Puffy Mattress | Does it Live Up to the Hype?

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Introducing the Puffy Mattress

I have been a fan of the Puffy mattress ever since they launched in 2016. Since the launch of the original Puffy, the brand has expanded its lineup to the Puffy Lux Hybrid and the Puffy Royal. The Puffy Lux Hybrid was rated a Consumer Reports top pick and continues to be a top seller in the Yawnder mattress stores. 

If you are wondering if the Puffy is right for you and if so, which model, check out this video where I compare the Puffy, Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal. 

Exploring the World of Puffy Mattresses

Puffy is the new mattress on the block, which reportedly mimics the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. Read on to find out more about the ‘most comfortable’ mattress ever.

Construction of the Puffy Bed

Puffy Mattress 2019

The Puffy Mattress comes in three models: the Puffy Original, the Puffy Lux, and the Puffy Royal. Here’s a detailed look at the construction of each model:

  1. Puffy Original:

The Puffy Original is a 10-inch mattress that features a two-layer foam construction:

  • Comfort layer: The top layer is made of 3 inches of Puffy’s proprietary Cooling Cloud foam. This foam is designed to provide pressure relief, contouring to your body and distributing your weight evenly across the surface of the mattress.
  • Support layer: The bottom layer is made of 7 inches of high-density polyfoam. This layer provides support and helps to keep your spine properly aligned.

The cover of the Puffy Original is made of a soft polyester blend that is breathable and helps to promote airflow through the mattress.

  1. Puffy Lux:

The Puffy Lux is a 12-inch mattress that features a three-layer foam construction:

  • Comfort layer: The top layer is made of 1.5 inches of Cooling Cloud foam, followed by 1.5 inches of Plush Dual Cloud foam. These two layers work together to provide contouring and pressure relief, while also promoting airflow and temperature regulation.
  • Transition layer: The middle layer is made of 2 inches of Climate Comfort foam. This layer is designed to help regulate temperature and prevent heat buildup.
  • Support layer: The bottom layer is made of 7 inches of high-density polyfoam. This layer provides support and helps to keep your spine properly aligned.

The cover of the Puffy Lux is made of a soft and plush polyester blend that is breathable and moisture-wicking.

  1. Puffy Royal:

The Puffy Royal is a 14-inch mattress that features a five-layer foam construction:

  • Comfort layer: The top layer is made of 1.5 inches of Cooling Cloud foam, followed by 2 inches of Plush Dual Cloud foam. These layers provide contouring and pressure relief, as well as breathability and temperature regulation.
  • Transition layer: The second layer is made of 2 inches of Climate Comfort foam. This layer is designed to help regulate temperature and prevent heat buildup.
  • Contour layer: The third layer is made of 2 inches of Body Adapting Dual Cloud foam. This layer is designed to provide additional contouring and support for your body.
  • Support layer: The fourth layer is made of 6 inches of Firm Core Support foam. This layer provides the foundational support for the mattress and helps to keep your spine properly aligned.
  • Base layer: The bottom layer is made of 1 inch of high-density polyfoam. This layer provides additional support and helps to extend the lifespan of the mattress.

The cover of the Puffy Royal is made of a luxurious and breathable blend of polyester, rayon, and polyamide. The cover also features a stain-resistant treatment to help keep your mattress clean and fresh.

Unboxing and Overview of Puffy

This is one of many new online mattress companies that ship their product in a box. A queen size currently retails for $850 which puts it at a comparable price to the leading online brands. It comes with a 101-night sleep trial where if you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund. What does that mean? Well for starters, you don’t need to put it back in the box and ship it back. Instead, the company will work with you to donate it or they will come to pick it up. Either way, it’s not a hassle.

Here’s a picture of the box that my queen size mattress came in.

puffy boxOnce you get it out of the box you will find that it is wrapped in plastic. This protects it from all the elements it may get exposed to in delivery. Unboxing is easy. From here, just cut the plastic carefully and the mattress will slowly expand into shape.

puffy on bedHere’s what the mattress looks like a few hours after opening. You can see the signature clouds stitched into the mattress ticking a very nice touch.

puffy 2019This mattress has a nice border around the front of the mattress with their logo. Although you aren’t going to notice this after you put sheets on the bed, it shows that they have put some thought into the looks of the bed and therefore put some thought into the feel as well.

Puffy Logo

Below is a video overview of the mattress along with what you can expect in terms of feel and bounce. This is a two-layer mattress with the top part being a more dense foam followed by your standard base foam. It has a washable zippered cover. I have washed many covers like this and they are easy to unzip and wash. Just make sure you don’t use too much heat when drying. You don’t want to shrink the fabric as that will make it harder to get back on the mattress. I don’t recommend washing these covers and usually prefer people use a mattress protector instead.

Inside the Puffy Mattress

Here’s what the mattress looks like inside with the cover off. What makes this mattress so conforming is the top layer which you really sink into fast.

puffy layersMy Puffy Findings

Overall I found this to be a softer mattress. Despite only having two layers, it transitions well so that you don’t feel yourself hitting the base layer when you lie down.

Here’s a video of me squishing the mattress so you can see how each layer reacts. As you can see the top layer responds much more slowly.

Inside the Puffy Mattress

How is Motion Transfer on the Puffy Mattress?

Here’s another video illustrating motion transfer. There is very little bounce with this mattress and I believe this was by design. This mattress would be a good choice for couples looking to eliminate motion transfer. This mattress behaves similarly to other dense foam mattresses like Nectar where there will be little motion transfer. However heavier people may find that it will not completely eliminate this issue.


Here’s a picture of how much by bowling ball sinks into the mattress. The Puffy will cradle you fairly well and will give good pressure relief.

Puffy Mattress SinkDoes the Puffy Mattress Sleep Hot?

The video below was taken with my thermal camera to illustrate heat retention on the mattress. I thought this mattress handled heat fairly well given its construction. If sleeping hot is a primary concern, there are other mattresses such as the Purple which will sleep much cooler but may not conform quite as well.

Puffy Mattress by Sleeping Position

The best Puffy mattress model for you will depend on your sleeping position. Here are my recommendations based on different sleeping positions:

  1. Side sleepers: Side sleepers need a mattress that provides adequate pressure relief to avoid discomfort in the hips and shoulders. For side sleepers, the Puffy Lux or Puffy Royal would be the best options as both models have a soft comfort layer that can cushion pressure points.

  2. Back sleepers: Back sleepers need a mattress that supports their lumbar region and keeps their spine properly aligned. The Puffy Original and Puffy Lux would be the best options for back sleepers as they provide adequate support while still conforming to the body’s natural curves.

  3. Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers need a mattress that is firm enough to keep their hips from sinking too far into the mattress, which can lead to lower back pain. For stomach sleepers, the Puffy Original would be the best option as it has a firm support layer that can help maintain proper spinal alignment.

  4. Combination sleepers: Combination sleepers need a mattress that can accommodate various sleeping positions. For combination sleepers, the Puffy Royal would be the best option as it has multiple layers of foam that can adapt to different sleeping positions, while still providing support and pressure relief where needed.

Overall, the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are the most versatile and suitable for most sleepers.

How Much Does the Puffy Mattress Cost?

Puffy Original

  • Twin: $699
  • Twin XL: $749
  • Full: $999
  • Queen: $1,149
  • King: $1,349
  • California King: $1,349

Puffy Lux

  • Twin: $1,149
  • Twin XL: $1,199
  • Full: $1,449
  • Queen: $1,649
  • King: $1,949
  • California King: $1,949

Puffy Royal

  • Twin: $1,649
  • Twin XL: $1,699
  • Full: $2,449
  • Queen: $2,699
  • King: $3,149
  • California King: $3,149

Please note that prices are subject to change and may vary depending on promotions, discounts, and other factors. It’s best to check the Puffy website or a retailer that carries Puffy mattresses for the most up-to-date pricing information.

What is the Puffy Warranty?

Puffy offers a lifetime warranty on their mattresses. This means that the warranty is valid for as long as the original purchaser owns the mattress. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, including sagging or body impressions greater than 1.5 inches, and physical flaws that cause the foam to split or crack despite proper use and handling.

During the first 10 years of ownership, Puffy will repair or replace the mattress at no cost to the owner if there is a covered defect. After 10 years, Puffy will repair or replace the mattress, but the owner will be responsible for a prorated portion of the original purchase price based on the length of time they have owned the mattress.

The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and is not transferable. The mattress must be used on an appropriate foundation and not subjected to abuse, neglect, or damage. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, changes in comfort preferences, or damage caused by misuse or improper cleaning.

My Puffy  Mattress Recommendation

Overall the Puffy is a conforming, soft mattress that should please people who like a softer feel with conforming foam. At $850 for a queen size after the $300 discount, it’s right on target with other brands.  I was impressed with how it conforms and relieves pressure without being hard to move around on.

2023 Puffy Mattress Review Update

Since this mattress was introduced in 2017 literally dozens of new brands have launched to compete in the online bed-in-a-box space. While all of these have some unique features, the Puffy still has a unique feel.

I think the Puffy is still worth considering and should definitely be on your shortlist if you are a side sleeper as it should completely address shoulder and hip soreness. Everything about the Puffy is convenient so it’s definitely worth trying out.

Interested in how the original Puffy compares to the Puffy Luxe Hybrid and the Puffy Royal Mattress? Check out this picture below of all 3 puffy models lined up. As you can see they just keep getting thicker with the Royal being both the thickest and softest of the three. 

Puffy Mattresses

Puffy vs. Purple Mattress

When it comes to choosing between Puffy and Purple mattresses, several key factors come into play: comfort, construction, price, trial period, and warranty.

The Puffy mattress is known for its comfort and support, achieved through a three-layer memory foam construction. The top layer is a cooling gel-infused foam designed to keep sleepers cool throughout the night, while the middle layer offers body-adapting dual cloud foam. Finally, the base layer provides firm support that ensures durability and longevity.

In contrast, Purple mattresses use a unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid combined with foam layers. The grid is designed to flex under pressure points and provide support elsewhere, offering a balance of comfort and support that caters to all sleep styles. This grid also promotes airflow, making Purple mattresses notably cool to sleep on.

Puffy typically offers its customers a 101-night trial period, which provides ample time to adjust to the new mattress. On the other hand, Purple grants a 100-night trial period, which is standard in the industry. Both companies provide free returns if you’re not satisfied within this period.

In terms of warranty, Puffy stands out with a lifetime warranty, reflecting their confidence in the durability of their products. Purple, meanwhile, offers a 10-year warranty which is industry standard.

As of my last update in September 2021, the price for a Puffy queen size mattress typically ranged from around $1,150, whereas Purple’s original queen mattress retailed at around $1,149. Prices, of course, can vary based on size, model, and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

In conclusion, Puffy and Purple are two different brands with distinctive features. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preferences and sleep needs. Puffy tends to be the choice for those who prefer the contouring and hugging feel of memory foam, while Purple’s unique grid and foam construction offers a blend of support and pressure relief that caters to a wide range of sleepers. It is recommended to take advantage of the trial periods offered by both companies to find the perfect match for your individual sleep style and comfort preferences.

Puffy is the clear winner over Purple and Saatva

There are several reasons why certain individuals might lean towards Puffy when comparing it with Purple and Saatva mattresses. It’s important to understand that individual sleep preferences vary greatly, and what works for one person might not work for another. However, let’s delve into the factors that could make Puffy a more appealing choice for some.

Firstly, the comfort and pressure relief offered by Puffy’s memory foam construction is a significant draw. Puffy mattresses use a three-layer foam design that includes a cooling cloud foam layer, a body-adapting dual cloud foam layer, and a firm core support layer. This combination provides a balance of support and comfort, catering especially to those who prefer a medium firmness level. It molds to the sleeper’s body, providing a contouring sensation that many find to be quite comfortable, especially side sleepers and those with joint pain.

Secondly, Puffy’s lifetime warranty is a standout feature. The warranty, which covers certain defects for as long as the original purchaser owns the mattress, signals a high level of confidence in their product’s quality and durability. Compared to the 10-year warranty offered by Purple and the 15-year warranty offered by Saatva, Puffy’s lifetime warranty can be a compelling selling point for consumers looking for a long-term investment.

Lastly, Puffy mattresses are designed to be compatible with any type of bed frame, including box springs, flat frames, slats, or even adjustable bases. This flexibility can be a significant advantage for shoppers who don’t wish to purchase a new bed frame or have a particular type of bed base already.

While these reasons may make Puffy mattresses attractive to some buyers, it’s important to remember that Purple and Saatva have their own strengths. Purple’s unique hyper-elastic polymer grid offers a distinctive feel and cooling capabilities, while Saatva’s innerspring and eco-friendly constructions appeal to those seeking a traditional mattress feel or a more environmentally-conscious choice.

In the end, the decision between Puffy, Purple, and Saatva will come down to individual sleep needs and preferences. Consumers are advised to take full advantage of the trial periods offered by these companies to ensure they find the perfect match for a good night’s sleep.

53 thoughts on “Puffy Mattress | Does it Live Up to the Hype?”

    • ME TOO!!! I really want to see how it compares to the others. I’m in desperate need of a new mattress and really want to know how Puffy compares. Haven’t had a good nights sleep in months, have back, hip & joint issues! i’m also generally cold, but suffer from hot flashes/night sweats….so really don’t know which way to turn. Sleeping on a coil for years now with a memory foam topper. Used to have a temperpedic 10 or 15 years ago that was okay, but too hard (and probably too hot, lol). Thinking it may come down to the Puffy or Nectar….but need that Puffy review!!!!!!!

      • Have you read any reviews of nectar? Seems as though there are many dissatisfied customers because of the shipping. They either wait extremely long time for the mattress or aren’t receiving it at all.

        • Nectar gives you a ship date, then moves it up by about a week, so I cancelled my order. I have a puffy now, but after the first night my lower back hurt. I don’t know if this is due to lack of support or if my body is just getting used to the mattress

          • Well, it took me a little over a week to adjust to the Puffy. After 2 months I can say that I actually look forward to sleeping on it every night. The rest I get on this mattress I have yet to get anywhere else, even when my husband and I travel to top hotels. We certainly appreciate this mattress.

    • I thought that there is no mattress in the world I would be 100% satisfied with due to back pain and sleep problems until PUFFY!!!! What!? A really awesome surprise and I feel bad for anyone that does not have a PUFFY. My husband and I never want to get out of bed and look forward to going to bed and he has medical issues also….falling off a second story building is no joke, the PUFFY has him going “AAAHH< SWEET". Best money we spent was on PUFFY

  1. I agree with the need for a review of the Puffy (versus the Nectar). I’m looking at both but finding it difficult to discern which would be the better mattress for me. I sleep very hot and frequently wake up with sore hips. I sleep mostly on my side or back. Please do us all a favor and do a Puffy review so we can make the right mattress choice. Thanks

    • The PUFFY is excellent for back and side sleepers. Very comfortable!
      A little on the firm side, but still soft.
      Excellent purchase!

    • I have a Nectar and I can tell you that I am getting a refund less than a year after purchasing it, there is a deep hump in the middle and it has softened so much that my back and neck hurt all the time. I am thinking about this Puffy mattress.

  2. Description of firmness seems at odds with the Puffy literature and grading as well as almost all the reviews I’ve read. Evaluation was pretty abstract from the language you used to describe the product. Have you ever slept on it?

  3. I’m surprised by the reviewer claiming puffy to be on the soft side. I’ve found it to be very firm and uncomfortable. I’m a side sleeper and my shoulder hurts after sleeping on this mattress. Company said mattress is firmer in cold weather, softer in warm. It’s being returned,,

    • i am also a side sleeper. I have the regular Puffy Lux and it feels not so soft and not too firm. I also sleep on my side and it keeps my hip and shoulder comfortably into place. this way I don’t wake up over and over at night.

  4. Bought a Puffy Lux and my wife and I love it. 14 years on a sleep number and did not realize that we could be so much more comfortable when sleeping. I sleep on my side and The Puffy just conforms to all my angles. Wake up refreshed and rested. Wasted my time on the Sleep Number

    • Funny my husband and I switched from our old Sleep Number too. Puffy is the way to go. My husband says he could have bought a car for the amount of money we waisted on the Sleep Number.

  5. I purchased the Puffy Lux 12” Mattress and tonight will be my third night sleeping on it. The only complaint I have so far is the border of the mattress is very soft, lacking the firmness of a nicely stitched border for better support when sitting on the side of the bed. Otherwise, the mattress is plush but not too much so and I have been sleeping very well and wake up feeling refreshed without my painful arthritic hips bothering me! After having slept on a top-of-the-line Sleep Number Bed for nearly 15 years, I am pleasantly surprised with the Puffy Lux! I highly recommend it!

    • I feel the same way with my Puffy mattress. I used to have a Tempur so I was think about getting another one until my friend suggested Puffy. I think I saved over $1500 by going with Puffy and my sleep quality is just as good if not better.

  6. We love our Puffy mattress, it is a great mattress for the price. We keep wondering how the Puffy Lux would have felt like and compared but for now this one is great. My husband snores less and I never fell him moving around in bed.

  7. It really is the best mattress we have had including the super expensive Sleep Number. Puffy is just feels amazing for our body. We have had it for a good year now so we wonder how well it will hold up after 2 or 3 years. They do have a very good warranty but still once must wonder.

  8. Is the puffy king available in “firm” ? Also, what is the cost of the king and does it come with something like a box spring?what is the return policy?

    • It feels more like a medium firm but the back support is perfect. It doesn’t come with a box spring and our king size was $1195.

  9. We would buy this mattress again and again. It basically solved my husbands back issue that he was dealing with for almost two years.

  10. Got my mattress in July. Was hoping it would help with back pain, but to me it’s too soft. I would not say this is a medium firm mattress. I will probably have to get a refund and purchase the firm mattress, which I’ve never have had to purchase. Glad it works for some people.

  11. Excellent mattress, I like the sleep and recovery my body is getting these last 3-4 weeks. I workout 5 times a week and needed a mattress that can put me deep asleep and that’s exactly what I’m getting now.

  12. I’ve had the Puffy mattress for about 3 months and every night I look forward to getting in bed because it gives me a divine feeling that I’ve never had before. Takes me just minutes and I am Zzzzzzing all night til morning.

  13. Ok, so we got our puffy matress. I opened the box and to our suprise it looked a little small for a king mattress. Turns out they sent us a queen. I called the customer service line and they said no problem you can keep that mattress and we will send you the correct one. First thought is “Damn really” and I proceeded to prep our third bedroom for its new bed. We received our king size puffy a couple days later and proceeded to air it out and let it take correct form. So it was a but firm after sleeping on it for a month or so. I called and explained the situation to the customer service people to see if there is anything else we could do and they said it may not be a perfect fit for everyone and stated they would give a full refund but we needed to donate the matress and send proof. I did donate to a local charity and sure enough after showing proof we got a full refund. This company fully stands behind there product and that is hard to find. The spare bed that we got at no cost we gave to my sister and she loves it. Hope this helps

  14. Excellent purchase. Love the cover and the style. I can’t stay awake if I wanted to, because the bed has great contouring and puts me to sleep in just mins.

  15. This sounds like an amazing mattress, very interesting. Thank you for this chance in winning one.

  16. Seems like this would be the perfect mattress for my ailing body. I cannot sleep on my back and often find sleeping on one side or the other too long causes pain. I would love to sleep comfortable . I definitely have this on my shortlist for the near future.

  17. I love the reviews on this puffy mattress, I sure could use this in my life. I have severe back issues, this sounds perfect thank you

  18. I appreciate an in depth review like this that I can understand! First of all I like how the Puffy mattress can aid in my body recovering from when I’ve worked out too hard. I also love a softer mattress and that’s hard to get when you need support.

  19. I do like a soft mattress so this sounds like it would be great for me. The fact that there is not much motion transfer is a plus since hubby tosses and turns a lot at night which can sometimes wake me up. My only concern is that it doesn’t really sleep cool but overall it sounds like a great mattress.

  20. The reviews look amazing. Would love to win! My aging body needs help. My mattress definitely needs replacing.

  21. Sounds great but curious since I don’t think anyone really mentioned it. I’m a tad on the heavy side..yay or nay?

  22. I bought the Lux mattress and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I had a Tempurpedic that was way too firm for me. The Lux is slightly less firm which gives me good support and as a side sleeper has alleviated my hip pain. I suffered for years with intense hip pain and stiffness getting up in the morning and this mattress has greatly helped enough so I can get better sleep. I suffer with fibromyalgia and I highly recommend the Lux.

  23. After one week I could not be happier. I am 240# and have to say that I haven’t slept better! I am no fan of heat so this thing gets an A ++. If you like to read in bed, do not buy this matress! You wont get much reading in before you are fast asleep! If you like to sit on the edge of your bed every morning before you force yourself into reality, this isnt for you… But if you are looking for a nest to have a wonderful sleep with the best support on your side or back, do not hesitate!

  24. We bought queen size, but this mattress is short on all sizes on queen bed frame. It also heats up pretty bad as you sleep. And it took me over two months to finally wake up on this mattress without feeling extremely muscle sores. We attempted many times to write to Pluffy’s customer center but all in vain. Once you receive the mattress they are not reachable. My five year old fell off the bed once already because it is impossible to fit my husband 5’9, me 5’1 and a thin 5 year old together. I read numerous review before buying but on the hindsight, they are all suspiciously good to excellent reviews. I feel trapped with deceitful merchandise.

  25. I’ve got a 12″ king Puffy Luxe, and while it did take a few weeks to feel “normal”, I’ve got to say I absolutely LOVE this mattress! I thought it was going to be just a bit too soft for me, but as you sink in it firms up perfectly. I’m a stomach/side sleeper, I sleep kinda hot and I’m a not a lightweight, and it delivers.


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