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Tempupredic or Tempflow – Which is Best for You?


Tempurpedic is arguably the most popular mattress brand in the United States and has the most name recognition. The name Tempurpedic and memory foam are almost synonymous. But lately, there has been an explosion of new online and store brands that aim to compete with Tempurpedic not only on price but also on feel. I have slept on hundreds of mattresses during my time as a mattress reviewer and I can get a good or bad impression of a mattress quickly, no pun intended.

In this review, I take a close look at the Tempflow brand and how it compares to Tempurpedic. I often don’t make many comparisons to Tempurpedic because it does have a unique feel, largely due to the quality. Both Tempurpedic and Tempflow offer different models and firmness levels for your sleep needs but where they seem to differ the most is price. Tempflow is on average at least a thousand dollars less than a Tempurpedic, all with a 120-night sleep trial and industry-leading, 40-year warranty.

Tempflow vs Tempurpedic

Ordering the Tempurpedic vs. Tempflow

Both of these mattresses can be ordered online through their respective websites. They also are available to try in showrooms but Tempurpedic has the largest national footprint for showrooms. They can be demoed at any Mattress Firm location or other major sleep retailers. Tempflow has a showroom in Agoura Hills, CA, and may be available to try in other showrooms soon. Tempflow lists which of their models are comparable to the Tempurpedic mattresses on their website so you can try a Tempurpedic locally and order a comparable Tempflow online and take advantage of their 120-day trial.

How Much Does the Tempflow Cost in Comparison to Tempurpedic Models?

On average you will be paying considerably less for a Tempflow than a Tempurpedic. For example, the Tempflow Cloud is currently selling for $1,319 with a discount while the compatible Tempurpedic Cloud is selling for $1,399 after a discount. You really notice the savings though when you compare the higher-end models. For example, the Tempflow-Glacier Elite sells for $2,999 after discount while the comparable Tempur-Pro Breeze retails for $4,099 after discount.

In terms of the trial period, Tempflow is a 120-day trial while the Tempurpedic is 90 days, so you basically get an extra month to try out the Tempflow.

As for warranty, Tempflow is offering a 40-year warranty while Tempurpedic has a 10-year warranty.

Construction of the Tempflow and Tempurpedic Mattresses

Below are the construction details listed on the Tempflow website.

Tempflow Contour

Here are the construction details listed on the Tempurpedic website.

Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze

  • 1.
    SmartClimate® Cover System

    Feels instantly cool and features a convenient zip-off outer cover that is machine washable

  • 2
    PureCool+™ Technology

    Our innovative Phase-Change Material absorbs excessive heat and enables better airflow

  • 3
    TEMPUR-CM+ Material

    Allows the heat & humidity normally trapped in your covers to be cycled out of the mattress

  • 4
    Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Material

    Our most pressure-relieving material ever—enhanced with an ultra-breathable design
    Exclusive to LUXEbreeze°

My Tempurpedic vs Tempflow Findings

I was invited out to the Tempflow store to try out their mattress and they also had a comparable Tempurpedic so it was a perfect opportunity to see how they compare.


What sets Tempflow apart from all the other brands I have tried is that they have a patented cooling system where they create channels in the memory foam for heat to dissipate. This method in my opinion is superior to any phase change cooling technology because I find that the phase change cooling material only has a temporary effect and lasts for about 20 minutes or so before the mattress starts to heat up.

This is illustrated in the picture below.

Tempflow Cooling

Comparing the Tempflow to the Tempurpedic

Below is a comparison chart from the Tempflow website along with the owner’s professional opinion.


Tempflow® EliteContour™ Soft

Tempflow® EliteContour™ Medium-Hybrid

Tempflow® EliteContour™ Medium

Tempflow® EliteContour™ Firm

MATTRESS THICKNESS12 inch12 inch12 inch12 inch
COMFORT LAYERTempflow® Gel-Infused Soft-Touch™ 2 inch Thick COMFORT LAYERTempflow® Gel-Infused Soft-Touch™ 2.25 inch Thick COMFORT LAYERTempflow® 2-inch HD-Plush™ 2 inch Thick COMFORT LAYERTempflow® 1.25-inch HD-Plush™ 2 inch Thick COMFORT LAYER
TRANSITION LAYERTempflow® 2 inch HD-Support™ Memory Foam LayerTempflow® 1.5 inch HD-Support™ Memory Foam LayerTempflow® 2 inch HD Memory Foam LayerTempflow® 1.5 inch HD-Support™ Memory Foam Layer
SUPPORT LAYERTempflow® 8 inch Channeled SUPPORT LAYERTempflow® 8 inch High Resilient FSC (Foam Spring Core) SUPPORT LAYERTempflow® 8 inch Channeled SUPPORT LAYERTempflow® 7 inch Channeled SUPPORT LAYER
MATTRESS FEELSoftMedium-softMediumFirm
TEMPUR-PEDIC’S® COMPARABLE FEEL*Tempur-Adapt® ProAdapt Soft by Tempur-PedicTempur-Adapt® ProAdapt Medium Hybrid by Tempur-PedicTempur-Adapt® ProAdapt Medium by Tempur-PedicTempur-Adapt® ProAdapt Firm by Tempur-Pedic
COSTMid-range ModelMid-range ModelMid-range ModelMid-range Model
PATENTED AIRFLOW TRANSFER SYSTEM**OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
THE DOCTOR’S TAKEIts very soft and quick reacting surface works rapidly in any environment to provide you with optimal pressure point reduction for the joints, while still supporting the back with its resilient lower layers.This hybrid mattress is perfect for those who want something between a memory foam and inner-spring design. You will still get a soft surface, but the Flex-Comfort layer makes this model more buoyant and therefore, perfect for those who do not like an overly plush mattress.With the most use of the stiffer/firmer HD Biogreen in the surface layers, greater depth of body penetration will occur, while still providing optimal support. This allows this mattress reduce pressure for the shoulders and hips, while suiting heavier individuals, back sleepers, and most back pain sufferers.The soft over thicker and firmer HD Biogreen surface gives a dimension of comfort, with the most optimal support. The stiffer base will work well for heavier individuals, back sleepers, and most back pain sufferers.

My Recommendation for a Tempflow vs. Tempurpedic.

Both the Tempflow and Tempurpedic are very high-quality mattresses. They use dense foam which means that it will contour better and last longer. With Tempurpedic being a household name, and a pioneer in the memory foam mattress category, they will always command a higher price point. Tempurpedic can be hard to beat on feel. Just keep in mind that in my opinion, Tempurpedic does skew a bit firmer than other mattresses on the market so even their, “soft” model may feel more like a medium.

I am a big fan of the Ventilated and Kool-Flow technology in the Tempflow mattresses and over the course of the night, it does a better job of dissipating heat than just about all other memory foam mattresses I have tried.

Given the Tempflow is on average less than comparable Tempurpedic models, and they have a generous 120 night trial period, I would be inclined to give the Tempflow a try if you are looking for a high-quality mattress with an industry-leading warranty and great customer service.

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