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Spoon Sleep Launches A New Type of Mattress

Spoon Sleep
  Traditional mattresses aren’t designed to be used for long hours of use. Prolonged use only reduces the life span of most mattresses. Enter Spoon Sleep – an all-new entrant in the mattress industry launches its very first mattress that is designed for life – a mattress you can sleep on, sit on, stretch on, watch movies, or even study! Industrial strength foam pillars make the skeleton of this super cool mattress that can withstand extensive compression and yet provide great support to all sleepers. The foam pillars also uniquely support all the pressure points in the body- right from the shoulders to the hip to even the back. Though this technology is pending patent, it is designed to withstand compression and was subjected to several thousands of compressions in the testing phase. Its spill-resistant cover protects against any spills and stains and also makes way for good airflow that keeps the mattress cool in all seasons. Spoon Sleep mattress is available for purchase and will be shipped across the United States. This mattress will be available exclusively online with a price tag of $700 and upwards. Like most reputed mattresses, Spoon Sleep also offers a 100 night trial period and provides free shipping. The mattress is delivered to your door step in an easy to open box which is said to be made of recycled materials. Spoon Sleep – The Idea – Spoon Sleep is the brainchild of inventor and co-founder Herman Fisher, who spent sleepless nights in devising a technology that could address the shortcomings of today’s modern foam mattresses. Fisher used his years of experience in working at Rubberlite, where he used his expertise in pioneering a very durable type of foam that can absorb bothersome vibrations. Spoon Sleep System: A Technological Marvel – The Spoon Sleep System is made from an army of durable foam pillars that are compactly tucked inside the mattress that help provide unbeatable support for the back, hips, and shoulder. The many layers of foam work together to render a great contouring system. These pillars of foam are very durable and can withstand over 100,000 compressions, and result in no more than one percent loss in durability. Pressure points are well supported and facilitate blood to circulate freely, and help muscles relax while you sleep. “The mattress industry today is so busy making products meant for sleeping that it has forgotten to innovate. Most of today’s run-of-the-mill foam beds aren’t even designed for rest, let alone daily living, and this is why we wanted to create a mattress that delivers above and beyond on both parameters,’ said Fisher. “You can sip a skinny Frappuccino while reading your favorite novel huddled on the mattress without having to worry about spills. The Spoon Sleep mattress is durable enough to withstand all of life’s daily activities. We understand that you aren’t linear and uniform, and neither should your sleep system be,” he added. At Yawnder we look forward to reviewing this mattress and putting through our proprietary tests with our engineering team to see how it stack up against the competition. In the mean time check out our latest mattress reviews here.

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