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Cool Jams Pajama Review

cool jams

Cool Jams are pajamas designed with a unique lightweight moisture-wicking fabric, created with the intention to help you sleep cool and comfortable.

The pajamas are made of specially-engineered polyester fibers that are exclusively meant to enhance breathability. They’re engineered to pull moisture away from the body, by way of capillary motion and a higher rate of evaporation.

“Capillary motion is any flow governed by forces associated with surface tension. Some examples include paper towels, sponges and wicking fabrics. Their pores act as small capillaries, absorbing a comparatively large amount of liquid.”

This process allows moisture, as well as excess body heat, to easily move through the fabric to the outer layer, where it’s then able to more easily evaporate. By utilizing capillary motion, the pajamas allow for more efficient airflow technology. Cool Jams refers to this as the Moisture Transference System (MTS).

Overview of Cool Jams

I didn’t document the unboxing of the product this time around since the shipment was kept simple and the package was really small. I received my Cool Jams in a white plastic envelope shipping bag, and inside it was the top and bottom of my pajamas, both folded neatly. I’m someone who definitely likes more extravagant packaging, and branded packaging is even better still but you will not get that here, or perhaps that is only the case for small orders. Regardless, I can still appreciate the company’s ability to keep it simple and not utilize more material than needed to ship such a small item. If you’re an Amazon Prime member then I’m sure you’ve had moments where you received one or two small items in a massive cardboard box. Sometimes there just has to be a middle ground. Minimal packaging isn’t always a bad thing.

cool jams moisture wicking pajamas

Your Cooljams Options

One of the things that initially got my attention was the crazy amount of pajama options that Cool Jams provides you with. And if some of those options seem inadequate, then they also have a MIX AND MATCH section, where they sell top pieces and bottom pieces separately. So, I’ll take me as an example: I’m a size Small in my torso, but a size Medium in my bottom half. Having the ability to choose is amazing because I get to arrange a perfectly fitting pajama set. Otherwise, I would have had to purchase a set in a size Medium, with pants that fit great and a medium cami top that was too big. I’m really pleased that they let customers mix it up if they feel so inclined.

???? As a side note for ladies:


The cami top you can see me wearing in the photos and video, doesn’t have adjustable straps. Measurement-wise, I’m lucky that this happened to work out just fine for me but if you often find you need to make adjustments, be sure to double check. I checked their website and it looks like no pajamas come with adjustable straps. It’s not a problem unless it’s a problem. Just be mindful of this when you’re order and be sure to try on the top as soon as you get it to make sure the fit is correct.

BUILT IN SHELF BRA (in some cases)

The other thing is that some of the pajamas come with a built in shelf bra. This is also the case with my cami top. If you don’t like these things, be careful and make sure the item you’re ordering doesn’t have it. On any product page, if you’re skimming, you can easily find what you’re looking for by hitting CTRL + F (if you’re using a PC) or COMMAND + F (if you’re using a MAC), then type in “bra” and if there’s no indication of the word “bra” existing on the webpage (usually it’s highlighted for you), then it means that particular product doesn’t have it and you’re in the clear.

cool-jams mix and match cami top

— The color saturation of the fabric is rich

Upon opening the package, one thing that I liked immediately was the deep saturation of the color of the pajamas. I ordered black pajamas but as we all know, black can come in many (usually undesired) shades. Most of which are just never black enough. Cool Jams getting this aesthetic detail right is already awesome. Yay!

— They smell fresh and refreshing (out of the box and even several days after)

In addition to that, the pajamas have a certain scentone that I find interestingly refreshing. They smell a little like incense to me but not entirely. Some people might think of how incense burns but it smells more like incense before it’s lit. It smells fresh and earthy, it’s honestly very difficult to describe. I’ve heard people mention certain scents associated with unpacking a bed-in-a-box for example but this is FAR different from any chemical smell I’ve ever experienced before. It didn’t smell chemical, it smelled natural. I assume that the scent associated with the pajamas is of the antimicrobial agent that the pajamas are treated with.

— They are Odor Kung Fu Fighting

It takes a few days before they need a wash and that’s because there was an intention there. Cool Jams does mention that the antimicrobial agent used to treat their fabric is powerful yet natural, which is comforting. I’m definitely curious to see how the pajamas perform in terms of odor control over time, being that the antimicrobial agent is said to last for up to 50 washes, which is a pretty substantial number. The antimicrobial agent isn’t just designed for odor, it’s also created to aid with fiber degradation resistance. Surprisingly enough, in terms of odor, I felt that my pajamas didn’t need a wash for the 7 days I wore them every night. That wouldn’t usually be the case with other clothes I’ve worn to bed, so that impressed me.

— It’s a premium moisture-wicking fabric

To answer the question of whether or not Cool Jams can take the heat, the answer is definitely YES. My most recent living situation includes a home without air conditioning and when working at night and sitting at the computer, working in the Cool Jams pajama pants felt more ideal than anything else. During sleep, I have woken up one night sweating but not sweating in the way I’m used to. I didn’t feel like I just stepped out of the shower. I felt all right. I do see and feel the difference that the fabric makes when sweat is present on the body and I do believe the pajamas are effective in wicking moisture, just as they say they will. The one night that I woke up in the middle of the night sweating, by morning, I was totally fresh and dry. That rarely happens!

— Super duper lightweight

The Cool Jams material is such a pleasant thing to feel against your skill. It’s light, airy, just barely there. There is no doubt that it’s a premium fabric but to find that in a fabric that is this lightweight is rare. That would explain the price though.

— They are the future! ???? ????

The fabric used to create these pajamas really is soft like cotton but it’s cool to know that it’s far from itwhat these pajamas are made of is so much more technologically advanced. We can thank science for Cool Jams.

— That 30 day thing

You have 30 days to test drive these babies yourself and if sleeping hot is your problem, then I’d encourage you to consider it. That 30 day thing is: “If you are not satisfied with your sleepwear products for any reason you may return or exchange your item within 30 days.”

I see sleeping cool in your future.

Note: Since the fabric is technically a microfiber, it’s best to air dry your pajamas after washing them. This will ensure their longevity. If you do throw them in the dryer, be sure to use the “no heat” setting but be mindful of the fact that the pajamas could end up quite staticky, so use caution. For those who are anti-static (meaning it’s one of your pet peeves) you already know what to do: Use a clothing line to dry your pajamas instead.

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