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Neck Sofa Review

Neck Sofa Review 4

The Neck Sofa is a wonderful travel pillow that you can use for travel or just around the house. It is one of the softest and most versatile neck pillows I have used. It has a patented inner core and has been endorsed by Chiropractor Dr. Matthew Lindsay.

The Neck Sofa’s inner cored  helps to stabilize your neck in a comfortable position. It is surrounded by super soft and squishy memory foam. The soft cover conveniently unzips so that you can clean it if it gets dirty. There are many ways to use the pillow. If you wear it in the reverse position around your neck, it will help prevent, “text neck”.

text neck

Unboxing the Neck Sofa

The Neck Sofa comes in fun packaging and even comes with a little backpack to store it in or carry around during travel.


Here are some pictures of the inside of the Neck Sofa. Notice the inner core. It’s hard but not uncomfortable as it’s surrounded by high quality memory foam.

neck pillow 1 neck pillow 2

As I said, this is an extremely versatile neck pillow. Below are some of the positions for it. You can find more positions as well as demonstration videos at their website.

I have been using my Neck Sofa for the past 3 days around the house. It works perfect for laying on the couch while reading or using your computer. I tried the face down position on my bed and it works fairly well. I plan to bring the Neck Sofa on our next road trip as I always hurt my neck during long rides while sleeping in the car.

I’f you’re looking for a neck pillow with maximum softness and support. Go with the Neck Sofa. It is a bit larger than other neck pillows I have used but the trade off is much more comfort. This would be a great pillow for a long international flight or long road trip. It is also soft and study enough where you can use it as a regular pillow if need be. Something to consider if you have to pack light.

Right now you can get the Neck Sofa travel pillow on Amazon for $95. Although this seems high for a neck pillow, I can vouch for its quality and true versatility. This isn’t a neck pillow that you will use just for a flight. It is a pillow that can be incorporated in to some of your regular routines to promote better posture and better overall health.

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