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Malouf Zoned Dough Pillows Review

Malouf Zoned Dough Pillows Review 2

Malouf is a relatively new company in the bedding space and was actually started by a husband and wife out of their apartment who were looking to bring quality bedding to the masses. From there they sources some of the best materials from around the world to bring amazing new products to market. Most recently they have launched a new line of pillows.

Malouf recently introduced a new line of pillows called, “Zoned Dough“. These pillows are made of memory foam with holes strategically placed to allow for maximum air circulation and comfort. The small holes along the perimeter are smaller so that the pillow still supplies support along the neck and bigger in the middle so that there is more contouring for your head. That’s the basic design of all three models. I had a chance to review the Zoned Dough Bamboo Charcoal and the Zoned Dough Calming Lavender.

The Zoned Dough Bamboo Charcoal is different in that the charcoal is used to absorb odors. All of these pillows come with a soft bamboo fabric cover that can be unzipped and washed. They have embossed Zs covering the entire case which is a nice touch. I still recommend a pillow case but you certainly don’t need one.

Zoned dough



I received a mid loft charcoal pillow and found it to be a bit too firm for a stomach sleeper but would be great for side or back sleepers. It would make for an excellent guest pillow as you can store it in a linen closet and it won’t get a musty smell.

The Zoned Dough Calming Lavender pillow  seemed a bit softer even though I tested the same level of loft as the charcoal. The pillow itself is infused with lavender so you get that smell as soon as you open it. You can also buy lavender oil in a spray bottle from Malouf if you ever want to make the fragrance stronger or give it a recharge. The smell from the pillow is very subtle so don’t worry about getting overwhelmed with lavender!

Zoned dough lavender


dough 2


Here’s a video of how to infuse the pillow with lavender.  I only did two sprays in the video but later added two more to get a stronger scent. The lavender smell is very pleasant and not overwhelming. I have started spraying my linens with this to freshen them up between washes.


Although I didn’t get to test the Zoned Gel Dough, you can get the same type of lofts as the other pillows. The added benefit to this pillow is its cooling effect.

Below is a quick video of the two side by side. Not sure why I felt that the lavendar was softer.



You can get these pillows through Amazon with free Prime shipping.They come with a 5 year warranty. If you have a memory foam mattress or just want to experience how great memory foam can be, give one of these zoned dough pillow’s a try. I find them to be superior to most all foam pillows on the market as they are more breathable and more squishy like a pillow should be. They contour to you right away and best of all they sleep cool!

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  1. I’ve been using my Malouf charcoal zoned dough pillow for a couple of years now. Couldn’t begin to explain how much I love it. It’s just as good now as it was the day I got it. I’ve had probably seven or eight pillows over the last ten years. The ZD Charcoal is the best I’ve ever used, both in terms of comfort and longevity.


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