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Viscosoft Serene Foam Mattress Topper Review

viscosoft serene topper review

Viscosoft is a Charlotte, NC based sleep company that was started in 2007  in addition to mattress toppers they also sell mattresses, pillows and bedding. They recently launched a new mattress topper that isn’t your typical run of the mill piece of foam. This mattress topper can completely transform your bed without having to buy a new mattress. Assuming your mattress is structurally sound and free of any significant impressions that may affect support, this topper will provide amazing pressure relief without feeling like you are sleeping directly on foam.

Ordering the Viscosoft Serene Foam Topper

I recommend ordering your topper directly through Viscosoft instead of Amazon. If you order from Viscosoft you are covered by their 60-day free return. That means you get to try if for 60 days to make sure it is the right feel. If you don’t like it you get a free return. Amazon only has a 30 day trial period and you need to pay for return shipping.

How Much Does the Viscosoft Topper Cost?

Here are the prices as of this writing.

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My Viscosoft Serene Foam Topper Findings

This is a 4 inch foam topper with a relatively dense foam, meaning it will contour better, provide better pressure relief and last longer than a lighter, less dense foam. The cover is a quilted down alternative cover with straps.

Viscosoft topper box

Here’s what it looks like when you open the box. At the top is the pad for the topper.

viscosoft topper open box

Here you can see both the topper and the pad together in their packaging. I was impressed by how compact they can compress a queen size topper.

viscosoft topper set

The first step in setting up your topper is to unroll the foam. Since it is compressed it will take some time for it to expand.

opened topper

I waited for about 45 minutes for the foam to fully expand and here’s what it looks like now.

viscosoft expanded topper

The next step is to add the pad. What I like about the pad is that there are straps on the corners to hold the bad and the topper in place on your mattress.


mattress pad straps

My Viscosoft Topper Recommendation

While the Serene Foam Hybrid mattress topper isn’t the cheapest topper out there, it is one of the best when it comes to quality and feel. The At 4 inches it is substantial enough to make a real difference in how your mattress will feel. I especially recommend this to people who want to make their mattress considerably softer. The included pad makes it so you don’t sink into the foam too much and does help a little with breathability. Although it is a polyfill pad, it is much better than just having your sheets between you and the foam. It also makes it easier to move around on the topper.

As you can see from the photos, I use this topper in our guestroom pullout couch. I replaced the original spring mattress in the couch with a foam mattress designed for couches but it is still fairly thin and doesn’t provide as much pressure relief as I or my guests would like. Adding this 4 inch topper with pad makes this couch bed a legitimate bed that can be slept of for long periods of time with no complaint.

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