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Eight Sleep / Luna Sleep Review

Eight Sleep / Luna Sleep Review 1


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The Eight Sleep mattress pad formerly known as the Luna Sleep is the world’s first mattress protector, climate controller AND sleep monitor!  I have reviewed other sleep monitors such as the Beddit and ResMed S+ which are both great at what they do but they also have their limitations. The Luna Sleep takes sleep monitoring to a whole new level.



The Luna is as easy to install as putting on a bed sheet. In fact, that’s basically what it is but the benefit is that it can monitor both you and your spouse while you sleep.

What sets is apart from every other sleep tracker on the market is that you can set the temperature for each side. You can also sync it with other smart home devices. So for instance if you set your temp down in the house at night for bed you can also have it control your Luna. A perfect use would be to lower the thermostat in the winter to save energy and simultaneously raise your bed temp a little on the Luna to keep you cozy.

The Luna can also function this way as an alarm so for instance it can get progressively warmer as you get closer to waking making it easier to get out of bed.

luna temp

Right now the Eight Sleep system is only available for pre-order and is set to ship in February of 2016.  If you are on the fence about a new sleep gadget such as the Beddit or ResMed S+ you may want to give this some serious consideration. At $250 for a King size Luna Sleep system it’s a much better value than the Beddit or ResMed alone.

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