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Don’t Buy Your Bed, Make it with Bedigami

Don't Buy Your Bed, Make it with Bedigami 2

First it was a mattress in a box, now it’s a bed frame in a box. The two compliment each other perfectly. Bedigami is a cardboard bed frame that you fold yourself. It’s portable, sturdy and a fun project. It’s perfect for college students, people who may find themselves moving on a regular basis or hipsters who just like to be different. Don’t let the fact that it’s made from cardboard fool you either, it can hold up to 1,000 lbs. The queen size Bedigami weighs in at 55lbs so a very light weight solution.


Right now you can get the Bedigami bed from Nest Bedding. The storage drawers and night stand can be ordered separately. You can also finance the Bedigami via the Nest Bedding site, and while you’re at it, check out the awesome mattresses made by Nest. I strongly recommend the Alexander Signature Select. For the younger crowd, The Love Bed pairs perfectly with the Bedigami.


So this was odd, I unboxed a cardboard box only to find more cardboard that I would turn into boxes.  Here’s what the box looks like shipped to your house. Note that if you order the drawers and/or nightstand, those will arrive in separate boxes.

bedigami box

Out of the box here’s what you get…

bedigami pieces

As you can see there’s really only 3 different parts to this bed which makes it easy to put together.


Below is a video that shows how to setup the Bedigami. When I put mine together I just paused at each step. It helps to watch each part a few times to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

Here’s a closeup of the support beam when it’s put together.


In the video they recommend using your palms to get the fold to stick. I started to fold by hand and then once each piece had enough bend I stepped on the pieces because I’m older than the guy in the video and it’s not as easy to be on my hands and knees as it was 10 years ago.

Once the support beams are made you can then start folding the slats to go into the beam. Make sure they are all folded before you put them in.

bedigami 2

Once you get started they go in fairly easy

bedigami slats

Here’s what it looks like when complete.

bedigami complete

The nightstand only took about 4 minutes to setup.

bedigami night stand


Here’s what it looks like all setup.

bedigami drawers


The Bedigami is a solid bed that holds its own with more traditional beds. It’s a perfect solution for people that don’t want to commit to a more expensive traditional bed. It took me a couple hours to put the bed together. A bit longer than expected but it was kind of fun too and its rewarding to say that you made your own bed. A queen size Bedigami platform bed costs  $229. It may seem a little high for a cardboard bed but you are getting a lightweight, portable bed that can hold over 1,000 lbs. I have tested mattresses on some of the portable steel bed frames and they can be a little noisy. The Bedigami has no screws or hinges to make noise.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Your Bed, Make it with Bedigami”

  1. Nice nice review, it’s very interesting looking, I watched the assembly video, and I watched the video of 2 adults from the company jumping on it. They also say it holds up to 1000 pounds. Two things I’m wondering about here. Can anyone comment on how well it holds up? And would it work well for someone who has sex regularly? Like 5-8 times a week. I’m around 200lbs, and she’s ummm less than that, she won’t tell me and I’m damn sure smart enough to not ask lol. I’d estimate 140 though. Oh, one other question, does the mattress move around on it at all?

    I’m looking to order a bed + frame by Monday and this + the Love Bed have both caught my eye.


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