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Slumber Cloud Cumulus Lightweight Comforter Review

Cumulus Lightweight Comforter slumbercloud

If you find yourself waking up hot or cold at night, you may want to consider this comforter. I received a free Cumulus lightweight comforter from SlumberCloud for review. When it comes to a duvet, everyone wants that perfect balance between comfort and weight. Those who sleep hot will eventually kick off the duvet by the middle of the night when they start to sweat. Or they might find the duvet too heavy for comfort. In both cases, the duvet turns out to be insufficient for aiding in proper rest.

Why is  A Comforter Essential?

Whether you tend to sweat at night or get chilly, a lightweight comforter can be the perfect balance of comfort and weight. It will keep you warm without being too heavy for comfort. Traditional comforters are usually heavier and don’t come with proper airflow leading to heat and moisture build-up. Modern comforters are completely different, made with advanced technology that balance warmth, airflow, and ventilation.

New Age Comforter for All Type of Sleep Environments

The Cumulus Lightweight Comforter by Slumber Cloud is just what you need. The comforter, made with advanced technology, claims to automatically adjust the airflow, temperature, and coolness to keep the sleeper comfortable all the time. The entire range of Cumulus bedding by Slumber Cloud uses innovative design and construction to create products that keeper the sleeper comfortable by automatically finding the perfect temperature. They make everything from mattresses to comforters and sheets, which can be bought for attractive discounts on their site. They also have plenty of positive reviews to back their products.

Slumbercloud ComforterScience Behind Slumber Cloud Comforter

The Slumber Cloud Company says that pulling and tugging at the sheets happens because of a build-up of humidity between the mattress and the top cover. This is why Slumber Cloud uses the Outlast technology to stabilize humidity and adjust the temperature. The core of the duvet is made of soft polyester fiberfill and encased in a breathable 300 thread count damask cotton cover. This makes the duvet of the perfect weight to provide comfort and never get hot. Slumber Cloud also recommends using the Stratus Duvet Cover for enhanced temperature regulation.

Sleep Technology at its Finest

The patented Outlast technology is the same temperature regulating technology that NASA astronauts use in their spacesuits. In this technology, the comforter is made up of thousands of microscopic beads known as Thermocules™. Each of these beads has a specific temperature that counteracts fluctuations in temperature. When your body temperature rises, the beads in the comforter absorb the excess heat to keep you cool. When the temperature drops, the beads then release the heat to keep you comfortable. The Outlast technology also helps control humidity by mitigating heat, so you can sleep soundly without pulling and kicking at the covers.

The Cumulus Lightweight Comforter is not only comfortable to use and light enough to keep on your bed all the time but is also easy to clean and care for. You can simply put the comforter in the washing machine and dryer and follow the instructions on the tag. There is no special requirement for the comforter because it is durable and sturdy while being soft and comfortable at the same time.

This is a thin, lightweight comforter but it will keep you warm when needed.


It also has loops to make tying your duvet cover easy if you choose. You can also just use this as a quilt without duvet cover.


The box stitching keeps the material in place for a consistent amount of insulation across the comforter.

box stitchThe Cumulus lightweight comforter may be unlike any other duvet you have ever tried. If you sleep hot and get uncomfortable with your current comforter, try the Cumulus to find a new favorite.

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