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Mahabis Review: The Most Versatile Slipper

mahabis slipper review

Mahabis are a type of slipper that is designed to be worn both indoors and outdoors. They are made with high-quality materials, such as wool, leather, and suede, and they feature a durable sole that can withstand being worn on a variety of surfaces.

Mahabis are known for their comfort and style. They are also designed to be supportive and provide good arch support. Mahabis are a good option for people who are looking for a slipper that can be worn all day long, whether they are running errands, working from home, or relaxing around the house.

Mahabis are available in a variety of styles and colors, so there is a pair to suit everyone’s taste. They are also available in a variety of sizes, so sleepers can find the perfect fit.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing Mahabis:

  • Comfort: Mahabis are made with high-quality materials and feature a supportive design, making them very comfortable to wear.
  • Style: Mahabis are available in a variety of styles and colors, so there is a pair to suit everyone’s taste.
  • Versatility: Mahabis can be worn both indoors and outdoors, making them a versatile option for everyday wear.
  • Support: Mahabis are designed to provide good arch support, making them a good option for people with foot pain.
  • Durability: Mahabis are made with durable materials and construction, making them a long-lasting option.

Overall, Mahabis are a great choice for people who are looking for a comfortable, stylish, and versatile slipper.

I recently received a pair of Mahabis slippers. I originally came across them while browsing Facebook and saw an ad for them multiple times. Eventually, I succumbed to the temptation and pulled the trigger to buy a pair and now Mahabis has sent me their new Mahabis Breathe slipper to get my thoughts. What made the original Mahabis unique is that they have a removable tread. This means when you go outside you can put on the tread so you don’t dirty the slipper and then take it off when you go back inside so you don’t get your house dirty. They also have different color soles and slippers that you can mix and match to make your own unique look. All of the Mahabis slippers are made with sustainability in mind, meaning most materials are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Mahabis are made in London and look upscale. The Mahabis Breathe retails for $109.  Even though I live in the United States, it didn’t take that long for my slippers to arrive. Just over a week, and they were at my door.

Overview of Mahabis Breathe Slippers


Ordering Your Mahabis Slippers

You can order your Mahabis directly from their website. Shipping is fast. They come nicely packaged and would make a great Christmas or birthday gift. Here’s a picture of the box and packaging:

mahabis box

Here’s what they look right out of the box

mahabis breathe slippers

Make sure you try them on inside to ensure you have the right fit and you are happy with the look. You have 30 days to figure out if they are right for you, if not you can initiate a return from their website where they will pay for return shipping. Just note that they will not accept returns for slippers that are worn.

Construction of the Mahabis Slippers

  • Made in Portugal and China
  • Tencel’s cellulosic fibres of botanic origin. this 100% natural lyocell fibre is created naturally and using the latest technology keeps your feet feeling fresh.
  • Hybrid EVA sole has been engineered with our responsibly sourced Pura-Latex™ rubber mixed with 5% cornflower to reduce environmental impact.
  •  Cooling cork feature. the footbed is created using natural cork, which makes the wearer feel as though they’re walking in bare feet and regulates foot temperature in warmer seasons/ climates.

My Mahabis Findings

I ideally wear a size 12.5 US. However, they don’t come in half sizes so I bought size 13 which felt slightly large. Since they are slippers,  I don’t expect too snug a fit.

mahabis breathe

As you can see they have a mesh design for ultimate breathability.

mahabis breathe pair

The sole is made with latex and cornflower to make it more sustainable. Adding latex costs more but latex is a very durable material and it provides good grip to surfaces.

mahabis sole 1

I was worried at first that the cork sole liner would be too firm. I found it very comfortable for everyday tasks and running errands. I certainly wouldn’t bring these on a long hike but they are perfect for everyday use.

mahabis cork

My Mahabis Recommendation

Mahabis provides some of the most ethically made slippers you can buy. On top of that, they are very comfortable and had a unique design you won’t find anywhere else. They are just as breathable as a flip flop but more fashionable. They are the perfect accessory for your summer wardrobe.

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11 thoughts on “Mahabis Review: The Most Versatile Slipper”

  1. You don’t say anything about how they feel. Are they cushy? Feel like memory foam? What are they padded with?

    • They are cushy but don’t have a memory foam feel. I like how they grip your heel so they don’t come loose easily.

    • Yes, I walk on wood floors with them and they feel just fine although there are other slippers out there with more cushioning if that’s your primary need. The advantage of these is that they have the removable sole.

    • I’m not using them much anymore. The button in the back was king of cumbersome to snap on so I just stopped taking off the sole which defeats the purpose.

    • I have been buying these for a few years and they last forever. The back part of the shoe gets a little ratty from walking on it but best slippers ever. You can flip the back part up and wear them anywhere.


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