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Aricove Weighted Blanket Review

Aircove Weighted Blanket
Our Pick for Portability

A great option for travel or everyday use.

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Overview of the Aricove Weighted Blanket

The Aircove weighted blanket is a well designed blanket that is great for relieving anxiety and a great solution for hot sleepers that want the weight of a heavy duvet without trapping all the heat. While there are now endless options for weighted blankets, it’s important to consider construction and durability as these blankets by nature are heavy and need to hold up to washing and frequent use. Below are my findings on the Aricove weighted blanket. 

Aricove Box

The Aricove weighted blanket will come shipped in a box like this. Well braned and neatly packed. 

Aricove Weighted Blanket Review

The Aricove weighte blanket comes with a canvas bag with a zipper and handles. This makes it easy to store it and travel with it. Weighted blankets are not easy to fold and look messy if you don’t folt them just right. It’s so much easier to just put this in the bag and zip it closed. It keeps the blanket clean and neat. You also get care instructions and warranty information. 

Weighted Blanket inside

Weighted blankets are bascially a commodity these days and you can find them just about anywhere including walmart and target. The main difference from just any weighted blanket and a quality weighted blanket is in the details. With aricove, you get great packaging and quality material inside as well. The fabric is soft and there is quality stitching throughout so you don’t have to worry about frayed seams or filling coming loose. 

Whats is the Aricove Weighted Blanket Made of?


Luxurious Bamboo Sheets

Delivers a silky soft texture with excellent temperature control and natural moisture-wicking properties.

Breathable Inner Layers

Enhances bamboo fabric’s moisture-wicking properties and serves as a sturdy bead-leak safety net.

Hypoallergenic Microfiber Fill

Cuddles you to sleep firmly and softly with hypoallergenic properties. Non-glue, non-toxic, and super low maintenance.

Superfine Glass Beads

Adds weight to the weighted blanket and ensures it molds to your body. Excellent conductivity to let go of excessive body heat and maintain the optimal sleep temperature.

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How to Wash the Aricove Weighted Blanket

Machine wash warm at 90F – 110F on a delicate cycle. Dry flat or tumble dry on low heat only.

Use only mild, biodegradable laundry detergent that has no acid or alkali content.

Wash it separately from any other clothing to prevent snagging and damage.

Consider getting a matching duvet cover if you prefer not to wash your weighted blanket.

The Aricove Weighted Kids Blanket

Aricove also makes a weighted blanket for kids. It has the same construction and materials as the original blanketed but is smaller and weighs less so that it is appropriately sized for children’s bodies. Children with any sensory sensitivity would greatly benefit from a weighted blanket. 

My Aricove Weighted Blanket Recommendation and Final Thoughts

At first glance there’s really nothing revolutionary about this weighted blanket. But after using it compared to other weighted blankets, Aricove really gets the details right. The boxed stitching is small enough where the beads won’t shift all that much to give you a much more consistent feel across the blanket. 

The bamboo fabric has a soft silky feel and is great for keeping you cool and absorbing moisture so you won’t wake up sweaty. 

weighted blanket on bed

This blanket can be used with a cover. There are 8 loops stitched into the blanket to attach a cover. I would recommend using one if you don’t plan to wash the blanket that often. I prefer not to use a cover since they can be cumbersome to attach and remove everytime you want to wash it. Instead, I prefer to just wash the whole blanket as most washers these days can handle it. 

Aricove Price Trial and Warranty

If you purchase the Aricvoe and don’t like it for whatever reason, you have 30 days to return it for a refund. You do need to pay return shipping though which could be a little expensive due to the weight. 

Aricove also has a 3 year warranty on their blanket that warrants against any defects or workmanship. Usually it is 1 year. 

A 48″x72″ , 10 lb. weighted blanket retails for $169.95. That’s a really good price compared to others I have seen and especially  good given it is made with bamboo and premium stitching. 

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Final Thoughts on Aricove Weighted Blanket

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Aricove makes a premium product without a premium price. If you are new to the world of weighted blankets or maybe just need an upgrade, take a look at Aricove. They have just the right size to fit your or your child and the extra attention to details adds up to a blanket that looks and feels better, and will last for years to come. 

Our Pick for Portability

A great option for travel or everyday use.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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