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Idle Sleep Pillow Review


A right pillow is essential for a good night’s sleep. As essential as your mattress and sheets. Without the right pillow supporting your head, neck, and shoulders, you will end up with neck cricks and all the aches and pains associated with improper spinal alignment. Where the mattress supports your body from the head is supported by the pillow. Both of these sleep products work synergistically to properly align your spine and support its natural curve.

Without the proper elevation and cushion for your head and neck, you will be hard-pressed to get comfortable on any surface. However, just knowing the importance of a good pillow does not make it easy to buy one. There are so many varieties in the market catering to every preference possible that it gets almost impossible to make the right choice. Chances are more that you will end up buying one that looks pretty or feels softer than what you want.

This article will help narrow the choices down for you by reviewing one of the top pillows in the market today, “The Idle Gel Memory Foam Pillow,” to help you make up your mind.

Why Idle Sleep?

The brand makes a big difference when it comes to buying any product, especially when you are buying products that affect your health. Idle Sleep is a well-renowned brand for sleep products. Based out of Colorado, the USA, this company is well known for its mattresses, bed frames, and pillow alike.

Their products come to you after going through rigorous quality checks for durability and functionality. The materials used are all sustainably sourced and manufactured in the US. The price point is highly competitive, and all the products have a high value for money quotient. Idle Sleep knows sleep and only believes in giving you the best possible base for a good night’s comfortable rest.

Idle Sleep Pillow Key Features

  • Two sizes
  • 100% idle gel memory foam
  • Trademark innovative zone technology
  • Bamboo velour removable cover
  • Regulates temperature
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • High ventilation
  • Machine washable cover

IDLE Sleep Memory Foam Pillow Detailed Review


High breathability


Good temperature regulation

No returns and warranty
Ideal for sensitive skin


IDLE Sleep memory foam pillow is built to last for a few years without complaint. It comes in a bamboo velour cover that helps in keeping the pillow clean and is useful for storage and transport. The cover makes for a much better deal than the average pillows that come compressed in a plastic case.

It features the same standard rectangular design of an average pillow with curved edges featuring double stitching for added strength. It does emit an off-gassing smell when unpacked, and you might have to leave it in the open for a few days for the smell to dissipate. This smell is because of the special foam material used in its built and is not harmful.

The pillow is designed with small and minute holes within the memory foam that allows for higher air circulation and aid in temperature regulation.

Comfort and Support

It comes as one flat chunk of memory foam and is suitable for all types of sleepers. The support is provided by the personalized conformability feature of the pillow. The company employs a special formula in its gel-infused memory foam that allows for this foam to be cooler and plusher than others. It also allows it to retain the original shape in a much better fashion than others.

The pillow takes on the shape of your head and neck and allows you to sink into it for the perfect combination of comfort and support. This helps in properly elevating your head to the level that is required for good spinal alignment. You will face no pressure point problems while using this pillow. It goes one step further by taking care of all the nooks, crannies, and crevices of your head and neck for the best-contoured support.

Temperature Regulation

The coolness of IDLE Sleep memory foam blends with the high breathability factor incorporated within the pillow to provide good ventilation. It uses the innovative and trademarked “Zone” technology to achieve this. Usually, foam is not suitable for hot sleepers since it tends to sink with your weight and trap the body heat within that cocoon.

IDLE sleep takes good care of this by providing adequate channels for proper air circulation, making it ideal for both hot and cold sleepers. With the high level of ventilation, the trapped body heat tends to dissipate a lot quicker than with normal memory foam pillows. This means that you will never experience excessive sweating when using this pillow or come awake because of a hot, sticky, and uncomfortable feel. This is also great for the skin. Your pores will breathe easily because of good ventilation, and you will not have excessive oiliness leading to nasty skin problems.


You have two size choices with IDLE Sleep pillows. You can either opt for the queen size or the king size. Queen size provides adequate space for an average adult, and king size would be a better choice if you like sharing your pillow with your partner or are a restless sleeper who likes to toss around in their sleep. The dimensions are mentioned below:



16x 29 Inches


16x 35 Inches


The IDLE Sleep pillow is made of the finest quality in house memory foam that is layered with gel. Memory foams are generally preferred by people because of its soft texture and sinking feeling. The gel-infused memory foam that is used to make the IDLE Sleep pillow is even softer and fluffier than these average foams.

The gel in the memory foam makes it cooler than the other foam pillows as well. It also lends a high conformability to the pillows to hold and retain the shape of your head and neck for optimal comfort. Even though shredded foam provides you with a high degree of flexibility in adjusting the loftiness, the IDLE Sleep pillow manages to give you the optimal loftiness that is easily adapted to because of its high conformability feature.


The cover is made of rayon derived from natural bamboo velour. This rich and luxurious rayon is a naturally breathable surface and ideal for all skin types, especially for those with sensitive skin. The gentle fabric aids in the breathability property of the pillow and, together with the foam, creates a lush, cool, and comfortable base for your head.

You can even utilize the cover as a standalone pillowcase for your other pillows if you are looking to change the cover for a more aesthetically appealing one. Alternatively, you can also put on a pillowcase over this one. Either way, the cover does an excellent job of keeping the actual pillow clean and free from germs, especially when the pillow itself cannot be washed. It also helps in odor control.

Cleaning Instructions

The cover is machine washable on low heat and delicate cycle. You cannot hang dry it and need to dry it flat on an even surface. Ironing is not recommended.

The pillow itself cannot be washed. Hand wash is also not recommended since the foam will soak up a tremendous amount of water. Squeezing, it will change the pillow shape and deteriorate the quality of foam. There is a very good chance of mold formation before your pillow dries completely. You can spot clean it on occasions and should dry clean it overtime to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Sleep Position Suitability

The cooling gel memory foam, along with the trademark zone technology, creates the perfect balance of comfort and support to suit all types. The texture of the pillow makes it appropriate for one and all. However, this pillow is ideal for side and back sleepers. This is not to say that stomach sleepers will find it uncomfortable. Stomach sleepers will also find a good level of comfort, just not to the degree that will be experienced by side and back sleepers.

Firmness Level

IDLE Sleep memory foam pillow is a soft pillow. It is a softer pillow than the regular memory foam pillows. Memory foam, by its nature, is a soft firm to a soft pillow. With the special formula employed in the construction of IDLE Sleep memory foam pillow along with the infused gel, this pillow is softer, plusher, and fluffier than the average memory foam pillows n the market.

However, do not be fooled by the soft texture. This pillow provides more comfort and support than the normal firm pillows out there. This is due to the zones technology and the design, which lends it high conformability and an added strength to retain its structure even after frequent use.

Returns and Shipping

IDLE Sleep pillows do not come with any trial period. They also cannot be returned once purchased unless you receive a defective product to begin with. This might seem like a drawback, especially when IDLE gives a trial period, return options, and lifetime warranty on its other products. However, this is not a drawback since most pillows do not come with a trial period or return options.

The shipping is completely free of charge within the mainland US, and you will receive your pillow at your doorstep within 3 to 10 business days post payment.


IDLE Sleep pillows are a little pricier than the other average foam pillows. However, they provide higher value for money than the others as well. Easy finance options are available when purchased from the company website.


Price EMI
Queen $141

$2 Per Month For 60 Months



$3 Per Month For 60 Months

Reasons to Buy

All said and done; there are plenty of reasons why you should opt for IDLE Sleep memory foam pillow and noting substantial to deviate you from buying it. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • Temperature regulating cool memory foam filled with gel
  • High breathability pores
  • Better plush, softness, and fluff than average foam
  • Wrapped head and neck conformability
  • Hypoallergenic bamboo velour cover
  • Good for hot sleepers looking to buy foam bedding

Q&A Corner

Should You Buy IDLE Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

There are so many reasons to buy this pillow. The two main factors that you should consider when buying this pillow are if you like cool pillows and if you like how memory foam feels

Can You Wash The Pillows

Washing the pillow itself is not recommended by the company. You can wash it at our own risk by dry clean is preferable

How Does It Ship

IDLE Sleep pillow is shipped independently of other products. If you have purchased other sleep products, then your pillows will be shipped independently from them

Are Gel Memory Foam Pillows Good For Your Posture?

Yes, they are good for posture since memory foam pillows provide solid support to your head and neck while correctly aligning your spine

Final Take

IDLE Sleep should suit you perfectly if you in the market for a memory foam pillow that both optimally regulates your body temperature keeping you cool through the night, and provides good support to your spinal alignment.

Even though shredded memory foam plays well with flexibility in height adjustment, you cannot get the level of comfort and support that IDLE Sleep pillows provide without this feature. The zoned technology makes this pillow a must-have for those with sensitive sleep and prone to sweating. The price might be a tad bit on the higher side, but you get excelling financing options and good returns as well.

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