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Protect A Bed Luxury Mattress Protectors

Protect A Bed Luxury Mattress Protectors 2

Protect-A-Bed is a company that specializes in creating mattress protectors, pillow protectors, and other bedding accessories designed to keep your sleeping environment clean, healthy, and comfortable. Their products aim to safeguard your mattress and pillows from allergens, dust mites, spills, and stains, while also providing a barrier against bed bugs.

Some of the key features of Protect-A-Bed products include waterproof and breathable materials, hypoallergenic fabrics, and easy-to-use designs that can be machine washed and dried. By using these protectors, customers can extend the life of their mattresses and pillows, ensuring a cleaner, more hygienic sleep surface.

How Did Protect-A-Bed Start?

Protect-A-Bed was founded in 2000 by entrepreneur David Kaplan in South Africa. The company began as a small family-owned business focused on creating high-quality mattress protectors. The initial concept was inspired by the need for a product that could protect mattresses from spills, stains, and allergens, and provide a healthier sleeping environment.

Over the years, Protect-A-Bed has expanded its product offerings beyond mattress protectors to include pillow protectors, bed bug protection products, and other bedding accessories. The company has also grown internationally, establishing a presence in various countries, including the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

As a leader in the bedding protection industry, Protect-A-Bed has earned several patents for its innovative designs and technologies. The company continues to develop new products and materials to meet the evolving needs of its customers, staying committed to providing clean, healthy, and comfortable sleeping environments.

Protect-A-Bed’s United States headquarters is located in Wheeling, a suburb of Chicago in the state of Illinois. The address for the U.S. headquarters is:

Protect-A-Bed 1500 S. Wolf Rd. Wheeling, IL 60090 USA

From this location, the company manages its sales, marketing, distribution, and customer service operations for the U.S. market.

What Makes Protect-A-Bed Unique?

rotect-A-Bed is unique in the bedding protection industry for several reasons:

  1. Specialization: The company focuses primarily on mattress and pillow protection, allowing them to dedicate their research and development efforts to creating superior, innovative products in this niche market.

  2. Patented technology: Protect-A-Bed holds multiple patents for its products, including the Miracle Membrane® and BugLock® technologies. The Miracle Membrane® is a breathable, waterproof barrier that protects against allergens, dust mites, and liquids, while still allowing air to circulate. BugLock® is a bed bug protection system that features a secure seal and tamper-proof design to prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping the mattress encasement.

  3. Quality materials: Protect-A-Bed uses high-quality materials to ensure the effectiveness and durability of its products. The company’s mattress and pillow protectors are made from hypoallergenic fabrics that resist allergens, bacteria, and mold.

  4. Health and wellness focus: The company is committed to promoting a clean, healthy, and comfortable sleep environment. Their products not only protect against allergens and spills but also contribute to the overall wellness of their customers.

  5. Wide range of products: Protect-A-Bed offers a variety of products to suit different needs and preferences, including waterproof mattress protectors, pillow protectors, bed bug protection solutions, and temperature-regulating products.

  6. Global presence: With headquarters in South Africa and regional offices in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Protect-A-Bed has established itself as a leader in the international bedding protection market.

These factors, combined with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, have helped Protect

I was given a free Protect A Bed mattress pad for review. Protect A Bed has been in business for over 33 years and continues to be an innovator in the mattress protection space.  They are located in the Chicago area and sell their product in 45 countries. There have been many imitators in the market but they don’t come close to Protect A Bed in terms of quality.

If you’re going to invest several hundred dollars in a new mattress, the last thing you want to do is get stains on it. To keep your mattress in pristine condition, you need to get a quality mattress protector.  Not only will it keep your mattress clean but a quality mattress protector will also allow you to get the full benefits of your mattress.

Ordering Your Protect a Bed Protector

Protect A Bed has an easy to use website that gives a full description of their product with an accurate assessment of how it will perform.  Your order will arrive in about a week.

Protect a Bed Construction

Protect-A-Bed uses various materials for its mattress and pillow protectors, depending on the specific product line. Some common materials used in their protectors include:

  1. Polyester: This synthetic fabric is often used for its durability, moisture-wicking properties, and affordability. Polyester is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitivities.

  2. Terry cotton: Some Protect-A-Bed protectors feature a soft and absorbent terry cotton surface. Terry cotton is breathable, comfortable, and offers excellent moisture absorption.

  3. Tencel®: Protect-A-Bed also offers temperature-regulating protectors made from Tencel® lyocell fibers, which are derived from sustainable wood sources. Tencel® is known for its softness, moisture-wicking properties, and eco-friendly production process.

  4. Miracle Membrane®: This is a patented, waterproof, and breathable barrier used in many of Protect-A-Bed’s products. The Miracle Membrane® provides protection against liquids, allergens, and dust mites while maintaining air circulation for a comfortable sleep.

Different product lines from Protect-A-Bed may use a combination of these materials to achieve specific features and benefits, such as waterproofing, allergen protection, temperature regulation, and overall comfort.

The top layer is made of Tencel fiber which is a natural fiber made of dissolved wood pulp. It is actually softer than cotton and is being used in all sorts of textiles including pillows and mattress covers.

There’s also the Miracle Membrane layer which is a waterproof but breathable layer that keeps your mattress protected.  This membrane also protects against dust mites. These mattress protectors are machine washable but be careful not to run your dryer on the cotton or hot setting as this will damage them. Instead, use a medium or low setting to maximize their life and performance.

Here’s a video from the website that gives a good overview of how their mattress protectors work.


The luxury mattress protectors are quiet and not crinkly like some of the cheaper store brands. What I like best about them is their breathability. You won’t wake up in a cold sweat or feel too hot. Many of the mattresses I have reviewed now incorporate a gel infused comfort layer. To get the full benefit of these comfort layers you need your mattress protector to breathe. Otherwise, you have just invested a lot of money in a new mattress without the full benefits.

My Protect A Bed Recommendation

Buying a quality mattress protector will make all the difference in getting maximum performance out of your mattress. Protect A Bed mattress protectors are an affordable solution. I recommend buying from them direct so that if you aren’t satisfied with the product you can work with them directly.

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Protect A Bed. 

Other Product from Protect-A-Bed

In addition to their core products of mattress and pillow protectors, Protect-A-Bed offers a range of other bedding accessories and products designed to enhance the sleeping environment. Some of these products include:

  1. Mattress encasements: These fully enclose the mattress and provide comprehensive protection against allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, and spills. They often feature the company’s patented technologies, such as Miracle Membrane® and BugLock®.

  2. Bed bug protection kits: These kits contain various products that work together to provide a comprehensive solution for bed bug prevention and protection, including mattress encasements, pillow protectors, and bed bug interceptors.

  3. Allergy protection kits: Designed for individuals with allergies or asthma, these kits include mattress and pillow protectors to create a barrier against allergens and dust mites.

  4. Temperature-regulating products: Protect-A-Bed offers products designed to regulate temperature and moisture, such as the Thermo-Regulating Tencel® mattress and pillow protectors, which help wick away moisture and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

  5. Crib mattress protectors: Specially designed for babies’ cribs, these protectors offer the same protection and benefits as the company’s standard mattress protectors but in a size suitable for a crib mattress.

  6. Mattress storage/disposal bags: These heavy-duty bags are designed to protect mattresses during storage or disposal, ensuring they remain clean and free from damage.

  7. Mattress pads and toppers: Protect-A-Bed also offers mattress pads and toppers to enhance the comfort of your mattress while providing an additional layer of protection.

By offering a wide range of products, Protect-A-Bed caters to various customer needs and preferences, ensuring a clean, healthy, and comfortable sleep environment.

Protect-A-Bed vs. Malouf

Protect-A-Bed and Malouf are two companies that offer bedding accessories and products, including mattress and pillow protectors. Here is a comparison of the two brands:


  1. Focus: Protect-A-Bed primarily specializes in mattress and pillow protection, dedicating their efforts to creating innovative products that offer a clean, healthy, and comfortable sleep environment.
  2. Patented technologies: The company holds multiple patents for its products, such as the Miracle Membrane® and BugLock® technologies, which provide waterproof, breathable, and bed bug protection.
  3. Health and wellness: Protect-A-Bed emphasizes the importance of a clean and healthy sleep environment, offering products that cater to individuals with allergies or asthma.
  4. Global presence: With headquarters in South Africa and regional offices in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Protect-A-Bed has an international presence in the bedding protection market.


  1. Product range: Malouf offers a broader range of bedding products, including sheets, pillows, bed frames, and mattress toppers, in addition to mattress and pillow protectors.
  2. Material variety: Malouf provides a wider variety of materials and fabric options in their protectors, such as Tencel™, bamboo, and premium cotton.
  3. Sleep accessories: The company also offers sleep accessories like aromatherapy sprays, sleep masks, and travel accessories.
  4. Zoned technology: Malouf incorporates zoned technology in some of their products, such as pillows and mattress toppers, which offers targeted support and pressure relief.

In summary, if you’re specifically looking for mattress or pillow protectors, Protect-A-Bed’s specialization and patented technologies may be a better fit. On the other hand, if you’re interested in a broader range of bedding products and sleep accessories, Malouf might be a more suitable choice. Malouf’s variety of materials, fabrics, and additional sleep products, such as pillows, sheets, and bed frames, makes it a one-stop-shop for all your bedding needs.

When choosing between Protect-A-Bed and Malouf, consider your specific requirements, budget, and preferences. Both companies offer high-quality products, but their focus and product offerings differ. It may be helpful to compare customer reviews and individual product features to determine which brand best aligns with your needs.

Ultimately, the decision between Protect-A-Bed and Malouf will come down to your personal preferences and the importance you place on specific product features, materials, and technologies. Both companies are well-regarded in the bedding industry and are committed to providing customers with comfortable, healthy, and clean sleeping environments.

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    • The WinkBed is not waterproof which is why I strongly recommend buying a mattress protector for any mattress you buy.

  1. Is there any disadvantage to getting the full zippered encasement version of Protect A Bed covers? Does breathability suffer with the full zippered encasement?

    • I haven’t tested the encasement version of the protect a bed yet. I did not notice a difference with the Malouf encasement vs cover so I would expect the same with protect a bed. The encasement is harder to put on and take off but it doesn’t need to be changed all that often.

  2. Totally leaked and the so called Warranty is total BS. Furious with this company DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM!


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