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Malouf Ice Tech Mattress Protector Review

Written by

Ben Trapskin

I have carefully studied and evaluated many mattresses, sheets, pillows, duvet inserts, comforters, sleep gadgets, and adjustable beds for over a decade. My insights and evaluations are grounded in both my extensive personal experience and valuable customer feedback. I have expertise and knowledge of the industry. I have used this to conduct detailed assessments of products. My insights and guidance have given consumers the best sleep experience. I am committed to quality and excellence in this field. EXPERT TESTED Every product is tested with a variety methods to give you the best assement of what it will actually feel like and if it is good quality. UPDATED REGULARLY Our reviews are updated daily and we strive to produce the most useful content so you can make an informed decision.

I received a free Malouf Ice Tech 5-sided mattress protector for review. This mattress protector uses phase change material to keep you cool at night and I highly recommend it during the summer months. Aside from its cooling features, it’s also waterproof but breathable and protects your mattress from dust mites and other allergens.


Malouf has won awards for their packaging and the Ice Tech mattress protector comes in a zippable and reusable bag.

Malouf Bag

I don’t expect to use this year-round, instead, I will put it on my bed during spring and take it off when it starts cooling off at night in mid or early September. Below is a video of me taking it out of the packaging.


Below are the construction details according to the Malouf website.

  • IceTech™ cooling fabric
  • Breathable waterproof barrier
  • Blocks allergens and dust mites
  • IceTech™ fabric continually dissipates body heat to create a cool sleep climate
  • Laboratory-certified H2Pro® membrane is breathable and quiet
  • Breathable fabric does not add bulk or change the comfort of a mattress
  • Five-sided protection guards the top and sides of the mattress.
  • Universal Fit™ design and thicker premium elastic create a smooth, secure fit on mattress depths 6 – 22″


There’s no doubt that this protector helps dissipate heat. It is cool to the touch and has a silky feel to it. Below is a video I took with my infrared camera to illustrate how fast heat dissipates from the top of the mattress protector.

The mattress protector also lives up to its claims of being waterproof. After having reviewed many of these mattress protectors I have found that the ones I have reviewed all pass their claims of being waterproof. However, it is important that you follow the care instructions. If you dry these in high heat they will break down and lose their efficacy.

This mattress protector also doesn’t add much thickness to your mattress. In that regard it won’t dampen the true feel of your mattress. It is thicker than the other mattress protectors in the Malouf line but not substantially.


If you are happy with your current mattress but find it sleeps too hot, the Ice Tech is worth trying. It will provide some needed relief and although it is pricey, it is still less expensive than a new mattress. When you find a mattress that works for you it’s easy to make small tweaks with the right bedding however it is much harder to find a new mattress that checks off every box on your list. Save yourself the hassle of a new mattress and stay cool in your current bed with Ice Tech.

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