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Snoring Apps record snores to track sleep | Fox News

Coming soon to an app store near you, a device that can detect when and how often you snore at night. Device records snores to track sleep | Fox News. Snoring apps are the new sleeping apps. Specifically designed to listen to and record your snoring while you sleep. Preliminary reviews say that these snoring apps aren’t that sophisticated and that if you have something like a fan on or are near traffic it won’t work. I would give it a few years before these are ready for prime time.

As an alternative to an app or even snoring app for that matter, you may want to consider the Beddit or Resmed S+, these are stand alone, non-wearable sleep tracking devices. The beddit goes underneath your sheets and automatically tracks your sleep which includes restlessness, heart beats per minute, breaths per minute (which could help track snoring) and the amount of times you got out of bed.

The Resmed S+ has all of the same features as the Beddit except that it sits on your night stand. Each have a phone app for you to track your data as well. With this technology, you will get a more accurate picture of your sleep quality as opposed to a stand alone app.

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