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Eight Sleep Pillow – A Customizable Alternative to the Norm

Eight Sleep Adjustable Pillow

Unpacking the Eight Sleep Pillow: A Glimpse Into the Future of Bedding

In an age where technology intersects with almost every aspect of our lives, even our pillows are not exempt. Enter the Eight Sleep Pillow – a product that promises to revolutionize how we perceive comfort. But is it just another tech fad, or does it genuinely offer a novel sleeping experience? Let’s delve deeper.

1. What is the Eight Sleep Pillow?

Eight Sleep, a company known for its pioneering efforts in sleep technology, has introduced a pillow that combines traditional comfort with modern innovation. While not a “smart” pillow in the sense of being connected to apps or devices, the Eight Sleep Pillow is designed with advanced materials to cater to various sleepers’ needs.

2. Customizable Comfort:

One of the standout features of the Eight Sleep Pillow is its customizable design. Many sleep experts argue that there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to pillows. Recognizing this, Eight Sleep has developed a pillow that allows users to adjust its height and firmness, catering to back, side, and stomach sleepers alike.

3. Advanced Materials:

Beyond customization, the pillow boasts a range of advanced materials. Memory foam, known for its pressure-relieving properties, is a staple. However, Eight Sleep has taken it a step further by introducing cooling gel-infused foams and hypoallergenic materials to ensure a refreshing and allergen-free sleep.

4. Sustainability Matters:

In a nod to growing environmental concerns, the Eight Sleep Pillow also emphasizes sustainability. From the sourcing of materials to production processes, there’s a clear commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

5. Price Point and Availability:

While the Eight Sleep Pillow sits at a higher price point than your average pillow, many argue that its innovative features and durability offer good value for money. It’s available on the company’s website and through select retailers.

The Eight Sleep pillow is a pillow that you can adjust to your specific preferences. It has three layers inside the shell that can be switched around or removed to get the perfect amount of loft and comfort. A standard size Eight Sleep pillow retails for $75 and can be purchased direct through their website.

Overview of the Eight Sleep Pillow

This pillow comes with a 30 day guarantee where if you don’t like it, you can return it for a refund. Your pillow should arrive about a week after placing your order.


Construction of the Eight Sleep Pillow

 Below are the construction details of the pillow as listed on the Eight Sleep website.

Pillow Cover

  • Made from breathable cotton.
  • Includes sewn-in layer of shredded polyester for extra cushioning.
  • Has a side zipper so it can easily be removed and cleaned.

1” Memory foam

  • The dense material prevents your neck from bending, keeping your spine aligned.
  • It molds to the shape of your head
  • Contours to your neck so you don’t wake up pain.

2” Cushion and 1″ Cushion

  • The insertable cushions contain shredded pieces of foam.
  • They provide the pillow with a fluffy and cloud-like feel without sacrificing support.
  • Shredded foam lets you form the pillow to your needs.
  • Stays cool at night by increasing airflow and breathability throughout.

Made in China

My Eight Sleep Pillow Findings

This pillow should have broad appeal. When you sleep on the shredded foam side, it feels like a down pillow. I found it to have a good amount of loft for side sleeping. I have broad shoulders and this still supported my head adequately. People with smaller frames can take out the the memory foam layer or the other shredded foam layer to reduce the loft.

If you prefer more of a solid memory foam feel, you can just flip the pillow to the side which has the solid piece of memory foam for a firmer feel.

Below is a video that shows how each of the three layers respond.


Here’s a side view with the cover unzipped to show you each of the layers.

Eight Sleep Pillow Side View

My Eight Sleep Pillow Recommendation

I think Eight sleep has done a good job of striking a balance between a traditional and foam pillow feel. People interested in trying a foam pillow but are still attached to the feel of a traditional down or even polyester feel will be able to easily adapt to this one.

This pillow is very breathable and light for a memory foam pillow. Also with a 30 day trial, it’s definitely worth trying. Most companies will design their pillows to work well with their mattress and this one is no exception. This pillow works great with the compliment of mattresses offered by Eight sleep. Just like this pillow, their mattresses incorporate next generation memory foam that is responsive and more breathable so pairing the two will give you a consistent feel from head to toe.

Learn more about the Eight Sleep Pillow.

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