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Dreamcloud Foam Mattress Review 9 Reasons They Are Better Than The Hybrid

Dreamcloud Foam Mattress
Dreamcloud Luxe

DreamCloud just launched the DreamCloud Luxe at Las Vegas Market. The new line of DreamCloud mattresses will now have 4 all foam and 4 hybrid models with the Luxe being the most expensive and the softest. It sort of looks like a Stearns and Foster mattress. 

The history of DreamCloud mattresses dates back to 2018, when the company was founded by Ran Reske. Reske had previously founded Nectar mattresses, and he saw an opportunity to create a new mattress brand that offered a premium hybrid mattress at an affordable price.

DreamCloud mattresses are known for their combination of memory foam and pocketed coil technology. This hybrid design is intended to provide sleepers with the best of both worlds: the pressure relief and contouring of memory foam, with the support and bounce of pocketed coils.

DreamCloud mattresses quickly became popular with consumers, due to their combination of comfort, support, and affordability. The company also offers a generous sleep trial and lifetime warranty, which further enhances the value proposition.

In 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued Resident Home LLC, the parent company of DreamCloud, for making false claims about the origin of its mattresses. The FTC alleged that DreamCloud mattresses were not actually made in the USA, as the company had claimed. DreamCloud settled the lawsuit by agreeing to pay a $753,000 penalty and to refund affected customers.

Despite the FTC lawsuit, DreamCloud remains a popular mattress brand. The company has won numerous awards from industry publications, and it has a high customer satisfaction rating.

Today, DreamCloud is one of the leading mattress brands in the United States. The company offers a variety of mattress models to choose from, including the original DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress, the DreamCloud Premier Mattress, and the DreamCloud Eco Mattress. DreamCloud mattresses are also available in a variety of sizes, so there is a mattress to fit every need and budget.

DreamCloud Foam Mattresses: Redefining the Essence of Restful Sleep

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The DreamCloud Memory Foam Mattress

Embark on a journey where rest meets luxury, innovation meets comfort, and dreams are just a night away. Introducing the DreamCloud foam mattress—a masterfully crafted sleep solution designed to transform your nights and rejuvenate your mornings.

The Majestic 12” Profile

Boasting an impressive 12” height, the DreamCloud foam mattress stands tall, not just in its stature but in its promise to deliver unparalleled sleep experiences. Every layer, every inch, has been thoughtfully designed, curating a mattress that is both inviting and supportive.

Certified Excellence with CertiPUR-US® Foams

DreamCloud’s unwavering commitment to quality is evident in its choice of materials. Made exclusively with CertiPUR-US® certified foams, this mattress guarantees that you’re resting on materials that are not just comfortable, but also safe and free from harmful chemicals. This certification ensures adherence to strict guidelines for foam content, emissions, and durability.

A Breath of Luxury with the Cashmere Blend Cover

Enveloping the innovative foam layers of the DreamCloud mattress is a luxurious cashmere blend cover. This opulent surface is more than just soft—it’s breathable, allowing for optimal air circulation and ensuring a cooler, undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

2.2” of Therapeutic Gel Memory Foam: The Ultimate Pressure Reliever

At the heart of DreamCloud’s comfort proposition is a generous 2.2” layer of therapeutic gel memory foam. Expertly engineered to cradle the body’s unique curves, this layer alleviates pressure points, ensuring that sleepers wake up free from the typical morning stiffness or aches. It’s like getting a therapeutic massage every time you sleep.

The 1” Dynamic Transition Layer: Championing Spinal Health

Beyond comfort, the DreamCloud foam mattress prioritizes spinal health. The 1” dynamic transition layer serves as a bridge between the soft memory foam and the robust base, promoting proper spinal alignment. This means that while your body sinks into the comforting embrace of the mattress, your spine remains well-aligned, reducing the risk of back discomfort.

Sturdy Foundations with the 9” Base Layer

Grounding the DreamCloud foam mattress is a resilient 9” base layer, providing the mattress with the foundational stability it requires. This ensures that the mattress maintains its shape and integrity, offering reliable support for years to come.

In essence, the DreamCloud foam mattress is more than just a bed—it’s an invitation to a world of restful nights and energized mornings. Every feature, from its certified foams to its luxury cover, speaks of an unwavering commitment to sleep excellence. Experience it to believe it; with DreamCloud, every night becomes a dream.

DreamCloud Memory Foam Mattress Construction

DreamCloud Premier Foam Mattress Review for Combo Sleepers

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Both exude luxury and comfort, but how do they truly measure up against each other?

Height and Structure

DreamCloud Foam Mattress:

  • Height: 12”
  • Built with a focus on combining comfort with support, the 12-inch profile is curated to offer an optimal sleep experience for most users.

13” Premium Mattress:

  • Height: 13”
  • With an additional inch, this mattress provides a slightly thicker profile, which could suggest more cushioning or additional layers.

CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams

Both mattresses are crafted using CertiPUR-US® certified foams, ensuring that sleepers are resting on materials free from harmful chemicals and meeting rigorous standards for emissions, durability, and content. It’s a tie in terms of safety and eco-friendliness.

Cashmere Blend Cover

The breathable cashmere blend cover is a shared luxury between the two. Both mattresses prioritize user comfort, allowing for enhanced air circulation and a soft touch to enhance sleep quality.

Therapeutic Gel Memory Foam

DreamCloud Foam Mattress:

  • Thickness: 2.2”
  • This layer is designed to adapt to the body’s contours and alleviate pressure points effectively.

13” Premium Mattress:

  • Thickness: 2.7”
  • With an additional 0.5”, this mattress promises even deeper contouring and enhanced pressure relief, making it potentially more appealing to those seeking the utmost in plush comfort.

Dynamic Transition Layer

DreamCloud Foam Mattress:

  • Thickness: 1”
  • This layer ensures the spine remains neutral, bridging the soft memory foam above and the robust base below.

13” Premium Mattress:

  • Thickness: 1.5”
  • A thicker transition layer can offer more gradual support shifts between the upper and lower layers, which might be preferred by some users for more pronounced spinal alignment and pressure distribution.

Base Layer for Stability

Both mattresses utilize a 9” base layer. This foundational layer is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and durability of the mattress, ensuring users have a firm foundation beneath the softer, adaptive layers.

Dreamcloud Premier foam mattress

DreamCloud Premier Rest Foam Review - Side Sleeper Support Better Than the Hybrid

$1,199 (Queen)
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As we explore the DreamCloud foam mattress, the 13” premium mattress, and a newly introduced 14” mattress, we uncover the differences that might make one the perfect choice for your sanctuary of sleep.

1. Height and Overall Structure

DreamCloud Foam Mattress:

  • Height: 12”
  • A balanced profile that blends comfort with ample support, catering to a broad range of sleepers.

13” Premium Mattress:

  • Height: 13”
  • An inch taller than the DreamCloud, offering additional cushioning or layers that might enhance its plush feel.

14” Mattress:

  • Height: 14”
  • The tallest of the trio, this mattress provides a robust profile that suggests significant cushioning and support layers for the ultimate luxurious experience.

2. CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams

All three mattresses are constructed with CertiPUR-US® certified foams. This shared attribute ensures that users enjoy a sleep environment free from harmful chemicals, with materials that adhere to rigorous standards for emissions, durability, and content.

3. Cashmere Blend Cover

Each mattress features a breathable cashmere blend cover, underscoring a commitment to luxury and comfort. This cover enhances air circulation and offers a soft, inviting touch to the sleeper.

4. Therapeutic Gel Memory Foam

DreamCloud Foam Mattress:

  • Thickness: 2.2”
  • A design focused on contouring to the body and alleviating pressure points.

13” Premium Mattress:

  • Thickness: 2.7”
  • A deeper contouring layer that provides enhanced pressure relief and a plush feel.

14” Mattress:

  • Thickness: 3.2”
  • The thickest memory foam layer of the lot, this mattress is poised to deliver unparalleled pressure relief, contouring, and comfort.

5. Dynamic Transition Layer

DreamCloud Foam Mattress:

  • Thickness: 1”
  • Facilitates a balanced shift between the soft memory foam above and the sturdy base layer below.

13” Premium Mattress:

  • Thickness: 1.5”
  • A more pronounced transition layer potentially offering superior spinal alignment and pressure distribution.

14” Mattress:

  • Thickness: 2”
  • With the thickest transition layer among the three, this mattress is geared towards providing an optimal bridge between the comfort layers and the foundational base, ensuring balanced support.

6. Base Layer for Stability

All three mattresses maintain their structure with a 9” base layer. This consistency across the board ensures the longevity and durability of each mattress, offering users a stable foundation.


In the realm of luxury mattresses, nuances make all the difference. While all three options showcase top-tier materials and construction, the DreamCloud foam mattress offers balanced comfort, the 13” premium mattress leans towards enhanced plushness, and the 14” mattress appears to be the zenith of luxury with its substantial memory foam and transition layers. Personal preferences, specific sleep needs, and budget considerations will guide the final choice, but rest assured, each of these mattresses promises nights of dreamy comfort.


Euro Top Adorned in Cashmere

Discover supreme comfort with the DreamCloud Premier Rest, featuring a lavish Euro Top crafted from a cashmere blend. Cashmere, renowned for its lightness and breathability, offers a touch of opulence. Our Euro Top seamlessly blends two distinct foam types, ensuring a harmonious balance of cushioned luxury, support, and pressure alleviation.

premier rest foam

The DreamCloud Premier Rest incorporates a 3.2-inch layer of therapeutic gel memory foam, complemented by additional layers of gel and standard foam. These layers synergize to minimize motion transfer, ensuring a profound, uninterrupted slumber—even with a fidgety partner or pet by your side.

$1,199 (Queen)
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The DreamCloud mattress is available in various sizes to accommodate different preferences and needs. The dimensions for each size are as follows:

– Twin: 39 inches wide by 75 inches long
– Twin XL: 39 inches wide by 80 inches long
– Full: 54 inches wide by 75 inches long
– Queen: 60 inches wide by 80 inches long
– King: 76 inches wide by 80 inches long
– California King (Cal. King): 72 inches wide by 84 inches long

A DreamCloud mattress doesn’t require a box spring https://www.dreamcloudsleep.com/posts/do-you-need-a-box-spring/. It’s a hybrid mattress with coils and memory foam, so it can be placed on a platform base or any other firm, flat surface that can support its weight.

However, DreamCloud also sells a box spring foundation that you can use with their mattress if you prefer https://www.dreamcloudsleep.com/posts/do-you-need-a-box-spring/.

DreamCloud and Sagging

DreamCloud mattresses are designed to resist sagging, but there are some factors to consider:

Overall, the DreamCloud mattress seems to resist sagging well, but it’s not guaranteed, especially with heavier use. If you’re concerned about sagging, here are some things you can do:

  • Check reviews from people with similar body types to you.
  • Look for the warranty information. DreamCloud offers a lifetime warranty, which may cover sagging exceeding a certain depth.
  • Consider a different mattress if sagging is a major concern for you.

There seems to be some variation in how firm the DreamCloud mattress is perceived. Here’s what I found:

  • DreamCloud: They rate their mattress as a medium-firm, around a 6.5 on a 10-point scale [source for DreamCloud firmness rating].
  • Sleep Foundation: Rates it around a 6 on a 10-point scale, leaning towards the firmer end of medium-firm [source for DreamCloud firmness Sleep Foundation].
  • Sleepopolis: Rates it a 7 out of 10, considering it slightly firmer than the industry standard medium-firm [source for DreamCloud firmness Sleepopolis].
  • CNET: Rates the current version (as of April 2024) around a medium-firm to firm or 8 out of 10, which is significantly firmer than past versions [source for DreamCloud firmness CNET].

This suggests the DreamCloud mattress might be on the firmer side of medium-firm, potentially feeling softer initially due to the plush top layer but transitioning to a supportive feel.

Here’s a summary to help you decide:

  • If you prefer a very plush or soft mattress, DreamCloud might be too firm for you.
  • If you typically sleep on your back or stomach and prefer a supportive mattress, DreamCloud could be a good option.
  • If you’re a side sleeper who likes some pressure relief on your shoulders and hips, you might want to consider a softer mattress or the DreamCloud Premier which is rated around a 6 (medium-firm) by DreamCloud.

Ultimately, trying the mattress yourself is the best way to determine firmness preference. Since DreamCloud offers a 365-night trial, you can test it out at home to see if it feels right for you.

Is the DreamCloud Good for Heavy People?

The DreamCloud mattress can be a good option for heavy people, but there are some things to consider:

Pros for Heavy Sleepers:

  • Hybrid Construction: DreamCloud’s hybrid design with innerspring coils and memory foam offers good support and durability  Coils help prevent sagging often experienced with heavier body weight on all-foam mattresses.
  • Supportive: Many reviews, especially from heavier sleepers (over 230 lbs), praise the DreamCloud for its supportive feel and minimal sinkage : Sleep Foundation best mattress for heavy people].
  • Medium-Firm: The medium-firm rating (around a 6.5 on a 10-point scale) provides a balance of pressure relief and support, which can be important for heavier sleepers to maintain proper spinal alignment.

Cons to Consider for Heavy Sleepers:

  • Potential for Sagging: While the coils help with durability, sagging is a possibility over time with any mattress, especially with heavier use. Reviews from some heavier sleepers (over 150 lbs) mention slight indentations
  • Firmness: Although medium-firm, some reviewers find the DreamCloud firmer than expected, which might not be ideal for side sleepers who need more pressure relief on shoulders and hips

Here’s what you can do to decide if the DreamCloud is right for you:

  • Check weight limits: Unfortunately, DreamCloud doesn’t have a published weight limit.
  • Read reviews from people with similar body types to you.
  • Consider a trial period: DreamCloud offers a 365-night trial, so you can try it out at home and see if it feels comfortable.
  • Look for a warranty: The DreamCloud warranty covers sagging exceeding a certain depth (check the details).

Alternatives for Heavy Sleepers:

If sagging or firmness are major concerns, you might consider mattresses specifically designed for heavier people. These often have stronger coils and thicker support layers.

DreamCloud for Back Pain

Whether the DreamCloud mattress is good for back pain depends on several factors, but it can be a suitable choice for some people:

Here’s why a DreamCloud Mattress might be helpful for back pain:

  • Hybrid Construction: DreamCloud mattresses are hybrids, meaning they combine innerspring coils with memory foam. This offers a balanced blend of support from the coils (important for spinal alignment) and the pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam.
  • Medium-Firm Feel: Many people with back pain benefit from a medium-firm mattress. DreamCloud mattresses fall into this category, offering enough firmness for support without feeling excessively hard.
  • Targeted Support: The multiple layers in DreamCloud’s design contribute to targeted pressure relief and spinal alignment, which can alleviate back pain.

Factors to consider:

  • Sleeping position: DreamCloud mattresses generally excel for back and stomach sleepers due to their support. Some side sleepers may find them too firm, particularly lighter individuals who need more pressure relief at the hips and shoulders.
  • Bodyweight: Sleepers over 230 lbs might find DreamCloud mattresses don’t provide enough support, potentially leading to improper alignment and increased back pain.
  • Individual Needs: What works for one person may not work for another. The best way to know if it’s suitable is to try it out. DreamCloud offers a generous 365-night trial period.

Here’s a breakdown of pros and cons of DreamCloud for back pain:


  • Supportive for healthy spinal alignment
  • Good for back and stomach sleepers
  • Pressure relief from memory foam
  • Long trial period and lifetime warranty


  • Might be too firm for some side sleepers
  • May not provide enough support for heavier individuals

Overall: DreamCloud mattresses can be a good option for back pain sufferers, especially if you prefer a medium-firm feel and sleep on your back or stomach. If you’re unsure, take advantage of their extensive trial period to see if it works for your specific needs.

Are DreamCloud Mattresses Toxic?

DreamCloud mattresses are considered non-toxic. Here’s why:

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam: The foams used in DreamCloud mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified. This means they meet strict standards and are:

    • Low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which contribute to off-gassing
    • Free from ozone depleters
    • Free from heavy metals like lead and mercury
    • Free from PBDE flame retardants
    • Free from phthalates
  • Focus on Natural Materials: While they use some synthetic foams for comfort, DreamCloud prioritizes natural materials where possible. Their luxurious cashmere blend cover adds breathability and comfort.

  • Transparency: DreamCloud offers information about their materials and certifications, demonstrating a commitment to safer sleep products.

Important Note:

While DreamCloud mattresses are considered non-toxic, it’s essential to be aware that:

  • “Non-toxic” doesn’t equate to “completely chemical-free”. All mattresses contain some synthetic materials.
  • New mattresses often have a slight “new mattress smell” from the manufacturing process – this is normal and dissipates quickly.

Can you try the DreamCloud mattress before you buy?

Yes, you have a couple of options to try a DreamCloud mattress before committing to a purchase:

1. Generous 365-Night Trial:

  • DreamCloud offers one of the most generous trial periods in the industry. You get a full year (365 nights) to test the mattress in the comfort of your own home.
  • If you’re not satisfied at any point during the trial, you can arrange for a hassle-free return and get a full refund.

2. In-Store Testing:

Important Considerations:

  • Break-in period: Consider that it takes some time to adjust to a new mattress, so give it at least 30 days before making a final decision.
  • Trial Benefits: Even if you try the mattress in-store, the year-long trial at home allows you to discover how it truly feels with your own sleep habits and in your own environment.

DreamCloud Return Policy

  • The Importance of the 365-Night Trial: DreamCloud’s extensive trial period is their standout feature. It takes time for your body to adapt to a new mattress, and this year-long trial ensures you have ample opportunity to decide if the DreamCloud is truly the right fit for your sleep needs.
  • The 30-Night Adjustment Period: While you can initiate a return at any point during the 365-nights, DreamCloud asks that you give the mattress a fair chance. The first 30 nights are crucial for adjustment, and your sleep experience might significantly improve after this initial period.
  • Return Process Details: If a return is necessary, simply contact DreamCloud customer service. They will coordinate a convenient pickup of the mattress from your home at no extra cost. Once the return is processed, you’ll receive a full refund of the original purchase price.
  • Other DreamCloud Products: It’s essential to note that the return policies for other DreamCloud products, such as bed frames, foundations, or pillows may differ from the mattress policy. Typically, these items have a 50-day return window. Always refer to the specific product page on the DreamCloud website for the most accurate return policy information.
  • Warranty: In addition to the return policy, DreamCloud mattresses come with an “Everlong Warranty”. This covers manufacturing defects for as long as you own the mattress.

DreamCloud Alternatives and Competitors

Here are a few top-performing mattresses that provide great alternatives to the DreamCloud, along with a brief overview of their key features:

  • Saatva Classic: A luxury hybrid mattress known for its exceptional comfort, support, and durability. It offers multiple firmness options to cater to various sleep preferences.

    Image of Saatva Classic Mattress
  • Helix Midnight: A popular choice for its balance of support and pressure relief. It particularly excels for side sleepers and those who need a mattress that accommodates different sleeping positions.

    Image of Helix Midnight Mattress
  • WinkBed: A great option for those prioritizing spinal support, especially those with back pain. Offers a choice of different firmness levels, with a special “Plus” version designed for heavier individuals.

    Image of WinkBed Mattress
  • Nectar Memory Foam: A budget-friendly all-foam mattress that delivers a classic memory foam feel, offering excellent pressure relief and motion isolation.

    Image of Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Choosing the Best Mattress for You:

The best mattress ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors like:

  • Sleeping Position: Side, back, and stomach sleepers have different support needs.
  • Body Type: Lighter individuals may need a softer feel, while heavier individuals may require more support.
  • Budget: Mattress prices vary greatly, so it’s essential to align your expectations with your budget.
  • Trial Periods and Warranties: Ensure you look into the return policies and warranties offered by each brand.

Here’s a breakdown comparing the DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier mattresses:


FeatureDreamCloudDreamCloud Premier
Comfort LayersMemory foamMemory foam + extra comfort layer with Euro-top design
FirmnessMedium-firm (6.5/10)Medium-firm (6.5/10)
Thickness14 inches15 inches
CoverCashmere BlendCashmere Blend


  • Both offer a balanced medium-firm feel ideal for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Both utilize coils for support and breathability.
  • Both provide pressure relief with memory foam.
  • Both come with the generous 365-night trial period and Everlong Warranty.


  • Comfort Layers: The Premier has an additional comfort layer and a Euro-top design, giving it a slightly more plush feel.
  • Thickness: The Premier is 1 inch thicker than the original DreamCloud.
  • Price: The DreamCloud Premier is more expensive due to its premium materials and extra comfort layer.

Overall Score:

Deciding which is “better” depends on your individual needs and budget. Here’s a simplified guide:

  • Choose the DreamCloud if:

    • You prefer a slightly firmer feel.
    • You’re on a tighter budget.
    • You don’t mind a slightly less plush overall feel.
  • Choose the DreamCloud Premier if:

    • You want the most luxurious DreamCloud experience with a touch more softness.
    • You want even better motion isolation (great for couples).
    • You don’t mind paying more for added comfort and premium materials.

Here’s a breakdown of the materials used in the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress, layer by layer:

1. Cover:

  • Luxurious Cashmere Blend: Soft, breathable, and helps regulate temperature.

2. Comfort Layers:

  • Gel Memory Foam: Provides pressure relief while the gel helps disperse heat.
  • Quilted Foam and Cashmere Top: Adds a plush feel to the surface of the mattress.
  • “Best Rest” Foam: A transitional layer for added support.

3. Support Layer:

  • Innerspring coil system: Individually wrapped coils for targeted support, spinal alignment, and reduced motion transfer.

4. Base Layer:

  • High-density supportive foam: Provides a solid foundation for the mattress and enhances durability.

Important Notes:

  • Foam Certifications: The foams used in the DreamCloud mattress are all CertiPUR-US® certified, guaranteeing they meet strict safety and emissions standards.
  • Edge Support: The coils around the edge of the mattress are reinforced for better stability when getting in and out of bed.

How does the DreamCloud mattress compare to the average hybrid mattress in terms of various factors like cooling, motion transfer, response time, bounce, edge support, comfort material, and off-gassing?


Here’s a comparison of the DreamCloud mattress to the average hybrid mattress across various factors:


  • DreamCloud: Performs above average. The innerspring coils promote airflow, and the gel memory foam layer helps dissipate heat. However, some find memory foam mattresses sleep warmer in general.
  • Average Hybrid: Generally performs well in cooling due to the combination of breathable coils and various cooling technologies implemented by different brands.

Motion Transfer:

  • DreamCloud: Scores better than average in motion isolation. The individually wrapped coils minimize partner disturbance.
  • Average Hybrid: Motion transfer in hybrids varies depending on the quality and type of coils used. Generally, hybrids perform well in motion isolation.

Response Time (Sinkage):

  • DreamCloud: Considered to have a slower response time compared to the average hybrid. The memory foam layers can cause a sink-in feeling.
  • Average Hybrid: Response time varies in hybrids depending on the materials used. In general, hybrids tend to offer a good balance between contouring and responsiveness.


  • DreamCloud: Offers less bounce than the average hybrid mattress due to the memory foam comfort layers.
  • Average Hybrid: Hybrids typically provide a good level of bounce due to the coil construction.

Edge Support:

  • DreamCloud: Reviews indicate average edge support. The reinforced coils around the perimeter help, but some users report feeling less supported near the edges.
  • Average Hybrid: Edge support can vary in hybrids, but some brands implement stronger coils around the edges for better performance in this area.

Comfort Material:

  • DreamCloud: Utilizes a combination of memory foam and quilted foam for pressure relief and contouring. The cashmere blend cover adds a touch of luxury.
  • Average Hybrid: Hybrids typically use a combination of materials like memory foam, latex, or other comfort foams on top of an innerspring core. The specific materials and their quality vary by brand.


  • DreamCloud: Uses CertiPUR-US® certified foams, which are low in VOCs and considered non-toxic. There might be a faint new mattress smell initially, but it should dissipate quickly.
  • Average Hybrid: Most reputable hybrid mattress brands use CertiPUR-US® certified foams or similar low-VOC standards. Off-gassing shouldn’t be a major concern.


DreamCloud offers a good balance of features for an average price point when compared to other hybrid mattresses. It excels in motion isolation and provides good pressure relief, but sleepers who prioritize cooling, bounce, or a fast response time might find it lacking in those areas.

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Individual Needs: The best mattress depends on your sleeping style, body weight, and preferences.
  • User Reviews: Read reviews from real users to get a better sense of the DreamCloud’s strengths and weaknesses.

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