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Eight Sleep Mattress Review

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I received a free Eight Sleep mattress for review. I first became aware of Eight Sleep when they launched their Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their smart mattress pad. This is the first mattress pad that is also a sleep tracker. What sets it apart is that it has a heating function, can be controlled by your smart phone via your wifi network and can interact with other smart devices such as a Nest thermostat. Since launching the mattress pad, the company has also made a memory foam mattress which pairs well with it. This review covers the Eight Sleep mattress. You can purchase both together or separately.

Overview of the Eight Mattress

Below is an overview of the Eight mattress. It has 4 layers of foam and gives you a slightly softer than medium firmness.

Details and Construction of the Eight Bed

The top layer is the smart mattress pad. If you want to use this technology on a different mattress, it can be bought separately on their website.

Underneath the sleep tracker is a 2″ layer of reactive foam. This foam recovers very quickly and allows you to move around on the mattress easily.

Underneath that is the 2″ contouring memory foam layer. This foam is slower to recover but since it isn’t on the top layer you won’t have issues with changing positions and you still get the benefits of pressure relief.

Underneath that is a 2″ layer of supportive foam. I like that they added this layer because it helps with the transition to the base layer. When you lay on the mattress it has a very consistent feel throughout and you don’t get the sense that you are hitting a particular layer. This is how a well-designed mattress should feel.

In all this comes in at 10 inches deep.

eight mattress

Finally, the bottom layer is 4″ of high-density support foam which is a standard base layer.


jupiter 4 layersMy Eight Sleep Findings

This mattress feels great and really contours well. It is a great mattress for people new to memory foam. Many people that first try foam have a hard time getting used to the sinking and slow recovery. This mattress addresses those issues while still maximizing comfort.

This is an all foam mattress so it will absorb motion well which creates less disturbances to wake  you at night. Here’s a video that illustrates motion transfer. In this video I used a 6 lb. weighted exercise ball and a 15 lb. kettle bell which is laid on the mattress.

Here’s a video showing heat retention on the mattress using an infrared camera. It’s an all foam mattress so it will retain some heat. Also keep in mind that if you are going to use the whole system, you would be placing the smart mattress cover over the foam mattress.

This mattress pairs very well with the cover in that it takes into account how the feel of the mattress cover will affect the overall feel of the mattress. It is a system that works very well together.

The Eight Sleep tracker can also be bought separately. A queen size retails for $349. Considering you can purchase the mattress and tracker together for $1,050 it makes sense to buy together, especially if you need a new mattress.

My Eight Sleep Recommendation

The Eight Sleep System is a great way to get some objective data on how you sleep. Once it is setup, it is effortless. While the mattress itself should appeal to most sleepers, there isn’t a one size fits all mattress. You can certainly find softer and firmer mattresses but if you are looking to upgrade to a memory foam mattress and are enticed by the idea of sleep tracking, this is an excellent choice.

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