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Polysleep Origin Mattress Review

Polysleep Origin

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Polysleep a popular online mattress brand from Canada recently introduced a new model called the Origin. The Origin mattress is a foam mattress designed for people on a budget. A queen retails for $650 Canadian and that’s before any discounts. This mattress is an excellent choice for college students, people who may be in temporary housing or move often or just want a good mattress at a great price.

Ordering the Origin Mattress

Right now, the Origin mattress is only available for purchase in Canada. When you place your order, the mattress should arrive in about 5 business days. It will come in a box like the one below. It comes with a 100-night trial where if you aren’t happy with it you can return it for free. It also has a 5-year warranty. A bit shorter than the standard 10-year warranty but the price is also significantly less than competing brands.

origin mattress box

Overview of the Polysleep Origin

This mattress is one of the most aggressively priced mattresses for the money. Here’s a video overview explaining the features and what sets it apart.


How Much Does the Polysleep Origin Cost?

Below are the prices as of this writing and before any discounts are applied. Use coupon code SHERPA to get 15% off the Origin mattress.

[table id=76 /]

Construction of the Origin Mattress

Below are the specs as listed on their website. What stood out to me when opening the mattress is that it is relatively light. For people that move frequently, this is a bonus. This is a rather basic construction, being 2 layers of foam but still does a great job with pressure relief.

polysleep origin inside

Measurements & dimensions (W x L x D)


39” x 75” x 8” 33 lbs

Twin XL

39” x 80” x 8” 35 lbs


54” x 75” x 8” 44 lbs


60” x 80” x 8” 50 lbs


76” x 80” x 8” 64 lbs

Cal King

72” x 84” x 8” 64 lbs


The Origin Mattress is made of 2 horizontal layers of hybrid foam. The top layer is a 2 1/2” viscolastic hybrid foam. The base layer is 5 1/2” high-density support foam.

Moisture Absorbent Cover: Polyester 70%, Viscose 30%
Top Layer – Antimicrobial Viscoelastic Hybrid foam 3.0lb / ft3 – Certified ISO 20743
Base Layer – Foam 1.8lb / ft3

Country of origin

Our mattresses are handcrafted in Montreal, Canada. Our suppliers were carefully chosen to have the lowest possible carbon footprint, even our boxes are made in Canada using recycled material.

Our mattresses are also entirely recyclable.

My Origin mattress findings

This mattress is just slightly on the softer end of the spectrum. Here’s a picture of my 16 lb. bowling ball on the mattress to illustrate sinkage.
Polysleep Origin Sinkage
Here’s another shot with me pushing into the mattress. This mattress is only 8 inches thick so if you are a heavier person I wouldn’t advise jumping into bed as you could bottom out on it.
Origin Squish

My Polysleep Origin Recommendation

The Origin is a great choice for the budget shopper. Even though it is less expensive than the competition, you are still getting high-quality foam that has antimicrobial properties. It is also relatively breathable for a foam mattress as they incorporate open-cell foam that will help with airflow and is more responsive than traditional foam.
The purple cover is also machine washable so you could even sleep right on the mattress without sheets if need be, but I wouldn’t advise it as you will want to keep the mattress clean with sheets and a mattress protector.
If you are someone who tends to move every few years or maybe going away to college, this is a great choice. It will be easy to move from place to place and feels great without a high price tag.

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