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Nectar Sleep Arrives in the UK

nectar mattress uk


The mattress industry is booming with several new bed-in-the-box companies coming up and brick and mortar companies going online. Nectar Sleep is one such American mattress company that’s spreading its wings. Nectar Sleep, one of the fastest growing mattress companies in the US, has finally arrived in the UK.


Nectar Sleep was launched in 2016 and has since grown to sell 1,000 mattresses a day in the US, with millions of five-star ratings and reviews from satisfied customers lavishing praise on the innovative design and unmatched customer service. Before its launch, Nectar Sleep had undergone three years of product development and features a four-layer design that’s different from all the other mattresses in the same category. What makes Nectar Sleep stand out is the innovative Adaptive® cooling technology that provides body contouring, optimized support, and temperature regulation and body alignment. Brits will now get to experience the deep, luxurious sleep that Americans have so long enjoyed.


The American version of Nectar Sleep mattresses is manufactured and packed in the US. Similarly, the ones in the UK market will be manufactured and packed entirely in Britain. By doing this, Nectar Sleep assures customers that all the materials and labor that go into making each mattress are locally sourced. In fact, all the features that American customers have so long enjoyed are now for the Brits to experience, including the unique 365-night trial period, forever warranty, and the promise of climate neutrality.


There are several reasons why customers love Nectar Sleep. The company always strives to deliver optimal levels of comfort, firmness, breathability, and coolness for every sleeper. Whether you’re tall or short, lean or stocky, stomach sleeper or side sleeper, Nectar Sleep mattresses are sure to provide you with the comfort you need for a blissful sleep. The one whole year of the trial itself proves how confident Nectar Sleep is about customers loving this product. The company believes that it takes time for the body to get used to a new mattress, and thus the 365-day trial. At any time during that one year, if you’re unsatisfied with the mattress, you can have it returned for a full refund. Yes, it’s that easy. But the company believes you won’t need to do that. You also get a forever warranty, so any time during use if the mattress gets torn or become uneven, Nectar Sleep will give you a new mattress in exchange. It could even be ten years after you first buy it.


Nectar Sleep comes with four layers, including the cover. Each layer plays its own role in keeping you comfortable through the night.  The Nectar Adaptive® Cooling Cover is made with Temperature Regulating Technology, which draws away heat from your body and keeps you cool. The Nectar Smart Layer is made with memory foam and designed with Cool Sleep Concept, making it breathable and cool. The Pressure-Relieving memory foam Layer provides contoured comfort, while the 7-Zone Support Layer aligns to your shape, providing optimum comfort and firm support to the spine, hips and shoulders.


From 24 September, Nectar Sleep mattress will be available for purchase online across the UK. You can easily buy it online, and have it delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours of purchase. You don’t have to worry about unboxing the heavy package. The two-man delivery service will not only bring you the mattress to your home but also unbox it along with the two free pillows. The delivery men will also take away the old mattress you’re giving away for recycling.


The Nectar Sleep mattress is not only good for you, but also for the planet. The company uses no harmful chemicals earning it the Certipur certified tag. Nectar Sleep is also the first and only mattress company in the UK to offset all emissions due to the forest protection offset project in the Amazon rainforest.


Nectar Sleep mattresses are reasonably priced, so you can get a good night’s rest without burning a hole in your pocket. The small single mattress is priced at £399, the small double and double at £599 each, the King at £699 and the Super King at £799.


Angela Crouch, managing director at Nectar Sleep, has said that the company understands the positive impact of quality sleep, which is why they decided to bring their products to the UK. From the design to the cooling technology to the hassle free delivery process to the unique 365-day trial period, Nectar Sleep aims to provide Brits with the best sleeping experience ever.

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