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Zinus Mid Century Pascal Sofa Review


Have you ever tried to find a good sofa on a budget? Sure there are plenty of choices floating in the market that love to jump on the budget bandwagon, but more often than not, the budget part is just a hoax. You eventually find out that the price listed is just for attention, and everything that makes the sofa a sofa, like the cushions, covers, good armrests, and other details, are all for an extra price. The bottom line is that you end up shelling out way more than the definition of budget unless you are interested in just the frames.

This brand new Pascal sofa addition from Zinus has you well covered in this area. When they say budget, they mean the budget as a concept that works for you. There are no hidden costs, and everything comes within the listed price. But there are other things that you need to look at, along with the listed price. These include the shipping process, delivery times, quality of the frames, cushions, amongst others. This review will take you through all these points, helping you make a decision. So, read on to find out how well this sofa from Zinus fares in the real test.

In a Nut-Shell

zinus sofa 2

If you want a one-word definition for the Zinus Mid-Century Pascal sofa, then that word would be “fantastic.” It is an ideal choice for the budget-conscious be it, single working women and men alike, or even a more family setup. The size is good for both the classes, and the style is good enough to jazz up your space in a matter of minutes. It is an ergonomic design with no feminine undertones to make the male fraternity hesitant.

The brand keeps up well in the comfort department. It is a sofa that is meant for lounging as much as it is meant for sitting. The armrests are high enough to provide good elbow support and work as your makeshift work from home laptop station. They are also wide enough to accommodate the large-sized popcorn tub; just be careful not to overturn it.

Don’t let the mid-century tag deter you into believing this piece is a stiff as a board contraption. It is fun in its design, effectively pulling off the modern subtlety with traditional button backed style. And on good real-time customer reviews, quite a bit comfortable as well.

Good and Bad – A Bit Of Both


Good design and quality

Bulky shipping boxes

Highly affordable

No hidden costs

In-Depth Assessment


The concept that Zinus plays with is the throwaway furniture rule that comes with an affordable price tag and good quality. Most budget sofas are small, crampy, and have no sense of style at all. They are just a functional piece to take up space in the living room. This is not the case with Zinus Sofa.

The brand has a very easily adapted style and chic comfort with a price that does not hurt your pockets. This is essentially a classy sofa that looks and feels modern, stylish, and fashionable enough to hold its own in any setting. Easily blendable, you can place it in a contemporary setting with a curving fireplace or a small cozy nest with pots and planters. The sofa will jazz up any space you decide to keep it in.

If you are looking to accentuate the essential décor of your home, then the Pascal sofa from Zinus is just the thing for you. The straight line and angles of the sofa keep it beautifully minimalistic without compromising on the character of the piece. The low clearance means that the sofa can accommodate anywhere, even at the bottom of the bed, without hindering the view. It also give s a very graceful feel to the furniture.

The major drawback with this sofa is the lack of customization options. You only get one type of sofa with fixed dimensions and only color option of light oatmeal grey. Though the color suits the mid-century theme the brand is going for, it also makes the regular upkeep a bit of a problem.

Size and Dimensions

The sofa is a little small size-wise. It fits neatly between a loveseat and an average three-seater sofa. Even though the brand promotes the sofa as a three-seater, with the cushions in place, the space is not wide enough for three adults to sit comfortably. You can fit shoulder to shoulder, but that kind of defeats the purpose of comfortable seating.

It is an excellent choice for two adults and a kid or even a pet, but it draws the line at that. The sofa dimensions are 73.23″ (L)x 29.92″ (B)x 26.38″ (H) and weighs 83.60 pounds. At this weight, it is a relatively lighter option making it easier to move around.

Materials Used

It is crafted from naturally strong wood to give you a frame that is resilient and durable. The cushions come with a polyester fabric cover that makes them stain-resistant and easy to clean. The color is such that all stains will stand out, making regular cleaning a necessity.

Further, the cushions and seat are made of foam and fiber. This makes the sofa seat not a sink in type comfortable but rests it on the medium-soft and low firm category. The sofa upholstery is made from polyester linen fabric.

Shipping and Assembly

The sofa comes packaged in a single box. This is both a convenience and a headache. It is great that everything fits in just one box, but that also makes the box that much heavier. There are no shipping costs, and the company ships through FedEx.

The weight of the box means you will require some help lugging it inside your house. So be prepared and enlist some muscle unless you want to put your back out in the process of proving that you can handle it alone.

Once you get the box inside, the actual assembly process is supposedly easy. There are no additional tools required, and you should be able to get the sofa set up in less than one hour. There are issues with the stability of people complaining that the sofa tends to wobble along. You might want to pay attention to that detail.

Returns and Warranty

Zinus gives you a 100 nights free trial. This means that if you do not like your Pascal sofa for any reason, you can ask for a refund and return the sofa to the company with a no questions asked policy. You should have your original bill and receipt to avail of this offer so hang on to those two.

You also get a 1-year limited warranty from the company for any manufacturing defects the sofa might spring on you.

Wrapping up

Pascal Mid-Century Sofa from Zinus is a lovely sofa to have in your house. However, you need to bear a few things in mind regarding the quality you expect. It gives you excellent quality, but for the price you pay. The sofa is a little wobbly sometimes, and it does have an issue with parts missing and you having to chase it up with the customer care. But the fact remains that for an “under $500” category, this sofa ranks pretty high on the comfort, durability, and style segment.

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1 thought on “Zinus Mid Century Pascal Sofa Review”

  1. Zinus is an absolute nightmare to deal with!

    Their customer service is horrific.

    Would not recommend!
    I ordered a bed from them, cancelled the order with 8 hours and the bed still got delivered unbeknownst to me! It sat outside in the snow for 4 days before I realized it was delivered after I had already sent NUMEROUS emails and made numerous calls to cancel.
    I still have not received a refund!
    Horrible company to deal with!


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