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Huzi Pillow Review

Huzi Pillow Review 1

Huzi Pillow 2

Looking for a travel pillow that’s more than just something to keep you head and neck comfy? The Huzi Infinity Pillow is not only a great travel pillow, it’s a great conversation starter and a go to pillow for nights where you just want to get cozy.

Huzi Infinity Pillow


Here are some of the features of the pillow as listed on Amazon.

  • VERSATILE, Möbius-shaped pillow provides comfort to any needs, wrap the pillow as you like for the perfect nap.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN, Featured in Mashable, NBC Today, DailyMail…
  • DURABLE, High quality super soft bamboo fabric, Machine-washable, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial
  • POWER NAP, Boost your creativity with a 15min nap
I have had the Huzi Pillow for a few days now and have been wearing it around the house. It’s perfect for cold nights when you want to keep your head or neck warm above the sheets or blanket while reading on the couch.
It provides enough cushioning to sleep on and would make an awesome office accessory since you can use put it on your desk and mold it to cover your face and ears to block ambient noise.
 Because it is shaped in a loop, it makes for a one size fits all device. Some neck and sleep pillows make you choose a particular size. This takes that decision out of the equation and makes it available for your kids to use as well on a long flight or car trip.
You can buy the Huzi Infinity pillow  from Amazon for $59.99.
Although that price seems a bit expensive, it is high quality material that should have a long life. I’ve never come across a pillow like this so there are no comps available to link to. It has solid reviews on Amazon and would make a great gift for someone who travels or just plain enjoys being cozy.
If you’re looking to stay comfortable while travelling, at home or just want to stay warm and cozy, get yourself a Huzi!
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