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Puffy Pillow Review

Puffy Pillow

puffy pillow package

The Puffy Pillow

The Puffy Pillow is another adaptation of the customizable pillow. It’s designed to suit every sleeping style however do keep in mind that it leans towards the firmer side. You can open it and remove some foam to find your perfect comfort level. Puffy also does their work on the charity side by donating mattresses to children in need.

puffy pillow zippered case

Overview of The Puffy Pillow

The Puffy Pillow is Certipur-US Certified. That means that it’s made with no harmful chemicals or substances. The outer pillowcase is made from a special blend of Bamboo Rayon for breathability. This gives the pillowcase both a thermoregulating as well as a moisture wicking property. The cooling cloud cover is designed to prevent you from waking up due to sweating or overheating. Puffy gives you a 101-night sleep trial however this trial and their return policy only applies to those who purchased their pillows directly at puffy.com. A standard size pillow costs $75 while a king size pillow will run you closer to $100 ($95 on their site). The pillow is 100% manufactured in the USA.

pillow puffy after unboxing

Construction of The Puffy Pillow

You can get the Puffy Pillow in two different sizes: Standard and King size.

The Puffy Pillow has a premium memory foam filling that is CertiPUR –US certified. It’s made from a special polyester blend and a bamboo rayon blend so it is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The cooling cover is also washable.

The pillow comes in the following sizes:

Standard: 20” x 26”

King:  20” x 36”

My Puffy Pillow Findings

My experience with the Puffy Pillow was mixed. The unboxing experience was great. It arrived in a branded package, it was designed well and looked neat. As with most pillows, it was compressed to reduce the size and cut packaging costs and waste. I was surprised with how much loft this pillow has once you give it time to sit there and adjust to the oxygen in the room. It’s really a huge pillow and I’m sure for someone who doesn’t like a lot of stuffing, it can even make two. There was a bit of off-gassing with this pillow so I do advise everyone to give it a sufficient amount of time to air out. Open a window and let the wind do some of the work. I felt that the pillowcase was disappointing, not necessarily because it looks to be made poorly or out of poor material; that wasn’t the case. It does look well made and like the fabric is designed to do what it’s supposed to (thermoregulating and moisture wicking), however it didn’t match the image of what they’re promoting on their website. In that sense, it was difficult to deny that I was surprised as I really was expecting something quite different. Adjusting the foam content was also not my favorite because I found it to be messy but as long as you don’t mind running a vacuum across the floor, it doesn’t need to be a deal breaker. What I do feel this pillow is great for is for someone who wants a pillow that is supportive and that can retain its shape and loft. Side sleepers would especially benefit because you can expect the foam to stay put. I would say that’s the strongest attribute of this pillow, it feels incredibly reliable in that sense.

puffy pillow perforations in pillowcase

My Puffy Pillow  Recommendation

I think the pillow has a lot of potential if only it looked more closely to what is portrayed on the website. I think the best word for the image online is that it looks too airbrushed. Otherwise, this pillow seems like a great option for someone who likes medium-firm pillows and who is specifically looking for adequate support.

puffy pillow logo tag

More About Puffy

On their website where the Puffy Pillow is promoted I found that at the bottom of the page you can find a link called “Puffy Donations.” While this doesn’t pertain to the pillow, it does pertain to their mattress and something philanthropic like this does score some points with me. For every 10 social media posts (on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) Puffy will donate a mattress to a shelter for children in need. Individuals are asked to the tag with @puffymattress and #puffydonation. The non-profit organizations that they’ve partnered with include:

  • Penny Lane Center
  • Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • The Mission of Hope
  • Nashville Rescue Mission
  • Teen Challenge

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1 thought on “Puffy Pillow Review”

  1. So we ordered a mattress from puffy and got a free pillow and the pillow is the gray one from the website. We LOVE IT. So we ordered another and the white one was delivered and it’s NOT the same. I have contacted them multiple times and they won’t even say sorry for the inconvenience they just tell me it’s a new model. I didn’t order a new model- I ordered what was on the website. The new one is more dense, doesn’t fluff up after a days worth of time to recoil, and the cover isn’t as cooking or soft as the gray. Currently waiting to hear back.


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