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QuietOn Earbuds Review


Noise is a constant companion in today’s world of electronics, gadgets, and whatnots. When you think about it, there are a million different things making background noises that do not even register in your brain during your waking hours. But, come nighttime, these noises set the bar between a good night’s rest and a sleepless tiring night.

There is nothing more annoying, difficult, and irritating than trying to fall asleep with the fridge humming, street noises filtering through the window, neighbors playing loud music, or even the snores rattling through from your partner. In the end, it is very difficult getting that much-needed shut-eye when you have even the slightest noise coming through. Noise-canceling gadgets are excellent options and come as a lifesaver in these situations. This article will give you an in-depth review of the latest innovative “QuietOn Ear Buds.” You will be sure to find these pairs of earbuds heaven sent.

Why Do You Need Noise Cancellation Earbuds for Sleeping?

quiet on box

There is nothing more annoying than trying to fall asleep only to get rudely pulled back due to some noise or the other. There are plenty of other ways in which noise disrupts your sleeping pattern. Noise cancellation devices help you in overcoming these disruptions by effectively silencing the world. Some ways in which noise hampers your sleep, and overall health are:

  • Leads to frequent waking
  • The abrupt waking makes it difficult to fall back into a deep sleep
  • Makes you more anxious and stressful which in turn prolongs the time it takes for you to fall asleep
  • Nighttime noises make an impact on your subconscious mental and passive physical health
  • These noises have the greatest impact during your non-REM light sleep, which prevents you from crossing over to the REM deep sleep
  • As per WHO, long term exposure to noise over 55 decibels have the potential to trigger heart attacks and play a major role in high blood pressure problem

These alarming facts about noise exposure highlight the importance of having good noise cancellation solutions.

QuietOn Ear Buds in a Nutshell

These latest noise-canceling earbuds from QuietOn will help you silence the outside world, including the snores from your bedside, without having to resort to ugliness. With research that has linked poor sleep quality with a host of mental and physical health, the importance of having those 7 to 9 hours of beauty sleep has become clearer than ever. Unfortunately, actually clocking in those many hours is also getting more and more difficult thanks to the constant noises that just don’t seem to cease. QuietOn earbuds are great in this regard.

These snazzy little earbuds fit very comfortably in the ear with little to no discomfort. With a lightweight construction, you will not feel much pressure on your ear. They come in a compact carry case that makes it easy and convenient to store and carry around with you. QuietOn is not new in the noise-canceling segment. It has already launched noise-canceling buds for airplane rides, and with these earbuds, it has merely extended its base to include people wanting a peaceful sleeping night. These QuietOn earbuds are quite adept at keeping the outside world’s humming and buzzing at bay.

Not everyone likes to have something stuffed inside their ear while sleeping. It can make them very uncomfortable. This might be the case with these earbuds as well. If you don’t like having earphones or earbuds on, then you will not like having these sticking into your ear. Switching on the talk mode is another tricky feature with QuietOn earbuds. Apart from this, these earbuds are on the expensive side. At this price point, you can get other options which are better value for money.

Pros and Cons




Ergonomic design

Uncomfortable on-ear for prolonged use
Good noise cancellation

Key Features

  • Targets lower frequency noise
  • Soft ear tips
  • The battery life of 20 hours on a single charge
  • 1-hour charge time
  • Pack includes earbuds, charging case, cable, and ear tips in S, M, and L sizes and instruction manual
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • 1-year international warranty

In-Depth Review


quiet on earbuds

The QuietOn Sleep earbuds are a pair of very stylish and sleek earbuds. They very strongly resemble the truly wireless earbuds. This similarity is made even stronger with the charging style and the flip-top carry and storage case. All of these combine to remind you very strongly about noise products like the Apple Air Pods.

Though these resemblances make for a great selling point, they also set the user expectation quite high to match the other similar looking products. This is where the QuietOn loses its edge. The buds are quite small and sport a high gloss finish. The size allows it to rest easily inside your ear. The high gloss gives it an expensive and trendy look making it an ideal accessory for any event and place. There is only one physical mode touch button that is also responsible for switching it to the talk mode.

The body is shaped like an acoustic guitar. One end of the structure is bigger and rounder than the other end of the structure. They come marked with L and R for reference purpose, so you know which one goes in which side of the ear. They also do the function of letting you know that the fit is regular when the alphabets are at level with the surface. The body is made of hard plastic. This comes across even with the memory foam cushioning of the earbud tips. It just does not manage to do justice to the ear shape and the straight lines and curves that come with it.

Carry Case

quiet on case

The charging case is small and sleek. It is tiny enough to be pocketed in your shirt pocket or jeans back pocket. For the ladies, you can easily toss it into your coin purse. Carrying these earbuds around is not a problem at all.

It comes with a magnet flip-top lid. The magnet is strong enough to keep the lid closed even with constant jostling. There is no danger of you losing your earbuds accidentally because of a poorly clasped lid. The joints are easy, with little to no resistance. IT allows the lid to pop open easily. On the flip side, the joints cannot keep the lid upright. You will have to deal with a floppy lid once it is open.

The QuietOn earbuds do not come with any power switch. The carry case acts like its power button. When you take out the buds from the case, it automatically turns on, and when you replace it in the case, the earbuds turn off. The charging only happens when you plug the carry case into a power source.

Charging and Battery

QuietOn Sleep Ear Buds charging technique is very simple and straight forward. It recharges within the carry case itself. The process is like all the other rechargeable noise accessories. The difference is that the charging case does not come equipped with a battery of its own to charge the earbuds. You have to plug the charging case into a power source and then stick the earbuds in it for them to charge. Getting the buds to sit evenly into the case is a bit problematic. However, since the magnets are aligned to the upper base of the case, you just have to more or less get the buds into the slots and close the lid. The case does the rest of the work of aligning it properly.

So, in this way, the earbuds charge more like your phones than the truly wireless ear products. Other than this plugin hassle, the charging is pretty straight forward. It takes about an hour for the buds to be fully charged, and it gives you 20 hours of battery time on a full charge. This means that you will never find yourself out of charge with these buds unless you are on a very long and isolated road trip.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how much battery you have left. There is no red LED warning or voice warning, letting you know of a low charge. You just have to plug the device in for charging and keep going on faith.

Comfort Level

The most important aspect of any ear product is the comfort level it gives you. When you have something that needs to be plugged into your ear, you need to ensure that it offers the highest level of user comfort. There is simply no point in having a fantastic ear product that simply doesn’t sit well into your ear.

This point is a bit lacking with QuietOn earbuds. The size is great for optimal comfort, but it somehow does not deliver the right amount of comfort. The buds tend to stick out no matter how you try to place it. Apart from this, the foam around the tips is also a little thick for a nice comfy feel. It feels a little awkward on the ear, and that does not relieve the pressure it creates on the ear.

People generally do not like anything in the ear. Over ears are mostly preferred rather than in-ear products. QuietOn does not do anything to take you away from that concept. It is especially tiresome for the side sleepers. You will experience certain pressure and soreness problems on the side that you sleep on. However, this tends to get better with prolonged use.

QuietOn Bud Tips

You have to get the tip size right for optimal comfort. The QuietOn earbuds come with three standard tip sizes of small, medium, and large. The bud tip size also determines the level of sound isolation it offers. This is because it is ultimately the fit of the buds in your ear that affects the level of comfort you have with the product and the level of passive sound cancellation you get.

QuietOn has gone to great lengths to bring you high-quality earbud tips. They are made of the highest quality memory foam. This helps it retain the shape of your ear and mold itself according to give you a perfect fit. The memory foam is also plush, soft, and very spongy for a great comfort fit. It has been designed to expand according to your ear shape to effectively block out all noise. They are quite easily one of the best earbud tips you will find in the market.

Noise Cancellation

QuietOn is quite adept at the main feature of blocking out the outside world. You can even use it to block out the noises during the daytime. It is easy enough to wear them for about 2 to 3 hours while awake but any longer and you might end up with an earache.

You get to choose between full active noise cancellation modes and pass through normal noise cancellation mode. With full active, the outside world gets completely blocked, and the other mode is for when you want the noises reduced to a background level so that you still know what’s going on but are not disturbed by it.

You can control these two modes by the tiny physical button on the earbuds. However, the button is quite small to be pressed by the pad and generally responds to the fingertips or nails better. These earbuds are very effective at drowning out the low to mid-level sound frequency. This includes your washing machine whirring, normal TV sounds, basic thumps from the apartment above, and the likes. For these day to day disturbances, QuietOn works wonders. It gives you good silence from these sounds, reducing them to mere whispers. The earbuds have been designed to target the low and mid frequencies only. So you will hear all the high pitched sounds.

The Verdict

QuietOn Sleep earbuds are great wireless noise cancellation earbuds. With Bose having stopped their sleep buds because of battery problems, QuietOn has the whole market with them in this segment. If you are a back sleeper with very little shifting and position changing at night, then these earbuds are perfect for you.

For side sleepers and stomach sleepers, it is a bit tricky to get that right fit. You might have to deal with sore ears for a while before your body gets used to having these buds in place. However, these are very good at noise canceling. You will be hard-pressed to find a better or more effective product in the market. So, even though the price is a bit on the higher side, you should get your hands on the QuietOn earbuds.

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