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Purple Platform Base Review

purple bed review

Purple has created a platform bed that according to their website can hold up to 4,600 lbs. Since the Purple bed only weighs 45 lbs. this is quite a feat! Below I show you how the Purple bed is constructed and how to set it up as well as how it compared to some of the other platform beds I have reviewed such as the Zinus.


The Purple platform bed retails for $174 for queen. It comes shipped in a box. Currently the deliver times vary. As of this writing they say 6-8 weeks. Below is a picture of the box. Purple Base


Below are the highlights of the Purple base according to their website:

  • Squeak-proof: Stays quiet no matter what shenanigans you get into
  • High-profile: Lifts your bed 16.5” off the ground and gives you 15.5 vertical inches of under-bed storage
  • Easy to move: Lightweight + simple set-up and take-down = easier moving or rearranging
  • Lifetime Warranty: Your Platform is protected for life… it’s that good.
  • No returns: Due to the nature of the product, there is no trial or return on the Purple™ Platform Base


The Purple bed is relatively easy to assemble. Once you get it out of the box there is a small bag of screws and bolts.

Purple screws

Below are all the parts for the Purple bed frame. I bought the queen size and so there are two halves that get screwed together. The other small pieces on the floor are brackets to attach a headboard.

Purple bed frame parts

Below is a photo of the instructions which are fairly simple.

purple instructions

Setup was fairly easy but I ran into a snag with the connectors as seen below.

purple connector

The problem I ran into was when I tried to move the base on end. the bolts sort of warped as I tried to turn the frame. Obviously this won’t be a problem if you setup the frame in the place where you intend to keep it but it was concerning.


Once I had everything setup the base felt very firm. Here’s a picture below of it all put together.

purple frame

I like the fact that there is an attachment where you can add a headboard. There is also ample room for storage underneath.


This is a heavy duty bed and will definitely hold up for heavy people. However, there is no trial period for this bed frame so if you don’t like it you’re sort of out of luck. I think another option would be to consider the Zinus Smart Base Elite. It is also built heavy duty and retails for $130 for a queen size. In addition, you get a 30 day trial period.

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9 thoughts on “Purple Platform Base Review”

  1. Check with the mattress company before using this with anything other than Purple. The slats are too far apart which voids the warranty with many other mattresses. We were told that we had to add plywood to make the warranty valid. This is understandable, as I noticed my king Purple mattress bulging through the slats even when no one was on the bed.

  2. It squeaky beyond being usable. Going with traditional box springs. This thing squeaks like they desinged it to. I added extra bolts to non avail.

  3. Our purple mattress bed frame bent as soon as it was put together all it does is squeak. It drives me ficking nuts. I’m loosing sleep at night because EVERY SINGLE MOVE YOU MAKE THE FUCKING FRAME squeaks. Bed was comfy for maybe a month now the entire bed is just sagging from this poorly made weak ass design. Waste of money. VERY disappointed customers.

  4. We have a king size bed and bought the purple frame for its support strength which it is very strong but is also the squeakiest bed frame we’ve ever owned. We have tried turning the frame tightening the nuts and everything we can think of but it just gets worse and worse every month


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