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Moon Pod Review, Rest like an Astronaut

moon pod review
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The Moon Pod is a new-age bean bag that got its start on Kickstarter, raising millions of dollars. It is now available to purchase on their stand-alone website. This is a lightweight piece of furniture that is versatile and great for family movie nights when you need some extra lounge options. Its unique shape means it’s versatile enough to be used as a chair, a lounge or even a small bed.

I received a space gray color Moon Pod review along with the removable cover which is washable. Below are my findings on using the Moon Pod for family nights which my kids love. 

If you are a bigger fellow or maybe want to cuddle with your beau, check out the Super Moon Pod which is wider and built for two. You can read my full Super Moon Pod Review here. Either way, the Moon Pod weighs considerably less than competitors like the LoveSac or even a traditional bean bag. 

Overview of the Moon Pod

Here’s a video overview of the Moon Pod. I’m 6’4 so taller than most people and therefore the Moon Pod probably wasn’t an ideal fit for my body size but I still enjoyed it in a sitting position. This isn’t your average beanbag and although the Moon Pod price was originally high, it has come down over the years. 

Your Moon Pod will arrive in a box like the one below.

moon pod box

When you open the box you will find that the cover is in a separate bag as well as some instructions. The Moon Pod uses thousands of high friction microbeads that form together under pressure to create unique and versatile positions. 

moon pod opened

The instruction card comes with some suggestion lounging positions.

moon pod instructions

Assembly is simple but it does take a little time getting the cover on since it is meant to fit snug. Just be persistent. Once inside you just zip it up and you are ready to go. The cover has a great feel and stretch to it and is made of spandex. If it gets a little dirty from a spill or dusty floors, it’s quick to take off and throw in the wash. 

moon pod cover

How Much Does the Moon Pod Cost?

A Moon Pod currently retails for $399. There’s only one size and it is often discounted. Right now you can get $150 off through this link.


My Moon Pod Findings and Moon Pod Review

For its size, I was surprised at how light the Moon Pod is. Other bean bags I’ve tried have been heavy and bulky, but the moon pod can be lifted and carried with one hand. 
The Moon Pod claims to have a weightless, space-age feel that’s similar to a float tank. When we tried it out for ourselves we were impressed with how unique it did feel. 
moon pod lounging
Its great for gaming, watching TV, reading, and just laying around. The moon pod provides versatility of comfort in three main positions: sitting in it like a chair, a recliner, or laying flat. Depending on how you approach your sit you can mold it to how you need it.
Unlike an old school bean bag chair, I didn’t feel like I was sliding downwards and have to constantly scoot up back into position. This really molds you your body and stays there. That’s what makes it the best bean bag chair for the money.
The moon pod found that sitting at a 135 degree angle provides the ultimate spinal support. Those with back issues with things like scoliosis could benefit from. This is a the perfect type of furniture to use with a weighted blanket. 
moon pod zero gravity
I know what you’re thinking; that’s a lot of money for a bean bag. If you look online at other bean bags you’ll find prices that are easily double that don’t offer this level of innovation. 
If you decide the Moon Pod isn’t for you, that’s ok, you’ve got 14 days to send it back. Just remember to save all the original packaging to box it back up. You’ll also need to pay return shipping and a restocking fee. 

MoonPod Review Final Thoughts

The Moon Pod is an impressive new take on the classic bean bag. They’re using pellets instead of chopped up foam so there’s a traditional feel to this. It brings me back to playing video games on the floor in the early 90’s. While it may not make you feel like you’re laying in a float tank, it’s definitely a new sensation that’s worth trying.  I do wish that it was a bit bigger given my size as I think that would give me even more ergonomic support.
The negative reviews surrounding Moon Pod are the high cost which is true but it does feel great and if you are looking for a uniquely engineered, ultra-supportive piece of furniture that is easy to move, this is definitely worth considering. 
I would also like to see an outdoor cover for the Moon Pod so that I can bring it out on the lawn or patio when I’m hanging out with friends. The cover that it comes with is easy to wash and can be dried on tumble dry low heat but I would worry about water getting through the cover. 
I don’t wash my Moon Pod often as it is still sort of a chore to put back on but it is easy to lint roll in between washings. 
Moon Pod has launched bean bag technology into the space age for bean bag enthusiasts all over the world. 

New MoonPod Updates

The availability of Moon Pod for trial will depend on your location and the retail stores in your area.

You can check the official website of Moon Pod to find the nearest retail store or showroom where you can try out their product. Alternatively, some online retailers offer a trial period or a return policy that allows you to try the Moon Pod for a certain period and return it if you’re not satisfied with the product.

It’s always a good idea to check the return and exchange policy of the seller before purchasing to ensure that you have the option to return or exchange the product if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

How Long Does the Moon Pod Last?

The durability and lifespan of a Moon Pod will depend on several factors, such as the frequency of use, the care and maintenance of the product, and the quality of the materials used.

The manufacturer claims that the Moon Pod is made with high-quality materials and is designed to last for many years with proper care. The microbead filling is expected to retain its shape and resilience over time, and the cover is made with a durable, machine-washable fabric that should hold up well with regular use.

However, it’s important to note that the lifespan of the Moon Pod may vary depending on how it’s used and how well it’s taken care of. For example, if the Moon Pod is exposed to moisture or direct sunlight for extended periods, this could shorten its lifespan.

To maximize the lifespan of your Moon Pod, it’s recommended to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer and avoid exposing it to harsh elements or abrasive surfaces. With proper care, the Moon Pod should last for several years.

The Moon Pod can accommodate people of different sizes and body types, including those who are overweight or obese. The microbead filling is designed to conform to your body shape and provide support, regardless of your weight or size.

However, it’s important to note that the Moon Pod has weight limits recommended by the manufacturer. The weight limit for the Moon Pod is around 300 pounds, but this can vary depending on the specific model and the way the product is used.

MoonPod vs LoveSac

The Moon Pod and Lovesac are both popular options for comfortable and supportive seating, but there are some key differences between the two products.

One of the main differences is the filling material. The Moon Pod is filled with high-density microbeads, while the Lovesac is filled with shredded foam. The microbeads in the Moon Pod are designed to conform to your body shape and provide a weightless sensation, while the foam in the Lovesac is designed to be more supportive and durable.

Another difference is the size and shape of the products. The Moon Pod is smaller and more compact, making it a good option for smaller spaces or for use as a portable seat. The Lovesac is larger and can be configured into different shapes, making it a good option for use as a couch or for lounging with friends.

In terms of price, the Moon Pod is generally less expensive than the Lovesac, making it a good option for those on a budget.

Overall, both the Moon Pod and Lovesac are high-quality seating options that can provide comfort and support. The choice between the two will ultimately come down to personal preference and specific needs, such as size, shape, and filling material.

MoonPod vs BeanBag Chair which is better?

The Moon Pod and traditional bean bag chairs are both types of seating that offer a relaxed and comfortable experience, but there are some differences between the two.

One of the main differences is the filling material. Traditional bean bag chairs are typically filled with small foam pellets or beads, while the Moon Pod is filled with high-density microbeads. The microbeads in the Moon Pod are designed to conform to your body shape and provide a weightless sensation, while the foam pellets in a traditional bean bag may compress over time and lose their shape.

Another difference is the shape and design of the products. The Moon Pod has a unique shape that is designed to provide support for your head, neck, and back, while traditional bean bag chairs are typically round or cylindrical in shape. The Moon Pod is also smaller and more compact than many traditional bean bags, making it a good option for smaller spaces.

In terms of price, the Moon Pod is generally more expensive than a traditional bean bag chair, but it may provide more comfort and support.

Overall, both the Moon Pod and traditional bean bag chairs are good options for relaxed seating, but the Moon Pod may offer some advantages in terms of support and durability due to its unique filling material and design.

MoonPod in Popular Culture

The Moon Pod has gained popularity in recent years and has been featured in various forms of popular culture, including:

  1. Television: The Moon Pod has been featured on several popular TV shows, including “Shark Tank,” “Good Morning America,” and “The Today Show.”

  2. Social Media: The Moon Pod has become a popular topic on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, with users sharing photos and videos of themselves using the product.

  3. Celebrities: Several celebrities, including Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, have shared photos of themselves using the Moon Pod on social media, contributing to its popularity.

  4. Movies: While the Moon Pod itself has not been featured in any movies, the concept of a comfortable and supportive chair or bean bag has been a staple in many coming-of-age films and TV shows.

Overall, the Moon Pod has become a popular product in popular culture due to its unique design and comfort features.

Several celebrities have been spotted using or endorsing the Moon Pod, including:

  1. Kourtney Kardashian: Kourtney Kardashian has shared photos of herself relaxing on a Moon Pod on social media, calling it her “favorite seat in the house.”

  2. Kylie Jenner: Kylie Jenner has also shared photos of herself using a Moon Pod on social media, saying it’s her “new favorite thing.”

  3. Chrissy Teigen: Chrissy Teigen has tweeted about her love for the Moon Pod, saying it’s the “most comfortable thing ever.”

  4. Kevin Hart: Comedian Kevin Hart has posted photos of himself relaxing on a Moon Pod on social media, calling it “amazing.”

  5. Steve Aoki: Musician and DJ Steve Aoki has endorsed the Moon Pod on his social media accounts, saying it’s “next level comfort.”

These celebrity endorsements have helped to raise the profile of the Moon Pod and contribute to its popularity among consumers.

Float Therapy

Moon Pod Mimics Flotation Therapy

The Moon Pod aims to mimic the zero-gravity feeling of flotation therapy, but there are some key differences to consider:


  • Weightlessness: Both create a sense of weightlessness by enveloping your body and supporting it evenly, reducing pressure points.
  • Relaxation: Both promote relaxation and stress relief due to the comfortable and supported environment.
  • Sensory deprivation: Both can offer a degree of sensory deprivation, allowing you to focus on your internal state and potentially improve focus and mindfulness.


  • Environment: Flotation therapy takes place in a sealed pod filled with salt water, creating a more immersive and isolated experience. Moon Pod is a beanbag chair-like structure, offering less isolation and being open to the surrounding environment.
  • Temperature: Flotation pods are typically kept at skin temperature (around 93°F) to further enhance the weightless feeling. Moon Pod temperature depends on the room temperature and your body heat.
  • Movement: Flotation pods restrict movement completely, while Moon Pod allows for some movement within the structure.
  • Duration: Flotation therapy sessions typically last 60-90 minutes, while Moon Pod usage can be customized to your needs.
  • Price:

Moon Pod Size and Color Options:

The Moon Pod comes in one standard size:

  • Dimensions: 55″ H x 48″ W x 48″ D

While there’s only one size option, the Moon Pod can comfortably accommodate one adult or potentially two smaller individuals.

However, there are currently five color options available for the Moon Pod cover:

  • Cosmic Ash: A dark grey
  • Moon Indigo: A dark blue
  • Space Gray: A lighter grey
  • Neptune Blue: A bright blue
  • Rose Quartz: A light pink

It’s important to note that color availability might vary depending on the retailer you purchase from. You can check the latest colors offered on the official Moon Pod website.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The Moon Pod cover is removable and washable, so you can easily change the color if you ever get tired of your initial choice.
  • Moon Pod also sells extra covers separately, allowing you to switch up the look and feel of your pod.
  • While the size isn’t customizable, Moon Pod offers a footrest that can be purchased separately to extend the seating area and provide additional comfort.

Cleaning the Mooon Pod

Keeping your Moon Pod clean and fresh is important for maintaining its comfort and aesthetics. Here’s a breakdown on how to clean your Moon Pod:

Outer Cover:

  • Removable and Machine Washable: The good news is the outer cover of your Moon Pod is removable and machine washable! This makes cleaning it a breeze.
  • Frequency: Moon Pod recommends washing the cover once every 1-2 months, depending on usage and any visible dirt or stains.
  • Washing Instructions:
    • Remove the cover: Unzip the full-length zipper and carefully remove the cover from the Moon Pod.
    • Machine wash: Follow the care instructions on the cover’s tag. Most Moon Pod covers are made of soft fleece and can be machine washed with cold water and gentle detergent.
    • Air dry or tumble dry low: Avoid high heat settings to prevent shrinkage.
    • Reattach the cover: Once the cover is clean and dry, simply zip it back onto the Moon Pod for continued enjoyment.

Inner Liner (Moon Pod Pro only):

  • Not Removable: Unfortunately, the inner liner of the Moon Pod Pro is not removable. This means you can’t physically take it out to clean it.
  • Spot Cleaning: However, you can still address any spills or stains on the inner liner through spot cleaning.
    • Use a damp cloth: Gently dab the affected area with a clean, damp cloth to remove any surface dirt or stains.
    • Mild soap (optional): For tougher stains, you can use a mild soap solution, but be sure to rinse it thoroughly afterwards to avoid any residue.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning products, as they can damage the inner liner material.

Additional Tips:

  • Vacuuming: Occasionally vacuum the inside of the Moon Pod through the small zipper opening at the bottom (Moon Pod Pro) to remove any dust or debris that might have accumulated.
  • Shake it out: If there are any crumbs or small particles stuck inside the cover, you can try shaking the Moon Pod gently to dislodge them out.
  • Store it clean: When not in use, store your Moon Pod in a clean and dry place to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

Moon Pod vs. Moon Pod Pro Comparison Table

FeatureMoon PodMoon Pod Pro
Size55″ H x 48″ W x 48″ D60″ H x 58″ W x 58″ D
Weight70 lbs90 lbs
Filling MaterialShredded memory foam blendShredded memory foam blend with added microbeads
Cover MaterialSoft fleeceSofter, more plush fleece
Inner CoverBreathable meshNon-removable inner liner
ZipperFull-length zipper for easy removal and washing of outer coverHidden zipper at the bottom for access to inner liner
HeadrestAdjustable headrest with neck supportFixed headrest with slightly more padding
FootrestIntegrated footrestNo footrest, additional Moon Pod Footrest can be purchased separately
Number of UsersDesigned for one personDesigned for one person but can accommodate two smaller individuals comfortably
ProsMore affordable, good size for single users, adjustable headrest, removable and washable coverLarger size, softer and more plush filling, hidden zipper
ConsSmaller size, firmer feel, non-removable inner liner, no footrestMore expensive, no adjustable headrest, requires separate purchase of footrest

Additional Notes:

  • Both Moon Pod and Moon Pod Pro are filled with a shredded memory foam blend that conforms to your body and provides pressure relief.
  • The Moon Pod Pro has a slightly softer and more plush feel due to the addition of microbeads.
  • The Moon Pod Pro’s fixed headrest offers less adjustability than the Moon Pod’s removable headrest.
  • The Moon Pod Pro is larger than the Moon Pod, but this may not be necessary for all users.
  • Consider your budget, desired size and feel, and need for a footrest when choosing between the two models.
Best Relaxation Chair

Black Friday Sale: Take 15% off sitewide with coupon code Yawnder15 at checkout!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

MoonPod Complaints

While Moonpod enjoys generally positive reviews, some complaints have surfaced. Here’s a breakdown of common issues:

Product concerns:

  • Comfort: Not everyone finds the Moonpod comfortable, especially for extended periods. Some complain about poor back support, neck strain, or difficulty finding a stable sitting position.
  • Filling: Complaints about needing to add more filling to achieve the desired shape and support are common. This can be inconvenient and feel like the product wasn’t properly filled initially.
  • Durability: Some users report issues with the fabric tearing or the seams coming loose, particularly after extended use.

Customer service:

  • Return policy: The 14-day return window with buyer-paid return shipping can be inconvenient and expensive for those who find the Moonpod unsuitable.
  • Responsiveness: Some customers have reported difficulty reaching customer service or receiving slow responses to inquiries.

Other complaints:

  • Price: Some find the Moonpod overpriced for a beanbag chair, especially given the potential comfort and durability issues.
  • Shipping: Long shipping times have been reported by some customers.

It’s important to note that these are just a few reported complaints, and many Moonpod owners are very happy with their purchase.

MoonPod vs. Beanbag

Moonpods and beanbags both offer comfy places to chill, but there are some key differences between the two:

Shape and Support:

  • Beanbags: Traditional beanbags are typically formless and unsupportive, often leaving you sinking into the filling and struggling to find a comfortable position.
    Image of Traditional beanbag chair
  • Moonpods: Moonpods have a more defined, crescent-shaped design with an inner and outer shell. This provides better support for your back, neck, and head, allowing you to relax in a more ergonomic position.
    Image of Moonpod chair

Filling and Comfort:

  • Beanbags: Filled with loose polystyrene beads, traditional beanbags can feel lumpy and uneven, creating pressure points and discomfort. They also tend to lose their shape over time, requiring frequent reshaping.
  • Moonpods: Moonpods use high-density EPS beads that are smaller and more responsive, conforming to your body shape and providing a weightless, zero-gravity feel. The dual-membrane shell further distributes the filling evenly, maintaining the Moonpod’s shape and comfort for longer.

Material and Durability:

  • Beanbags: Often made from cheaper fabrics like nylon or canvas, traditional beanbags can be prone to tears, rips, and wear and tear.
  • Moonpods: Moonpods use a blend of soft, stretchy jersey fabric and a durable inner liner. This combination is more resistant to tears and spills, making Moonpods more durable and easier to clean.

Additional Features:

  • Beanbags: Typically offer basic functionality.
  • Moonpods: Some Moonpods come with additional features like armrests, side pockets, and removable covers, adding to their versatility and comfort.


  • Beanbags: Generally more affordable than Moonpods.
  • Moonpods: Come at a premium price due to their higher quality materials, construction, and unique features.

Moon Pod vs. Lovesac Comparison Table

FeatureMoon PodLovesac
TypeSingle-piece bean bag chairModular bean bag system
SizeOne fixed size (55″H x 48″W x 48″D)Multiple size and shape options (Sacks, Squats, Pillowsacs)
FillingShredded memory foam blendShredded Durafoam
CoverSoft fleece, removable and washableSoft chenille, machine washable covers available
SupportConforms to your body, moderate supportMore structured, firmer support
HeadrestAdjustable headrestNo headrest (can be purchased separately)
FootrestNo footrest (can be purchased separately)Footrests offered as separate pieces
VersatilityLimited; designed for solo useHighly versatile; can be combined and rearranged to create different seating configurations
DurabilityGoodHighly durable; lifetime guarantee on inner liner
CleaningCover is removable and washableMachine washable covers
PriceMore affordable ($299)More expensive (Starts at $395 for a single Lovesac)
ProsComfortable, portable, adjustable headrest, affordableVersatile, durable, machine washable covers
ConsFixed size, limited versatility, no footrest includedLess comfortable for long periods, more expensive

Additional Notes:

  • Both Moon Pod and Lovesac offer comfortable seating experiences, but cater to different needs and preferences.
  • Moon Pod is ideal for single users who prioritize affordability and a snug, conforming feel.
  • Lovesac is ideal for flexible seating arrangements and shared use, but comes with a higher price tag and firmer support.

MoonPod Alternatives

If you’re searching for an alternative to the Moonpod, there are several comfy contenders vying for your lounging desires! Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons, so consider your priorities when making your pick:

Bean Bag Chairs:

  • Lovesac Sactionals: Modular beanbags that can be configured into endless shapes and sizes, offering ultimate versatility and fun.
    Image of Lovesac Sactionals
  • Yogibo Pods: Soft and adaptable beanbag pods with removable liners for easy cleaning and a variety of vibrant colors.
    Image of Yogibo Pods
  • Big Joe Dorm Beanbag: Classic beanbag design at an affordable price, perfect for students or casual lounges.
    Image of Big Joe Dorm Beanbag

Floating Chairs:

  • Hanging Egg Chairs: Suspended chairs that gently rock and provide a cozy cocoon-like experience. Requires sturdy mounting points.
    Image of Hanging Egg Chairs
  • Hammocks: Classic relaxation tools that offer gentle swaying and support for your back and legs. Great for outdoor use.
    Image of Hammocks
  • Zero Gravity Chairs: Reclining chairs designed to suspend your body at an angle for optimal pressure relief and relaxation. Ideal for relieving back pain.
    Image of Zero Gravity Chairs

Loungers and Sacs:

  • Napping Sofa Sacs: Oversized beanbag sofas perfect for movie nights and family cuddles.
    Image of Napping Sofa Sacs
  • Floor Poufs: Versatile ottomans that double as additional seating or footrests. Available in various shapes and sizes.
    Image of Floor Poufs
  • Chaise Lounges: Traditional reclining chairs with extended leg support for ultimate comfort. Can be found in various materials and styles.
    Image of Chaise Lounges

Factors to Consider:

  • Budget: Moonpods come with a premium price tag, so explore if cheaper alternatives suit your needs.
  • Comfort: Prioritize features like back support, neck support, and adjustable seating positions.
  • Durability: Consider the material and construction quality for long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Size and Space: Choose a suitable size for your living area and ensure accessibility.
  • Aesthetics: Pick a style that complements your home decor and personal taste.

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