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Purple vs. Novosbed Mattress

Purple vs. Novosbed Mattress 5

Purple vs. Novosbed Overview

I was given both a Purple and Novosbed mattress free to review. I also have an affiliate relationship with both of these companies.

The Purple Mattress and Novosbed both sell their queen sizes for $999 (after you use my Novosbed and Purple discount codes). Both have unique features and benefits, and both are arguably in the high-end/luxury segment of the market. Purple went mainstream in early 2016 with the release of a well-produced video and intriguing comfort layer technology.

Novosbed is a pioneer of the online memory foam mattress business, starting in 2009.
So, if you are in the market for a high-end mattress, should you buy a Novosbed or a Purple? I’ve slept on both and investigated them carefully. Here is the short answer:
If you like a traditional high end memory foam feel ranging from soft to firm, get a Novosbed.
If you like a medium-firm, highly springy mattress, and like new mattress tech, get a Purple.

Here’s my detailed assessment:

Top Cover


purple cover
Materials, origin, and assembly location is not disclosed. The cover is not removable and not washable.


The Novos bed uses premium textiles from the USA. Hand-sewn together in Pennsylvania. Top cover is actually 2 parts: a removable and washable plush top cover, and a spandex “core-protection” sub-cover underneath.
Is there a clear winner?

I need to give this one to Novosbed: The top cover is exceptionally high quality and washable, which is a huge bonus to some.
Top Layer


Purple Cover

2″ hyper-elastic polymer (feels like highly springy silicone)

Novosbed cover
2″ memory foam, 4-5 lb density depending on the firmness you select, with vertical airflow channels

Note: As of January, 2016, Novosbed can ship a free Comfort+ package that allows you to change the firmness of the top layer if you need to.

Novosbed is unapologetically memory foam, with some additional benefits. You get the sink-in, without “bottoming out”. It is foam, so you can expect it to sleep slightly warmer, although the entire top layer has 2” vertical airflow channels for cooling. Although you need to select a base firmness (soft, medium, or firm) you have the chance to adjust it with their Comfort+ system later (for free). This is a big advantage over other memory foam mattresses out there.

If you like a completely springy mattress that has huge bounce with a nice contouring effect, Purple is a good choice. Purple is a one-size-fits-all company with a single firmness (medium firm), so if it is too firm or soft for you, you’ll need to apply a topper or a thick mattress pad which could defeat the advantage of their top layer technology.

Middle Layer

purple layers
3.5″ 1.8lb poly foam.

novosbed layers
2-3″ 4-5lb memory foam, depending on the firmness you select.
Novosbed is in my opinion a high-end memory foam mattress. If you want that memory foam feel with all the advantages of buying online, Novosbed is for you.

Purple is unapologetically a bouncy mattress. Purple uses poly foam as their middle layer, which is ideal for more bounce.

Base Layer
4″ 2 lbs poly foam.
6-7″ 1.8lb poly foam, depending on the firmness you select.
Purple’s base layer is slightly higher density than Novosbed’s, but considerably thinner. I would expect little difference here in terms of longevity or its effect on the overall feel of the mattress.



Purple is a highly elastic and bouncy mattress with decent motion isolation.



Novosbed is a visco-elastic memory foam mattress (not bouncy at all) with excellent motion isolation as a result. Novosbed contours in the way a high-end memory foam mattress would. Purple contours well, but retains a much more significant bounce effect.
Other considerations
Off-gassing: Both the Purple mattress and Novosbed have minimal off-gassing compared to other popular brands.
Customer service: Novosbed has been in business since 2009, and has an excellent customer service record. Purple launched much more recently but I expect will have similar customer service which has become standard in the online mattress business.

Delivery: both offer fast, free delivery (usually 3-5 business days). Purple offers a same-day customer pickup option in some areas.

Return policy: Novosbed offers 120 nights, Purple offers 100 nights

Warranty: Purple offers 10 years, Novosbed offers 15 years

Final Verdict
If you like the feeling of a high-end  memory foam mattress, go for Novosbed.
If you like more bounce and want to try some new mattress tech, go for Purple.
Purple is a new highly-elastic (bouncy) mattress with great potential for people that don’t like memory foam. It’s a bit like a spring mattress that conforms more. Novosbed is a high-end memory foam mattress brand for people that like the feeling of memory foam, and don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all options.
Both Purple and Novosbed are similarly priced ($999 for a queen), and both come with similar trial, returns and warranties. Novosbed has the advantages of a washable top cover and its free Comfort+ adjustable firmness guarantee. It is also available in soft, medium and firm options.
Both Purple and Novosbed offer generous trial and return policies. So, if you think you made the wrong choice, you can always get your money back extremely easily and order the other mattress for comparison.
If you have any questions on Novosbed, Purple or other mattresses I review on this site, please contact me at [email protected] and I will get back to you within a few hours.
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Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with both Novosbed and Purple

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