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There’s no way around it. Snoring is disrupting and downright annoying. There are plenty of products on the market to help with reducing these disturbances but the Smart Nora brings a simple solution to the problem—it just gently raises your head at the right moment. 
The Smart Nora is a simple and comfortable snoring solution that uses no mouth guard or nose strips. It’s just an expanding insert you put inside of your pillow. Then, when the Bluetooth connected sensor (called the “Pebble”) hears you snoring it gently lifts your head using a nearly silent air pump. As your head is raised it stimulates your throat muscles and disrupts the snoring. 
Here’s a video overview of the Smart Nora.


The Smart Nora is very nicely designed. The case and sensor are very sleek and blend seamlessly into your bedroom. I really like how simple it is. You just turn on the sensor and head to sleep. Setup is also super quick and easy. It comes with a simple piece of plastic you stick above your bed to hold the Pebble. It even has a command strip already applied.


The Smart Nora is one of the most comfortable stop snoring solutions out there. Since there are no mouth guards or nose strips you don’t even notice it until it starts moving. The movement is very subtle and slow. It’s designed to work silently and in the background to minimize disruptions to your sleep. The movement may wake you up while you’re getting used to the product. This is normal and within a week or so you should be back to sleeping soundly.   

Customization of the Smart Nora

The Smart Nora allows for personalization by adjusting the sensor’s sensitivity levels. This allows you to customize the sound threshold at which the movement is triggered. It took me a bit of adjusting but I was able to dial it in and account for how noisy my bedroom is at night.

Charging & Battery Life

The battery life has been great. The base unit has a battery life of 24 hours while the pebble can last up to 7 days without charging. The case (with the pump inside) plugs directly into the wall. The Pebble charges via USB but you don’t need to worry about plugging it into the wall because the case contains a USB connection. So, you really only need one open outlet for the whole system.


The Smart Nora retails for $329.00 at www.SmartNora.com/. They also offer a 30 night free trial. So, if you decide it’s not for you within 30 nights you can return it for a full refund, including shipping! You can’t go wrong with a guarantee like that.  

My Smart Nora Recommendation

After using the device for a few days I’m super impressed. Overall, the Smart Nora is a very comfortable and well designed device. The movement is subtle and the pump makes hardly any noise at all. If you or your partner have a snoring issue, this is a super simple and comfortable product to try.


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