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Top CPAP Pillows to Use


Sleep is a must to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your body recovers and rejuvenates during sleep. It is, therefore, imperative to get the best quality snooze you can. Pillows play an important role in this. You cannot sleep properly if you do not have the proper support and comfort for your neck, head, shoulders, and spine.

Unfortunately, sleep problems are all too common. Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep problems, and it can make getting a good night’s rest all the more difficult. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition where your body gets deprived of air during sleep. Needless to say, this makes you come awake breathless and in a panic mode. It can be very exhausting, both mentally and physically.

CPAP pillows can help you deal with this situation and aid you in getting the proper rest you require. With the variety of CPAP pillows out in the market, choosing one that is most suitable for you can be another very daunting task. This article lists the top-rated CPAP pillows you can find in 2020 and will help you to narrow down your list and choose one without any hassles.

What is a CPAP Pillow?

Continuous Positive Air Flow Pressure or CPAP is the treatment for sleep apnea. It involves breathing in oxygen through an oxygen mask to help you get steady oxygen throughout the night. This mask makes it very uncomfortable to find the right degree of support and comfort from a regular pillow.

CPAP Pillows are specially designed pillows that support the use of this oxygen mask while sleeping. They are structured to keep your full-face mask secure and without any leaks while you sleep. Whether you are an active sleeper who likes to toss and turn through the night or a more sedate sleeper, your CPAP pillow will ensure that your mask stays on, and you get the restful sleep you deserve.

How Are CPAP Pillows Different from Normal Pillows?

CPAP Pillows come with specifically cut out sections and margins that allow the exhalation vents in the mask to remain unobstructed. This ensures that you get a regular supply of the CPAP therapy air. These cut out segments also help in preventing any seal disruptions.

Seal disruptions happen when your mask is not secure and gets out of place. With normal pillows, while you sleep, any change in your posture or body movement might push your head sideways or higher up, leading to the mask shifting as well. The cut-outs and segmented design of the CPAP pillow prevent this from happening.

Further, CPAP pillows are generally made with memory foam. This helps the pillow to support your mask while alleviating your head, neck, and spine optimally and maintain proper posture while sleeping. The fiber CPAP pillows are equally effective in support and provide a higher level of comfort.

Choosing the Right CPAP Pillow

There are a lot of choices and varieties in the market. You can get any material, shape, size, firmness, and height you want. However, you must bear in mind certain things while choosing your pillow. These are:


The first and foremost function of any pillow is to provide you with optimum spinal alignment support. Your CPAP pillow must give proper support to your head, neck, and shoulders so that you maintain good posture through the night. Apart from these, your CPAP pillow must also support your CPAP mask effectively.


You should choose a CPAP pillow that gives you good comfort. It is already very uncomfortable sleeping with a CPAP machine; you should therefore look for a pillow that can reduce your discomfort from the CPAP mask and give a good night experience.

For this, memory foam pillows are the ideal choice. Memory foam provides good relief to sore pressure points and molds well to your head and neck shape. Cotton should be your go-to choice for covers as it gives the best ventilation, cooling and is soft on the skin.


The main function of a CPAP pillow is to support your CPAP therapy. You need to ensure that your CPAP pillow is compatible with your CPAP mask or hose. Basic CPAP pillows only accommodate masks, so if you have a CPAP mask with a hose attached, then make sure that your pillow accommodates the hose as well.


It is important to know how much you want to spend before you start choosing your pillow. This way, you will not go overboard and waste time and effort looking at pillows that are not within your range. Keeping your budget in mind, try to look at quality more than the discount, looks, and design.

Top 5 CPAP Pillows

EnduriMed CPAP Pillow




No mask marks

Nasal masks are less compatible
Accommodates all sleepers

Only available in one size

Adjustable filling and size

Good price point

EnduriMed CPAP Memory Foam Pillow is a flower-shaped pillow that is made of high-quality, durable memory foam. The design is structured to ensure that you get the best possible sleep with proper breathing without any compromise on comfort. You can easily toss and turn without having to worry about your mask getting out of place or any seal disruptions. The build of this pillow has a sloped design that allows you to wear any CPAP instrument, including just nasal masks. It is also all CPAP, Bi-PAP, and APAP compliant to fit any of your needs.

Key Features

  • Memory foam
  • 44 x 11.81 x 5.12 inches in dimension
  • Weighs 2 pounds
  • Made for CPAP, bi-pap, and APAP users
  • Ergonomic mask cutouts

Ideal For

  • All sleepers
  • More suited for full mask users than a nasal mask
  • Those looking for a firm good support pillow

Contour Products CPAPMax 2.0 CPAP Bed Pillow

contour cpapmax



Optimal for all sleepers

A little too firm
High adjustability factor

Smaller size

Compatible with all masks and brands


The CPAPMax 2.0 is a pillow from Contour products that comes designed in layers to give you customized adjustability. It is also reversible to accommodate different comfort needs, with one side featuring memory foam and the other side fiber.

Key Features

  • Memory foam and fiber filling
  • Adjustable height
  • 4 x 12.5 x 5.75 inches in dimension
  • Odor-free with the charcoal-infused bottom layer
  • 3d mesh on memory foam side for ventilation
  • Hypoallergenic fiber
  • Concave center to support head and neck
  • Hose tether allows hose movement without mask interference
  • 2-year warranty

Ideal For

  • Those looking for customization options
  • Wanting firm and plush in one pillow
  • A pillow that is compatible with all masks and brands
  • Supports CPAP hose movement without disturbing the mask seal

Visco Love Celliant Sleep Therapeutic Wellness Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow

visco love


Reduces snoring

Off-gassing issue

Ideal for combination sleepers

High loft
High ventilation

Higher price point

The Celliant Sleep Therapeutic Wellness pillow is designed to tackle airway problems and provides excellent spinal alignment structure. It is made of memory foam that is highly responsive, allowing for your head weight to be evenly distributed and to remain cradled in whichever position you shift in through the night.

Key Features

  • Visco – Elastic memory foam filling
  • Contoured loft
  • Air channels in the core structure
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-statistical properties
  • Zipper cover
  • Machine washable cover
  • 30 days warehouse return window

Ideal For

  • Combination sleepers
  • Looking for a firm pillow with easy resistance
  • Good cervical support

Coisum Cervical Contour Pillow

cosium contour pillow



Good design for enhanced support

Not good for stomach sleepers
High-quality memory foam

Firm to medium-firm only

Hypoallergenic case

Temperature adaptive for all seasons

The Coisum Cervical Contour pillow is made of highly durable and top-quality memory foam. The foam has temperature adaptive properties that allow you to use this pillow comfortably in all seasons. It also features a slow rebound technology that gives enhanced support to your neck, shoulders, and head. The slope keeps your head in place, and the side cutouts make for a perfect armrest.

Key Features

  • 60 density high-quality memory foam
  • CertiPUR-US Certification
  • Hypoallergenic polyester fiber cover
  • Zippered cover for easy removability and washing
  • 24.4 x 15 x 4.7 inches in dimension
  • Weighs 3.44 pounds

Ideal For

  • Back and side sleepers
  • Those looking for a firm to a medium-firm pillow
  • Sensitive and people prone to allergies

Contour Products CPAP Pillow 2.0

cpapmax 2.0


Supports all sleeping positions

Plush memory foam

Removable and Washable Cover

The Contour CPAP pillow 2.0 is a simpler version of the CPAPMAX 2.0. It comes in a rectangular shape with deep edges on either side. The medical-grade memory foam allows for good and solid support to the CPAP mask without fear of dislodging it while turning sides.

Key Features

  • Made of medical-grade memory foam
  • Reduces mask shifting and seal dislodgment
  • Prevents dry eyes, nose, and mouth from the CPAP therapy
  • Comes with hose tether
  • Orthopedic patented design
  • 21 x 13.6 x 4 inches in dimension
  • Weighs 2.7 pounds
  • Fiberfill cover
  • Removable and washable covers

Ideal For

  • All sleep positions
  • Looking for proper spine alignment
  • Traditional pillow type plushness

Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

hullow buckweat pillow



Alleviates migraine

Heavier than other pillows

High contouring property

Noisy and course texture
Comes in three sizes

Hullo Buckwheat pillows are highly compatible and make an excellent choice for those undergoing CPAP therapy. They are very malleable to shape and also tend to hold their shape very well. Both these qualities allow Hullo buckwheat pillow to allow you CPAP mask to stay in place and prevent any leakages while supporting your spine alignment optimally.

Key Features

  • Buckwheat filling
  • Adjustable loft
  • Supports all sleep positions
  • Made in us
  • 60 days money back warranty

Ideal For

  • Naturally shaped pillow
  • Those looking for high adjustability

Tempur Neck Pillow

tempur neck pillow

The Tempur Neck Pillow provides excellent support to your neck while sleeping. It gives you the correct posture through optimal cervical support. It is specifically designed to keep your airways clear and open through proper elevation.


Alleviates pressure points

Too firm

Relieves neck pain

Off-gassing problem

Problematic contouring in high temperatures

Key Features

  • Memory foam filling
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Side and back support
  • Ergonomic design to follow your neck curve
  • Between 3 inches to 4.75 inches loft
  • 20 x 12.8 x 4 inches in dimension
  • Weighs 2.99 pounds

Ideal For

  • Side and back sleepers
  • Looking for different sizes for personal preference
  • A slightly firmer pillow

Question Answer Section

What Is A CPAP Machine?

CPAP machine is an instrument that delivers positive air pressure to your lungs while you sleep. It is the most common and effective treatment of Sleep Apnea

Which Sleep Position Is Best for Sleep Apnea?

Side sleeping is the most recommended sleep position for sleep apnea. You can also sleep on your stomach, but back sleeping is not recommended with this condition

What Are the Common Things to Consider When Looking at Buying The CPAP Pillow?

You need to take into account the cervical and spinal support provided by the pillow while it supports your CPAP machine, mask, and hose. You need to find one that balances all these factors

Which Is the Best CPAP Pillow?

Pillows are highly personal. No one pillow works for everyone. You have to take your comfort into consideration along with the CPAP support the pillow provides.

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