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Infinite Moon EverPillow Review

Infinite Moon Pillow Review

The Everpillow by Infinite Moon is another pillow in the world of customizable pillows. It can be a competitive world out there. Almost every new pillow is one you can open and change to your liking so it makes sense that companies have to find ways to be different. In the case of Everpillow, they aren’t just different but they act differently too. By purchasing an Everpillow, you get to be part of a bigger story and you can read more about that below.

everpillow by infinite moon review

Overview of the EverPillow

Infinite Moon has kept things relatively simple with the Everpillow, with unique options where they would work best. There are two pillow types, one for back and stomach sleepers, and another for side sleepers. The difference between the two is that they’re just cut a little differently. You then have the option to also customize what kind of pillow fill you’ll get, which is pretty unique! The company is based out of Colorado so for anyone who is a big patriot, you’ll be happy to know this pillow is handmade at home in the US of A.

everpillow unboxing

Construction of the EverPillow

The Everpillow comes in two different styles: “The Original” or “The Curve,” with the Curve being designed specifically for side sleepers. As far as pillow fill, that is another aspect you’re able to customize. Your options are Kapok Silk Fill, Latex Noodle Fill, or a Blend (of the two). Kapok Silk is a silky cotton fiber from the seedpod of the Java Cotton Tree. It’s known for being resistant to moisture and dust mites. This is the first time I’ve heard of Kapok Silk, so that’s another thumbs up to being different.

The pillows only come in the following sizes:

The Original: 26 X 18 X 5 in

The Curve: 26 X 18 X 5 in

My EverPillow Findings

On the Infinite Moon homepage, where the Everpillow is advertised, there are a bunch of checked boxes representing all the positive aspects of the Everpillow. One thing that stood out to me was the last checked box which read, “A Product With A Purpose.” I assumed this may be another reference to them creating an affordable and eco-friendly product but that wasn’t the case. Everpillow actually IS a product with a purpose because they partner with an organization known as the Mile High Workshop.

Mile High Workshop is a job training and employment program based out of Denver, Colorado. Women and men who were once victims of homelessness, addiction and incarnation are given the opportunity to rebuild their lives through the program. Individuals that partake in the program are given 32 hours of paid work per week. They’re also able to partake in group program activities such as computer training, budgeting, resume building, conflict resolution and self empowerment. One-on-one sessions with an on-staff Professional Development Advocate are available, as well as basic needs resources for finding housing, transportation, food assistance as well as long term employment.

everpillow vacuum sealed

For people that care a lot about these sorts of philanthropic endeavors, wanting to try a new pillow can easily become a lot more simple knowing that no matter if you end up liking it or not, you were still able to contribute to a really noble cause with your purchase.

That means YOU get to be part of a bigger story, too. Because behind every one of our pillows, there’s a story of brand-new beginning for someone. And it’s only natural that we would want to share with you how your purchase is making a difference in their lives.

everpillow infinite moon 2

My Infinite Moon EverPillow Recommendation

I was pleasantly surprised with the EverPillow. I wasn’t sure what to expect but from the unboxing to trying out the actual pillows, it was a very intuitive and enjoyable experience. I feel that they make quality products that are accurately priced and I like that they’ve made a real effort in trying to be different and in trying to be and do better. I am still fascinated with Kapok silk, so much so that I’ve tried to see if anyone has made a comforter with the material but it hasn’t yet been done. Maybe Infinite Moon will step up to the plate 🙂

everpillow review

While I really like the EverPillow, there are 2 small things I would change. I would change the color of the pillow, as when it comes to pillows, I just think white is best and I would also like to mention something regarding pillow size. For one, it’s a little limiting to have two different pillows that are the same dimensions. Standard pillows measure 20” X 28” and Queen pillows measure 20” X 30”. The Everpillow, regardless of whether it’s The Original or The Curve, measure 26” X 18”. This feels like a strange measurement in comparison to what is typical in the industry. In this case, I think following the norm is best. I think companies should stick with standard pillow sizes, especially to more easily suit any bedding that an individual has in their home. They won’t always want the pillowcase that comes with the pillow. In fact, most probably won’t. When it comes to the Curve pillow, maybe I can understand the necessity of the additional dimension but I think maybe there is a little bit of room for improvement in that area. That OR they should also sell white pillowcases to accommodate the size of the pillow.


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