Newton Crib Mattress

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Newton Crib Mattress

When a new baby arrives, the need for infant paraphernalia skyrockets. New clothes, diapers, toys, socks, crib, bedding. No wonder, a new baby brings along tremendous hectic times for parents. And while you’re trying to make sure your baby has everything they need to be comfortable.

Newton is one such mattress company that’s marketing its “breathable” and “washable” mattress to be safe for newborns, infants, and toddlers. Called Wovenaire, the mattress is lightweight, comfortable, and one of those baby crib mattresses that can be fully washed inside and out. It’s firm, but not hard like a rock, and even has a light bounce to make the baby happy. The catch? It’s expensive. Is it worth it? Let’s take a look.

Newton Crib Mattress Specs

  • Material: 10% Food-Grade Polymer, 90% Air
  • Organic? No
  • Degassing period: None
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Firmness level: 9 (baby), 7 (toddler)
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

What Newton Claims

Newton claims that it makes your baby’s sleeping environment healthier. Even though the mattress isn’t organic, it has been made with natural materials that don’t smell like chemicals. Newton claims to value the safety of your baby, the reason behind creating a mattress that’s free from biocides and toxic fire retardants usually found in other mattresses. The mattress is 100 percent recyclable, is hypoallergenic, and also has a GREENGUARD Gold Certification.

Construction of the Newton Crib Mattress

The Wovenaire mattress is made of 10 percent food-grade polymer, and the rest of it is air, making this an ultra-breathable mattress for your baby. There is no foam, latex, rubber, spring, or glue used in this mattress. There are only two layers, but three if you include the bottom cover of the mattress.

Layer 1: The 3-D space cover is a breathable spacer fabric that wraps around the top layer of the mattress. The two layers are quilted together with plenty of air passage in between to provide breathability.

Layer 2: The main layer is the giant mesh of food-grade polymer, which is a kind of safe plastic. Although the material looks like string woven together, it is actually very soft and durable. Inside layer is 90 percent air and 10 percent food-grade polymer. There is a picture below that shows the material up close. It does look like a string, but it is actually a very safe and soft type of plastic. It is made by extruding high quality food-grade polymer into a pool of water to give it the 3-D shape.


The mattress is firm for a baby but also soft enough to keep them comfortable. It also has a little bounce to keep the baby happy. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of comfort and firmness, then the Wovenaire doesn’t disappoint.


The mattress has little to no sinkage. For a newborn or infant there is no sinkage at all, and even for toddlers up to three years, the level of support is excellent. The top cover makes the support go up a few notches higher. This is important because a mattress with too much sinkage will pose the risk of suffocation for babies.

The 2-Finger Test

This is the test to make sure the mattress is the right fit for the crib. If you can put in two fingers in the space between the mattress and the crib rails, then there is the risk of suffocation. In most cases, the Wovenaire passes the test because it is made for all standard crib sizes. There is also a mini crib size available.


The Wovenaire has rounded corners. People assume that square corners are better than rounded corners, but this mattress fits all standard cribs without any space between the mattress and the crib. With the Wovenaire mattress, you don’t have to worry about your baby getting stuck in the space in between.

Motion Transfer And Heat Regulation

The mattress has a minimal bounce to it and is excellent at isolating motion. The bounce is nothing to disrupt the baby’s sleep while still being comfortable. As for heat regulation, the mesh-like construction and the tiny holes in the cover let out excess heat and keep the baby cool.

How Much Does the Newton Crib Mattress Cost?

The Newton crib mattress is priced at $299, which could probably be the priciest mattress you ever buy for your baby. Is it worth it? Only your baby’s comfort will be able to tell.

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