.

  2. I just received the helix cool. Very comfortable although I haven’t experimented with adjustments yet.

    My question for anyone who has tried it, did yours come with a very distinct odor? Almost like a chemical odor? It is strong and unpleasant and since the cover cannot be washed, I am wondering how to remove it. If not possible, I will probably have to send it back.


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