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Tempur Symphony Pillow Review

Tempur Symphony Pillow

I was recently given a Tempurpedic Sympony pillow for review. The Tempur Symphony Pillow by Tempurpedic has a slight contour on one side that allows for more cradling for your head. This makes it versatile enough for all types of sleepers. It currently retails for $99 on the Tempurpedic Website.

Tempur Symphony Overview

Here’s a video overview of the Symphony pillow. As you can see below it has a washable zippered knit fabri cover.

Details of the Tempurpeci Symphony




All sleepers


Standard: 24″ x 17″ x 5″

Dimensions of each individual pillow may vary.


Contoured TEMPUR® material

100% Polyester Knit Cover

Removable/washable cover

5-year limited warranty

My Tempur Contour Findings

I really like that this pillow is has the built in contouring on one side. As most people, I don’t always sleep in the same position at night. I try and sleep on my side but end up migrating towards a stomach sleeping postiion as the night wears on. Being able to use this pillow as a side and stomach sleeper means I can be comfortable in either position.

The video below shows how quickly the foam recovers inside the pillow. It has a zippered cover which is washable.

Tempurpedic as a company has been around over 25 years so they have the most experience in creating comfortable foam pillows and mattresses. They are a trusted brand that have a product made in the USA.

I would recommend the Tempur Symphony to all types of sleepers. People that are taller or with boad shoulders will want to go with a pillow with more loft but for the majority of sleepers this pillow will work well.

This pillow differs from some of the original Tempurpedic pillows in that it recovers faster and sleeps cooler. It also feel softer and you sink into the pillow faster. In the end you get a memory foam pillow that is soft yet more supportive and contouring than a traditional down pillow.

Learn more about the Tempur Symphony Here.


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